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Submitted by blitz0623 831d ago | news

First Xbox One and Sony PS4 reviews appear in GQ Magazine

The first Xbox One review and Sony PS4 review has appeared courtesy of GQ magazine as the publication appears to have reviewed both in their 'The Lab' section giving both products a star rating.

Xbox One - 8/10
PS4 - 7/10 (PS4, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   831d ago | Well said
Wow, they praise the cloud processing, didn't know they had access to see how that works, but hey, what can you expect from this type of magazine
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malokevi   831d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
hankmoody  +   831d ago | Well said
Isn't that like saying the PS4 is going to be amazing based on the treasure trove of exclusive games that we have yet to see?
Mikelarry  +   831d ago | Well said
Xsilver  +   831d ago | Well said
its called a track record :)
bigboirock  +   831d ago
have yet is your key words there this is for launch ps4 gets good exclusive at the end of its life
DeadManV  +   831d ago | Well said
We know for certrain about the treasure trove of games on PS4, not so much with cloud processing. Also the ps4 is perfectly capable of cloud processing is well.
HighResHero  +   831d ago | Well said
Pretty much, among other things.

This "review" won't influence my decision AT ALL.
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malokevi  +   831d ago | Well said

If it's called a track record, I guess we can just assume that PSN will be open season for hackers?

Double standard is double hilarity. I'll be getting both consoles, because they both have a lot to offer, in spite of what narrow minded depressing cynical fanboys such as yourself might say. And you sure tend to say a lot!
Xsilver  +   831d ago | Well said
that happened once compared to how many good exclusives Sony has do you know what a track record is? but if that's your definition of a track record then i guess you will expect Red ring death part two-_-.
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malokevi  +   831d ago

Track record :)

Besides, I said what I did ironically, not that I expect you to pick up on that. I don't care about track records, that would be YOU! I'm getting both consoles, so I win and you lose, haww haww!
GTgamer  +   830d ago
@Malokevi your a special kind of stupid tbh I'm guessing you didn't read that link you posted sad because its only talks about the small attacks on Sony network nothing compared to the one that happened that was aiming for people credit cards so a track record of small attacks smh every company gets attacked. actually Xsilver 3 years of the red ring of death is track record especially when they would create new models with the same problem.
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noctis_lumia   830d ago | Trolling | show
kickerz  +   830d ago
Wohhh. So many of you guys don't know what your talking it's like I'm listening in to a group of 10 yr olds arguing and bickering.
It's prolly just ones guys opinion I wouldn't get too worked up.You sound like a bunch of sore losers.
Conzul  +   830d ago
I don't agree with why the PS4 got a 7/10, but I'd give it that myself now just because I'm so pissed that PS4 will block us from playing OUR OWN MP3s in any form.

WTF Sony? This is Microsoft's house, why are YOU trying to move in??!!
showtimefolks  +   830d ago

atleast with sony we know we will get the gaming support we need, MS will turn on us the gamers the moment they see that casuals are again more important than us. For the last 3-4 years just watch MS's E3 conference and its all about family entertainment/casuals/kinect that they focused on

also how soon before they bring back the DRM? you trust MS than that's fine its your money but they have to earn my business this time around. EA/MS a perfect match made in the depths of greediness hell

if someone says sony will deliever than that's a fact because they have for past 3 generations but if someone says MS will than that's an opinion because they haven't for past 2 generations. They gave up on original xbox, than they gave up on core gamers 4-5 years into xbox360 life cycle when sony delivered so much more in last few years

gears,halo--sequels after sequels
3-4-5  +   830d ago
At least games have worked in the past.

Show me examples of the cloud running millions of games on millions of next gen consoles.

Games in the past....have worked...on all consoles...

So therefore, it's based on past history...decades of past history.
KwietStorm  +   830d ago
That's not different than people saying PS4 is useless and has no games, based on a handful of launch titles.
NeloAnjelo  +   830d ago
You mean as proven with every PS console? Yeah I guess CAN say that!
UltimateMaster  +   830d ago
Before I would say anything about Microsoft's Cloud, I would definitely like to see something first hand. Words like "this is the future" and "it's a revolution" is something I'll decide myself when I see it in action.
I remember how those words were used for the first kinect and how they are rehashed them for the new one.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   831d ago | Well said
The "treasure trove of exclusive games" have a proven track record over 3 generations.

Cloud hype that can't run COD or BF4 past 720p is, and should be, a laughable joke.
Wizziokid  +   831d ago
Well said we know Sony's first parties are working on stuff and we know given history they are probably going to be amazing experiences.
GarrusVakarian  +   831d ago
Well said, nothing better to make your decision from than history. And history tells us that Sony is indisputably "better" when it comes to 1st party exclusives.

In a couple of years when all the big 1st party Sony devs have announced their titles and shown gameplay i will sit back with my hands behind my head and chuckle to myself.
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-Foxtrot  +   831d ago
My favorite line

" GQ criticised the fact that the PS4 will suffer from a lack of 'killer games' on launch. "

So thats why it deserved a lower score....REALLY

When Sony have proved their First party line up is always great. I mean they act like the PS4 has no games when it does...
Death  +   831d ago
This only applies if you are a fan of Sony exclusives. Naughty Dog has done an incredible job on the PS3 this gen. The Last of Us was one of the best games of 2013 and last I seen had sales around 4 million. That means approx 5% of PS3 owners bought the game. So the people that claim Sony still cranks out games and supports the platform, only 5% are actually taking advantage of it. So what is this track record you are so proud of proving? I am an Xbox fanboy and oddly part of this 5%.
stuna1  +   831d ago
The new tagline should be "Power of Advertising in the Clouds"!

