Sony Entertainment Network Store Now Optimised For iOS & Android

The web store is now optimised for mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices, providing quick and easy access to all our great content no matter where you are. It is specifically configured for your smartphone to deliver a better browsing experience, making it easier than ever to find PlayStation games, movies and TV episodes.

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Sci0n1670d ago

Playstation Nation is about to take over the world!

quinten4881670d ago

Sony domination in two weeks, SO EXCITED!

TheEnigma3131670d ago

This is pretty cool. Nice to see them branching out. I use the Steam app all the time to purchase games and remote install them.

KwietStorm1670d ago

Damn I wish they would have done this months ago. The PlayStation app will be out in a couple weeks.

italkgame1670d ago

I already reported on this last week