GameSpot: Lego Batman Impressions

Fresh from the success of Lego Star Wars, developer Traveller's Tales is now applying its winning formula to DC Comics' superhero world of Batman. With so many different versions of the Batman story and characters recreated in comics, films, and TV shows over the years, GameSpot were keen to see just what style the game would take. In the build they saw Gotham City closely followed the dark vision of Tim Burton, something which was only enhanced by the Danny Elfman score (although it should be noted that the licensing for this has yet to be settled).

While Lego Batman will still be aiming for a kid-friendly rating, the source material is much darker than that of George Lucas' space fantasy, and that's something that producer Loz Doyle was keen to stress when GameSpot met him in London this week.

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BlackIceJoe3861d ago

I can't wait for this game. I really have a fun time with the Lego games. They may be built in mind for younger kids. But they sure are a blast.