So far no one knows the true capabilities of Microsoft cloud service! Even if we go by what the few developers who have spoken out about it, all it amounts to is heresay. This generation is turning into nothing but a bunch of cryptic, deceptive, mis-directive, subliminal marketing schemes! Where in all honestly all parties could be considered being deceptive in some way or form. In a way it makes me wish we could go back to a point in time where the internet wasn't the best vehicle to spread information/mis-information.
horndog  +   831d ago
You should be glad cloud isn't running. It already looks bad enough that x1 is on par with your 50% more power bs console. 50% more powerfull, hah!!! Joke of this gen
UnHoly_One  +   830d ago | Well said
You guys realize that game preference is an opinion, right?

You say "Sony is indisputably "better" when it comes to 1st party exclusives".

I say BULL. lol

Sony has some great games, but they are not "indisputably better".

YOU like them better, and that's fine.

I like Xbox games, controllers, and Xbox Live better, but it's not indisputable, it's my opinion.
H0RSE  +   830d ago

"Cloud hype that can't run COD or BF4 past 720p is, and should be, a laughable joke."

That might be because 1) DICE isn't using the cloud...

Just because MS has Azure, doesn't mean it is mandatory that all devs use is optional - a service there for those who want it.

And 2) the advantages that come from the cloud have to do more added features/functionality than improved graphics/processing power. Titanfall and Forza are good examples of this.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   830d ago

so DICE doesn't use it, eh? I wonder why.What are titanfall and Forza doing with cloud that is so impossible to do with current server tech and hardware?

Killer instinct
Crimson dragon
Power golf

Why are all these games sub 1080P then? Nobody using cloud hype? Not even 1st party devs? Whats going on here?

Surely it hasn't been PR BS all along has it?
Death  +   830d ago | Well said

You new to console gaming? Which system plateaued before launch? Gaikai isn't real since it's not available, right? I find it very hard to believe that you fail to understand new technology takes time to roll out given Sony's history with the PS3. Completely different console today from launch. How many firmware updates did we get before the system ran as fluidly as it does today? You were able to wait patiently through many updates, but can't believe that the benefits of Azure aren't realized at launch?

Honestly, it sounds like you just don't want "cloud" based processing to work on the Xbox since it could increase the systems performance.
gamer2013  +   830d ago
Ignorant comment. Both CoD and Bf4 developers decided to go with their own server solutions instead of using Microsoft's Azure for whatever reasons.

Apparently MS is far behind Sony with their driver tools so when they eventually catch up I would imagine resolutions will be the same on both systems with petty differences between both. Obviously Sony's exclusives with have the edge but the overall minor differences won't matter. Only silly immature fanboys who keep score will take notice sensible people won't care.
B-radical  +   830d ago
Stop crying its just some stupid magazines opinion.

People on this site need to grow a pair
andibandit  +   830d ago
Death pretty much owned you
ArmrdChaos  +   830d ago
What is laughable is how this thread has taken on the appearance of a Sony support group. Is this article it going to stop anyone from obtaining the console they want....uh no. Oh...but the burns. Maybe if you wouldn't allow a company to define who you are as a person you would waste less time on this crap.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   830d ago

What are you even talking about? First off, without question, What Gaikai is doing is leaps and bounds ahead of what Azure is.Just because it isn't here yet doesn't mean anything, it's already been proven to work.been shown off in a series of demos and videos and actually has a guiness world record for the "most widespread cloud gaming network" Azure is all talk so far with nothing to back it up.Which is my point entirely.Azure certainly isn't anything new.

It's literally nothing but a server farm.It's been done for decades, and MMO's have been using the exact same setups for as long as i can remember.Server side clients to crunch minimal backround data.And that works great, for MMO's with hundreds of players on screen and resource heavy scenarios.

The practical use of it the way MS is touting, is ridiculous.Oh, we have the magic cloud to make a ghost of your car in forza! Something the hardware itself can easily do anyways.

"Honestly, it sounds like you just don't want "cloud" based processing to work on the Xbox since it could increase the systems performance."

No, i'm tired of MS fans acting like online connection to server,number crunching is somehow going to boost the GPU of the hardware or make up for slow bottlenecked ram.It's pure stupidity and it's all i ever hear from you guys.

With ZERO proof to back it up.
ThanatosDMC  +   830d ago
So much for Azure.
Yetter  +   829d ago
Looks like your 'next-gen' PS4 can't run BF4 at 1080p either so I'd slow your role fanboy. These are launch titles people and we should be treating them as such. Devs had literally just gotten their hands on these brand new dev tools.
Mike134nl  +   831d ago
Cloud processing is a great idea and plus for xb1, do we know how if it will work as advertised not yet. Will the ps4 use cloud processing next to gaikai maybe in the future it really isn't a bad idea but a plus when previewing it now maybe it will become a minus if it doesn't work.
Mikelarry  +   831d ago
yeah but the fact that they havent used it on either console and awarding a mark to one console is just journalism at its worst. also the ps4 uses cloud tech but did they mention that noooo.
H0RSE  +   830d ago

Sony's cloud software is not as sophisticated as MS's Azure, and simply does not offer as much flexibility/features, or even coverage, at least not yet. Their main purpose for acquiring the tech was for streaming. This is one of the reasons why Titanfall is on X1 and not PS4:

"The cloud services aren’t limited to Xbox One games either, and Respawn uses them for the Windows PC and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall as well. Respawn approached both Sony and Microsoft about this problem, and Microsoft was the one to implement a solution"
Mike134nl  +   830d ago
Its also a cost and issue Microsoft is able to offer it for cheap/free to developers. Allowing all developers to use dedicated servers and other 'cloud functionality'
In case of titan-fall different code will be used on the different platforms pc xbox.

On the software side of the cloud Microsoft is doing several things to ease things for developers and insure correct scaling of number of servers needed for each game on demand.

