Play Online Reviews Okami - Wii

Reviewer Dave Halverson, of Play Magazine and Play Online, writes:

"Okami, to me, is one of the most important games of the past 15 years. Not because it features an elegant mythological story told through a tree spirit and a bug (sorry Issun), nor because it features a mute four-legged wolf god as a savior-although both points are worthy of a moment of silence for Clover Studios. What makes Okami so timeless is an art style that transcends technology. It looks as new today as it did in 2006. And it will look as new in 2010 as it does in 2008. In rare circumstances art can actually triumph over technology. Never has that rung so true as with Okami. Presented in widescreen 480p (and I could swear it's a tad more saturated) on Wii, Nippon never looked so good."

+ In the tradition of Ico, a game like no other that will never age.
+ Completely at home on the Wiimote & Nunchuk.

- Wiimote calligraphy can be tricky.

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