Cloud functionality of sony (gaikai) might actually be more advanced than MS, but less diverse and not cost efficient enough for Sony to offer free cloud support to developers.
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myopicraiderfan  +   830d ago
You're a little off on what the cloud actually is. All one has to do is put a server on the web that feeds an application through the internet and that is the cloud. A good cloud though, is robust and redundant with nodes in multiple locations to reduce latency.

In this case EA, Activision, Sony, Microsoft and basically all major content producers have a cloud. Their clouds are going to be numerous servers and storage in multiple locations running virtual server software serving up applications. The advantage that Microsoft has over everyone except maybe Amazon and Google is that they already have the infrastructure in place since they lease cloud computing for services other than video games. Sony already has a "cloud" that runs PSN, but for a new launch of a game they have to install additional hardware if the capacity isn't there. That is additional costs of hardware, maintenance, power, and bandwidth that are likely only paid for by the video games division.

Services such as MP hosting and match making, Gaikai, netflix streaming, psn, and live run on the cloud, but they aren't the cloud.

The reason Activision and EA aren't likely utilizing Sony or Microsoft's cloud is likely money. Yes, Microsoft offers Azure for free, but the large publishers likely get a check from Sony and Microsoft as their MP games are the content which fuels subscriptions. So the trade off is likely Microsoft will host it and it won't cost you anything, but also you will not earn revenue either.
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SilentNegotiator  +   831d ago
Give one device a point more than the other, get a billion clicks.
insomnium2  +   830d ago
Give the worse console a point more and get 2 billion clicks.
JamieL  +   830d ago
I personally love seeing the zealots squirm like the slugs they are. This is the part where the real world starts slapping you big mouthed, unreasonable, Close minded, corporation loving, heard following, blind to what’s really important in life, forever ego stroking each other, change resistant, delusional, game hating "gamers" in the mouth. Why? I don't know, maybe for hating on anything without their favorite company logo on the package. This is what you get for being irrational dicks. And if you start steaming when you read this comment, you are who I’m talking to. Stop worshipping a corporation, it’s as dumb, pointless, and as self-destructive as smoking cigarettes. Take a break from the games and N4G and do a little research on what these great CORPORATIONS will do for profit, and how they spend that profit to buy Washington. If you do look into it and still LOVE Sony or MS the same way, you’ll deserve what you get when they run shit even more than they already do, and that loving Sony hand tightens around your neck, remeber how much they "love" gamers then. Of course I don’t mean MS or Sony are evil on purpose, it's the system we're in, but I am trying to tell you, use some of this energy and time you spend in here actually looking into who’s really running shit, and I don’t mean catch Fox News either. I’m telling you this is what they want us doing. They want us DISTRACTED with all this little unimportant bull$hit. Stop making Sony games your “CAUSE”, and just let gaming be a hobby again.
Real_gamer  +   830d ago
If ps4 had higher score the magazine would have been the best magazine ever typica Sony fan boys
Dread  +   830d ago
true that.
dragon82  +   830d ago
Typical Xbox fanboys use the "If it was the other way around it would be the greatest thing ever" line anytime PS fans don't agree with something.
C-Thunder  +   830d ago
Nope, they'd still been wrong, it's much further ahead than 1 point.
ThanatosDMC  +   830d ago
JackISbacK  +   830d ago
yeah i'ts an review and it looks like MS had allowed them to use their cloud functinality ,we must also keep in mind that in those reviews have also cosidered the prices and maked a factor of giving score and we all know xbox one is more expensive but is still having better score then ps4 is realy amazing ,and we know ps4s price may also have been considered to be give a review is having pros ,and xbox one is more expensive and is having a disadvantage of price ,but is still a best position so it means that they have made an amazing machine with amazing featurees with its core purpose that is gameplay.
serratos27  +   830d ago
They praised the XB1 for being a "complete media device" they don't mention gameplay.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   830d ago

That was by far the most pathetic attempt to spin anything i've ever seen on this site.And that is saying a lot.


You mean BF4?
You mean the 720p, struggling framerate, Jagg fest that looks like counterstrike?

I don't know man.If it kind of looked as good as the PS4 version, (running at 900p *500k pixel difference) Then maybe i could agree.

But it doesn't.It looks and runs way worse.And you know it.

Sure, you could wave the opinion flag and declare everything even but anyone with common sense just has to look at the AMOUNT of AAA exclusives for each console and it's pretty clear who's kicking who's ass.
H0RSE  +   830d ago | Well said

"You mean BF4?
You mean the 720p, struggling framerate, Jagg fest that looks like counterstrike?"

- "struggling framerate?" As you can can see in this vid, the framerate for both games is practically the same, keeping a constant 60fps a good amount of time, yet dipping below 60fps at times on both platforms.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but where I come from, words actually have meanings, and "struggling" does not describe the framerate for the X1. The X1 is not "struggling" anymore than the PS4 is.
Godz Kastro  +   830d ago

I think Death put you in your place. Just saying...
LonChaneyTV  +   830d ago
Not going to defend Cloud processing but it's definitely something we know little about.

I suspect Titanfalll will be the frankenstein experiment to fully utilize Could computing as the years unfold. who knows, the game might not even be the same as we know it in 2015.
Yetter  +   829d ago
Titanfall is just using it for dedicated servers (mind you if it doesn't work out it is going to be trouble for MS) As far as actually off loading physics or lighting etc... I'd say HALO is the most likely to take advantage of that as MS is willing to throw as much money as necessary at a project to prove their point.
brometheos  +   830d ago
Cloud processing is great. Its why Xbox can run battlefield, cod, and loads of other games at 1080p right?
Neonridr  +   830d ago | Well said
the PS4 can't run BF4 at 1080p either, don't make yourself look foolish..
WitWolfy  +   830d ago

Your missing the point, Sony never claimed of mystical servers in land far far away that could magically make games look better when used. Where MS did.. that's the irony of this situation.

Got to love that PR BS.
VaporCell  +   830d ago
"GQ criticized the fact that the PS4 will suffer from a lack of 'killer games' on launch."

That's why Killzone: Shadow Fall has more pre-orders than any other xbone exclusive
Godz Kastro  +   830d ago
I and I'm sure many other future X1 owners have not preordered any games as I'm digitally downloading everything. You can't just go by preorder number at this point bub.
T2  +   830d ago
Dude its GQ ....
"brah! Which games thingy goes better with my Ed Hardy shirt and fedora ?
" that black one with green bro"
" will it play call of duty ?"
"hells ya"
"i give it 8/10, shoulda come in pinstripes"
supes_24  +   830d ago
I don't get the whole " launch lineup = better console" arguement. Out of my 360 and PS3, the PS3 is what made me decide to go with PS4 this gen. The quality of games the make are unmatched. I have had much more fun with my PS3 in the last two years than my 360. At first the 360 got all my attention, then came Uncharted and wowed me from that point on. Launch lineup doesn't work on me, it's a gimmick and some people fall for it. I know who will have the better first party games, and with so much power under that hood, imagine how the first party games will look!
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dragon82  +   830d ago
@Godz Kastro

The exact same thing can be said about the PS4. Half of future PS4 owners could be buying KZ:SF digitally on top of the great preorder numbers.
GigaHard   830d ago | Spam
Yetter  +   829d ago
As a future XB1 owner, I plan to buy everything digitally in the future. You guys are living in the past... pre-ordering games like they're going to sell out or something. smh
VoodooRob  +   830d ago
How does your wife not divorce you already ? I click on one article and your trolling again like a 13yr old. Give it a rest already buddy and do your customer service supervisor job at Amazon and make sure I get my ps4 and klipsch subwoofer.
xHeavYx  +   830d ago
You say I act like a 13 year old, yet you talk about my wife and can't use "you" and "you're" properly. Who is the 13 year old?
#1.12.1 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report
cyclindk  +   830d ago
In his defense, he may in fact be a member of the Your-You're movement, it's a small and little known single member organization that has been quietly gaining support over the last few years in the upper midwest eastern quarter of New Jersey and the South African Northweastern (yes, north...weast) townships.

There aim is simple, grammar, their here to fuq shi! up (I am a member of the Their-There movement, not quite as prestigious as Your-You're, but we do alright, with the ladies that is).
#1.12.2 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
B-radical  +   830d ago
Pretty low scores for both tbh
AngelicIceDiamond  +   830d ago
Its just one review chill everybody, dang.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   830d ago
I don't understand how can people dispute or even make an educated case for Sony ps4 being better then the xbox 1. I look it like this what can a ps4 do that a Xbox 1 can't ? I think it does everything a ps4 can but even better.... It's matter of time when people realize that the Xbox 1 is hands down superior to the ps4 with wayy more potential...

Xbox 1 cloud gaming,rumble features,kinect 👈👈all that are potential and better launch games

Ps4 by the loonies 50% more raw power,gddr5,basic controller,stuck in the psp days and Os with many uncertainties and weak launch game. Only good thing is $100 cheaper...

It's a difference between being honest and bashing and I'm just being honest you guys in this site are like preschoolers arguing about who's coloring was better !
I think both system will be fine but stop acting like the ps4 is superior to the Xbox when it's NOT!

Y'all talk about raw power being the most essential thing to gaming then why you loonies still playing consoles then?
#1.15 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
xHeavYx  +   830d ago
I don't understand your comment to be honest. What can the One do better than the PS4? Facebook and Skype? TV. I thought this site was News For GAMERS.
Why don't you explain me what the One can do better than the PS4? As far as I know, the One is less powerful, as shown with 2 big multiplat games
thexmanone  +   830d ago
@ xHeavYx

The Xbox one has better game reviews
xHeavYx  +   830d ago
What? seriously? Which ones?
Spurg  +   830d ago

If the battlefield on ps4 is 50% extra powerful then its safe to say there is no significant difference between both systems.

The launch line is better than PS4.
Dead rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Killer Instinct Crimson Dragon, Lococycle.
I got to play Ryse, Dead rising, Killer Instinct and Forza 5 this morning and they all look amazing and play really well. Especially Ryse it was really addictive. Its one of those game you have to play to understand rather than watching gameplay.

Better exclusives
Launch titles
Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Crimson Dragon

2014 exclusives:
Quantum Break
Sunset overdrive
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Project spark
Unnamed Japanese X1 exclusive

Kinect exclusives
D4: Dark dreams don't lie
Max and the curse of brotherhood
Zoo tycoon
Kinect sports rivals
Fighter within
Fantasia: Music evolved

Indie exclusive:

The only thing ps4 does well is indie games....

I got to play Kinect sports and its really responsive. I can see voice commands being nice integration in games making certain actions like switching weapons natural without wont interrupting your gameplay. Pressing a triangle or y to swap kinda ruins the flow of a combat.

Tv Features.
Halo and Quantum break tv shows on X1. All the mini series found on youtube such as Halo 4: Forward onto dawn, Alan Wake's Brights falls and recently announced Ryse: The fall are gonna become x1 exclusives. A possible futurama revival...Dexter or Breading bad(Saul goodman)spin off. X1 tv feature holds a lot of promise it should just be dismissed as a useless feature.

Cloud feature.
Dedicated servers for X1 games...
They didn't demo how it improves graphic but its something that shouldn't be ignored.

What X1 does better than the ps4 is exclusive games and amazing launch lineup, Kinect, TV and Cloud features.
thejigisup  +   830d ago
Gaikai(its broken world records look it up), rumble "features" you'll hardly "otice have fun changing batteries, say hello to the new ps Canberra it's pretty cool and basicthere's no controversy over it bc its works for gaming not for reading my vitals. Kinect a cool feature shrouded in privacy issues. Launch games... forza meh nice bgs very detailed, very dynamic rolls eyes. Crimson dragon? From what I've seen I'd rather be euthanized. I do happen to like the potential in ryse but differing ids still sitting off kilter for me in that one.

Television??? Holy hell I need to go out and spend 500 fat ones that I've worked my ass off to get so that I can do something that I've already been doing for years. Like since I was a toddler.

Basic controller you say?? Let's point out that innovation in the x1 controller again. . Yep that was it. The ps4 controller had a touchpad and light bar along with offerings from last gen. It also had a share button that can be performed for snapshots and video recording. Along with functionality in games- menus, item swapping, I don't really have to explain just watch the ps4 play room it's pretty friggen cool and d oes a great job of showing off a next gen controller. Even the steam box had a sweet controller. Stfu xb1 basic controller Ass.
That raw power you seem to be blowing off its gonna really show how different each console is, the xb1 cap is already limited due to its hardware constraints. Gddr5>ddr3 look it up tell me the difference and prove to me that there isn't more potential in gddr5.

Both systems look nice and have impressive tech but when I read garbage like "
thejigisup  +   830d ago
I don't understand how can people dispute or even make an educated case for Sony ps4 being better then the xbox 1. I look it like this what can a ps4 do that a Xbox 1 can't ? I think it does everything a ps4 can but even better.... It's matter of time when people realize that the Xbox 1 is hands down superior to the ps4 with wayy more potential... "

no, just no. It didn't do the same. It doesn't connect wirelessly to my vita. Ican't play my games wirelessly on a wonderful handheld device and allow me to continue playing when I get home on my console. Smartglass is garbage compared to this. Though Sony will offer something similar as well. You know what I won't be able to do? I went be able to play teh new hal000. I won't have to have a forced day one update, I won't have to wonder whether my new system is monitoring me or my friends or my family, yeah you gotta turn features off otherwise fffuuuuu. I won't have playstation envy when my console peaks early.

Raw power is essential to gaming but so is a lot of other things. I use consoles because I like dedicated hardware. I don't have to worry about mac this, pc that, gotta buy new graphics card, gotta update antivirus, gotta make sure browsers aren't open, streaming crazy stuff, I'm distracted by interwebs, oh no comp wants to do automatic update. Do I have all the new drivers? Damn I need more ram, my cpu is old... need I say more? Pc is much more powerful hands down much more customizable of course, but fans are supposed to be fun and I shouldn't have to keep working on something to fully enjoy it. I want to pick up and play, that's why consoles do it for me.
#1.15.6 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
2cents  +   830d ago

This is akin to a scientist talking about religion.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   830d ago
or Obama talking about politics.
2cents  +   830d ago

rainslacker  +   830d ago

Or Bill Ritch talking about Japanese historical accuracy.

:) Your name inspired me
#1.16.3 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
slampunk  +   830d ago

It's kind of like when you bag out XBox Live and you've never used the service before!!!

VoodooRob   830d ago | Personal attack | show
nosferatuzodd   830d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
cyclindk  +   830d ago
Oh yeah, they're are smoki'n some Cloud alright, Johnny Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazi'n that shi! up every day!!
3-4-5  +   830d ago
GQ hmm.....I'm betting they side with big corp
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   830d ago
Obvious troll and flamebait piece moving along.
VoodooRob  +   830d ago
There you go again with you're lame grammar

Make sure you get back to work supervising those phone monkeys at Amazon.

Why don't you switch off for a bit and start reading The and grow a set of brass balls already. I made 32k in one week in May this year buying FNMA stock at 1.24 a share and selling at 5.05. Thats how you make it happen tool.

Buy both and knock you're lame trolling off !
#1.22 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
assdan  +   830d ago
When you say something like "killer games" at launch, even though one exclusive on PS4 has more preorders than every xbox one launch exclusive combined. And cloud processing DOESN'T WORK YET. Nvidia, which is one of the leaders in cloud processing, doesn't even have it down yet. They clearly just googled X1 and PS4, and looked at key words in most articles to rate these consoles. Also, not to mention, the PS4 can do 99% of the media stuff xbox one can.
#1.23 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
kratos_TheGoat  +   830d ago
beside kzsf the rest of sony line up is flopping bad look at knack pre order nobody is buyin that while xbone has forza, dr3, ryse, and ki selling more then sony line up only kz is selling well
assdan  +   830d ago
Forza, Dr3, and ryse are being reported as low interest to most consumers. They are also looking mediocre according to most analysts. And KI is "given" to everyone. The only game in in xbox one's line up that's looking good is titanfall, and I'll just get that for my PC if I really want it. Also, there are games coming out pretty soon after launch. Have you heard "launch window" before?
joeorc  +   830d ago

"beside kzsf the rest of sony line up is flopping bad look at knack pre order nobody is buyin that while xbone has forza, dr3, ryse, and ki selling more then sony line up only kz is selling well "

Ok let me put it very clear and so you and other's can understand it.

"Titanfall " is exclusive to Microsoft platforms, but is not exclusive to only the xboxone! as a platform , so the very fact people keep bringing this up is very ironic because, Sony has

warframe, warbirds,DCUniverse, and freaking Planet Side 2..which by the way many people just seem to not want to count these games because its not "quote" AN EXCLUSIVE..WHEN REMOVE Titanfall an you can see Microsoft's line up does not look anywhere close to Sony's when you consider, right out the gate early 2014 infamous SS is right around the bend.

let alone these games i just pointed out.

if people want to count Titanfall WHY NOT WARFRAME, WARBIRDS, DCUNIVERSE, PLANET SIDE 2...?

Because you can get them on the PC also? well i can get Titanfall on the PC also. but your still using Microsoft windows OS, and ? I can use steam with the Linux OS for steam.

I mean hell i can play Titanfall on the xbox360 if i want.
it seems to me the mainly xboxone crowd is rallying around Titanfall and Ryse because that's really the only thing going for the xboxone as in quote"

exclusive..umm i mean exclusive to xbox360, and also PC along with the XBOXONE for Titanfall "

I mean if it was not for Ryse and Forza the line up for xboxone would really look anemic.

Look i think its going to be a great console, but this attitude of using a review like GQ as a lynchpin to determine who the winner is, is pretty freaking dumb this early, not only is it short sighted, but the fact that what really determines the winner is how long your freaking system gets supported over the long haul.

The very fact that the xbox360 a very good console has for 2014 very little in the point of support over Multi-plats while Sony is releasing new Ip's even for the PS3 shows you who the real winner is..and that is the consumer because your getting more games and more support for your Money.

the whole "indies are crap" mantra vs AAA gaming is really moot because you have to start off somewhere, and if you do not support Tallent, than it would not get you anywhere if you do not support it.
assdan  +   829d ago
@joeorc, I agree with you completely. And the amazing thing is, Shuhei said they aren't counting any games that is on another platform (ie ps3), where ms just looks at console exclusivity. If I really need titanfall that bad, I'll get it on PC, and it might be cheaper, and it WILL have better graphics.
The Captain  +   830d ago
@malokevi - Funny, you speak about hacking, but your MS console will be hacking your life! Have fun being spied on!
Visiblemarc  +   830d ago
Yes, sadly, GQ may no longer be our first stop for technology advice. This reminds me of when I had to stop consulting Maxim for brain surgery tips.
GigaHard   830d ago | Spam
NikonSteve  +   830d ago
Thats what GQ stands for. Got Qloud.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   830d ago
Malokevi your to white to use dawg....using very that's your speed.
Gekko36  +   830d ago
Now now, Don't get sour grapes
warczar  +   830d ago
Nothing says "informed consumer" like getting your video game news from a magazine that focuses on fashion and relationships.

OT: Heavy, I'm sorry you are being stalked by malokevi, he seems like a total douchebag.
Gamer1982  +   830d ago
A fashion magazine says ones better than the other? We better cancel our pre-orders then!
PSX04  +   830d ago
how anyone can say positive or negative feedback on a useless somthing, like xbone cloud service
frostypants  +   830d ago
GQ is the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan. Half their content is thinly veiled advertising for whoever pays them off. Take it with a grain of salt...especially when they are praising features we know they couldn't use.
Kayant  +   831d ago
This is not a review. This is just hands-on.

Products are not officially launched no public/press have seen or used both OS's/features yet.

This is why I hate some tech sites. A hands-on /=/ review.
#2 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(52) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
boeso  +   831d ago
They don't care what you think or anyone else.

And I hate it too.
n4rc  +   830d ago
How the hell is GQ biased? Because Xbox scored higher?

They are a style magazine... They have nothing to do with the gaming industry.. So where does their bias come from?

And i swear to god, if you say microsoft paid them im going to ignore you.. Lol

Edit.. Blah.. Somehow replied to the wrong comment.. Was meant for the one below this one
#2.1.1 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report
csreynolds  +   830d ago

"They are a style magazine... They have nothing to do with the gaming industry"

Which is precisely why GQ's "review" counts for very little.
stuna1  +   830d ago
I agree with you first off, but the thing that trips me out here is... We're talking about a clothing magazine here! What qualifies them to give a non-biased opinion to begin with? It's not like they are known to take a gamers stance on the subject before, but we know how big a publication they are, I even have a GQ subscription, but I've never seen anything on the level of gaming console reviews! Anyway what I'm saying is IMO this automatically skews any result that they publish, because they just don't have the necessary qualification to do a trustworthy and un-biased broken down and informative review. For all anyone knows they could have been coached on what to write even down to score itself, keeping it close to make it more believable.
n4rc  +   830d ago
Replied to the wrong comment. See above..

But in short.
. how exactly is a style magazine biased in the videogame industry? your comment makes no sense..

But i already know your logic... You dont like it so obviously they are biased... But you arent.
THE-COMMANDER  +   830d ago
Troll review.. nuff said.
Trekster_Gamer  +   830d ago
waaaaa you would not say that is the pees4 had a higher rating...
Mikelarry  +   831d ago
how can you do an in-depth review of an item when you haven't used all of its technology in a real environment. actually scrap that question the REAL question is who goes to GQ for GAMES/CONSOLE review

@ darthv72

very true it was about a week ago i saw a forbes article about top ten games for both next gen consoles, i had to do a double take
#3 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
darthv72  +   831d ago
Its the sign of the times. What once was limited is now more open. Meaning GQ is just another media outlet that is embracing the trend of videogaming related news/controversy.

It was like that with forbes as well. i mean...forbes wasnt an outlet for game related news but it is now. Im sure we will likely see more publications embark on the same trend. US weekly, People, Popular Mechanics, sports illustrated, Penthouse.....they will all jump on the game related bandwagon (if they havent already).

Im waiting for OSQ (obscure sports quartly).
Thehyph  +   831d ago
Who goes to GQ anyways?
That rag will turn you into a hipster/douche.

If i want a men's magazine, I'll go for Cigar Aficionado. Aside from the title, there are fine spirits, fine suits, and fine cars.

I don't want "advice," just vice.

The times changing just make me appreciate men like Hemingway a little more.
darthv72  +   830d ago
Give it time. If Cigar Aficionado wants to draw more readers of different demographics....they too will start talking fine video games like they do fine spirits, fine cars...etc.
Xsilver  +   831d ago
This isn't a review :/
Mister_G  +   831d ago
Slightly more expensive and slightly less powerful (apparently).
NaAsAr  +   831d ago
GQ mag???
Pancit_Canton  +   830d ago
Greenpowerz Questionable Magazine
mrpsychoticstalker  +   830d ago
Lol. Deal with it!
Wizziokid  +   831d ago
Why review a console at the start of it's life-cycle when it hasn't fully been realised yet that's what I don't understand.
Mister_G  +   831d ago
Fishing for hits probably.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   831d ago
dat money hat..
smoothop  +   831d ago
I'm getting an Xbox One but reviewing consoles that ain't even out is just silly, nothing to see here.
Nabbic  +   831d ago
The very fact that cloud processing, an age old system that is currently unusable for game changing solution applications, is both used as a positive point for the Xbox and acted as it is exclusive to that system makes me question the validity of the site.

Sure, cloud services are great. I love save uploading, streaming, and other things that were made possible this generation. But hell, cloud processing of ANY sort is NOT Xbox exclusive.
InTheLab  +   831d ago
Expect similar from all non gaming sites. Kinect an TV is a big deal in the casual world.
cyhm3112  +   831d ago
it is not about kinect, it is about xbone is an american console, ps4 is a japanese conosole, and amercian are proud of Micrsoft somehow, guess what?
ceedubya9  +   830d ago
I've always thought that the whole "American console" thing was wrong. Microsoft may have gained a stronghold of America during the current generation, but it isn't like they have always been on top here. Before the 360, Sony owned the country for two generations and Nintendo was on top before that. Fact is, for some reason or another, the 360 became the go-to console in the US for the current generation and it has nothing to do with US pride.
Trekster_Gamer  +   830d ago
Yeah.. If Sony and Nintendo had never been on top your post would not seem so utterly asinine..
Gore-Content  +   831d ago
xbone 8/10
PS4 7/10
Did I see that right?
mrpsychoticstalker  +   830d ago
Hahahahahahaha. Of course the first thing you'll be wondering is which console got the higher score, and in GQ's opinion the Xbox One is the best console of the two getting 8/10  with the magazine praising the console's 'cloud processing' and the fact that it's a 'complete media device'.
cyhm3112  +   831d ago
very very biased *smh*
jay2  +   831d ago
Pmsl. Cloud and media functions....not very game related oh wait xbo needs cloud for games to run close to ps4 specs. Stupid stylish look. And low cosy, yes cause £250 goes on the camera of the xbone video proof shows moneys not going to give you the best this gen.
matrixman92  +   831d ago
but Xbox one literally doesnt have clouds

#15 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
JOLLY1  +   831d ago
Look how much better those xbox one textures are.
matrixman92  +   831d ago
i honestly cant tell if your being serious or not...this is one of the pics that clearly shows the ps4 being better. The xbox one version is so dark so they dont have to include as much detail. Also, look at the pillars and wires in the background, then the rear view cant see the jaggies all over the xbox version?
JOLLY1  +   830d ago
Look at every close texture. The seat, the butt of the gun, the gunners glove, the mans face. Every single thing is textured on the XO. The PS4 looks "flat" in comparison. The only thing I can see visible jaggies on is stuff in the distance because of the 720p upscaling. The PS4 just doesn't look as "clear" for the lack of being able to think of a better word.
1nsomniac  +   830d ago
I'm actually questioning myself about this one...

The foreground of the XBone actually does look better than the PS4. The background of the PS4 looks better than the Xbone though.

But in all honesty what is more important & what do you concentrate on, the foreground.
JOLLY1  +   830d ago
I just wonder about what it will be like in motion. I think you might not see all of the clear visuals quite as much as you may be annoyed with the jaggie pop in and out on the background XO. So even though I think the XO looks better in picture, it is definitely possible that the PS4 will look better in video.
horndog  +   830d ago
I think those textures are nice too


Oh wow!! Those clouds in the background just make the gameplay so much better on the ps4. Yes!! Yes!! I finally see what that 50% power does. Gives them extra black clouds. Now I'm convinced that it truly is 50% more powerful, judging by those clouds you've shown me I will even say its more like 80% more powerful. Thank you matrixman, thank you so much for showing me the light, its the proof I've been looking for . Thank you, I will now go buy 6 ps4's. Lol
r2oB  +   830d ago
You're able to see the textures through all the crushed black? Impressive.
Shnooze  +   830d ago
That's just shameful.

So much for the cloud gaming fad they were trying to push.
Mister_G  +   830d ago
Thanks! That really puts things into perspective.

p.s. No cloud, on X1? Oh the irony, lol
#15.3 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gamer2013  +   830d ago
MS is behind with their driver tools Sony isn't when this problem has been fixed there will be only petty differences between multiplats. Besides, if you're trying discredit the Xb1 as a capable next gen system with that link you may want to take games like Ryse and Forza5 into consideration first to be fair. Btw, Ryse is also 900p and easily looks better than the PS4 version of Bf4. Just saying.
#15.4 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   830d ago
I would take the missing clouds over those washed out colors. What is up with that building on the right in the PS4 version? It's like someone took 4 coats of paint off it.
matrixman92  +   830d ago
how is that washed out? that is how its supposed to look. If you want to see what washed out looks like, look at the digital foundry comparison(they really messed with the brightness settings). The game is NOT supposed to be as dark as it is on the Xbox one version. The xbox one version is so dark that they do not even have to include some textures because you cant even see them, which is probably how they got it to look decent.

Also, can I hit you in your weak point for massive damage?
MRMagoo123  +   830d ago
the pc version which is the better one of the 3 looks a lot closer to the ps4 version than the xbone one, the reason for that ...........the ps4 version is better than the xbone version in every way possible, i dont really care what you think you see , but on a tv not a pc monitor it is very very obvious that the xbone version doesnt hold up to the pc or ps4 versions.
Elit3Nick  +   830d ago
the X1 picture has the same clouds, but because AO isn't on they are white, and are difficult to notice with the sky, but they are there.
ziggurcat  +   831d ago
welp... we can certainly tell who shoveled more money at GQ magazine...
cyhm3112  +   831d ago
MS doesn't even need to give money. There are a lot of blind xbots and american patriots.
mav805  +   830d ago
I'm getting a PS4, not an XBOX, but nothing wrong with being a patriot.
ps360s  +   831d ago
well I won't be looking at any console reviews as I know which one I will be getting and enjoying and for these who has the money to get both then lucky them lol

Console reviews to me are just silly in my opinion but oh well...

Can't wait til I get my hands on the ps4...just weeks away...
Misterhon  +   831d ago
Stylish look and low cost...? what?
BigShotSmoov007  +   831d ago
Honestly, How do you review a console? I'm not even going to click on the link and read it cause it's just nonsense. We don't know how many more features or how the console is going to evolve over the year. This is a stupid and pointless review.
Mikelarry  +   831d ago
its not t3 that did the review its GQ. t3 only took an extract of info but did not link to the GQ article
1nsomniac  +   830d ago
That's like saying what's the point of reviewing a game because it can always be patched to add new features or get new DLC.

... Of course you can review a console, just like you can review anything else. Your logic has completely confused me!
the_espresso_kid  +   831d ago
Microsoft wants the casual crowd and they're going to get it. But it might turn out that the X1 is used more for TV and Sports than games, kind of like how the PS3 was used mostly for blu-ray (by casuals).
Philoctetes  +   831d ago
I don't begrudge anybody for buying an Xbox if they like its exclusives, but handing out a higher score to the console that is simultaneously weaker and a Benjamin more expensive is just laughable. Come on.
TheFallenAngel  +   831d ago
What killer games does the bone have at launch?
WeAreLegion  +   830d ago
If we're being literal, Killer Instinct.
1nsomniac  +   830d ago
Unfortunately I have to admit, more than the PS4... That has 1.
TheFallenAngel  +   830d ago
But which are those games? I can only think of forza because that game is good. But dead rising? Lol and killer instinct? Lol ryse? Lmao
Dread  +   830d ago
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Isntict
and Ryse.

they look awesome in my opinion.

and dont forget Titanfall in march :)
antikbaka  +   831d ago
didn't find that review at GQ...where is direct link?
The_Ozymandias  +   831d ago
I love GQ and all, but who in God's name gives an actual fuck about what a style magazine has to say about a gaming console?
Sci0n  +   831d ago
seriously GQ needs to stick to reviewing celebrity men and leave the gaming reviews alone
horndog  +   831d ago
Because it didn't praise the ps4 they way other pro sony sites praised it??? Maybe they just like the features x1 has offer and really couldn't tell that ps4 had 50% more powah. Some people want more out of a console just like they want more out of their smart phones.
thejigisup  +   830d ago
The features that they mention are pretty lame and they happen to gas them up quite a bit. I can hardly call this a review due to the fact that the reviewer didn't really know what he's talking about. Let's talk about the cloud eh. It's been around for years! Ps3 xbox 360, vita, ds, they all use cloud technology. Hint hint ps4 and xb1 will to so to credit one console and not the other either shows extreme bias or stupidity.
Lack of games? The reviewer should do a simple Google search for games coming to both systems, compare the amount...obv quantity over quality... but what happens when Sony has quantity and quality. I ask the reviewer to look again, and to anyone crapping on knack. I wonder if these same people crap all over crash bandicoot with their noses held high. The xb1 isn't even functional without an internet connection! If you can't access internet to do an update you have an expensive useless pretty brick. I think GQ could've found a better person to review these consoles.

I want to read a review that it's brutally honest on both consoles, give me the good and bad of every feature and compare both consoles similarities . I think it's lousy that a company like GQ which a lot of people read can spit information out like that in such a poor manner, the reviews weren't fair to either console and its a shame must readers won't know that until the console is in their homes.
DevilishSix  +   831d ago
Nothing to see here, move along. This isn't a review its opinion or preference based. If you review a console, you review a console, not mark off points because some games are delayed, thus having fewer games. A review should be objective and have longivity, so it applys the same as it did on launch and a year later. A potential consumer should be able to pull up and read what the console can do, they are not going to care what games it had on launch a year before. Where is processing and graphical analysis? How do they know how Azure works and not discuss what Gaikai is about? Sorry excuse even for a first review.
#26 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Mr_Writer85  +   830d ago
Nail on head sir.
Rimfro  +   830d ago
Aren't all reviews opinion?
cell989  +   831d ago
-The cloud capabilities
-all around multimedia device
-killer launch games

-the price
-the slick design
-lack of killer games

WTF? Since when is it a fact the cloud helps xbone, is that how they managed Battlefield 4 to run at 720p?
Multimedia? Yeah because they actually used an actual xbone that doesn't freeze...
Smh.. No killer games for PS4? Yeah because Ryse screams innovation and Forza is revolutionary, yet KZSF plays at 1080p and churns out way more detail than Forza. Ryse is upscaled, PS4 has a couple already proven good free to play games at launch as well, and I guess indie games aren't killer enough...just because they're indies? Is that the general consensus nowadays?

FanboyKilla   830d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
TristanPR77  +   830d ago
We all know we are going to see a lot of biased reviews for both consoles in the coming days. By now, reviews will not have any effect since most people has already decided which console they will buy and most of them has paid them in full.

Want to know what is the best review? Following all the events since February, how each company has stayed truth to their vision, how each company has treated their customers. That's your best review.
#28 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mt  +   830d ago
PS4 7/10 OMG *cancels preorder*
CJDUNCAN  +   830d ago
lol, how some will actually behave.
Nocando  +   830d ago
Oh for the love of god would you all please stop comparing frigging gakai with Xbox One's cloud?
Bennibop  +   830d ago
You are right we should compare because you can actually see the benefit of gakai
not this imeasurable benefit azure cloud provides. Not seen anything yet that the cloud has helped improve!
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