Whatever Microsoft paid for Titanfall exclusivity, it was worth it

Anyone who is skeptical about the power of Titanfall to move hardware has not played the game.

It’s recently been announced that Microsoft has locked down the game as an exclusive. Not a timed exclusive, but an all-the-way exclusive. This game belongs to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC, forever and ever.

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NYC_Gamer1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I agree,even though dislike the fact of 3rd party titles being exclusive..EA must have really needed the funds and MS came running to them with the check book wide open..These type of events are reasons why gamers should try to own multi consoles.

Kayant1698d ago

Yep the way it's advertised casuals will never know that it's on X360 & PC. This will defiantly sell systems for them. The way EA handled the situation was real shitty however.

stevej3361698d ago

The 360 version is being made by a different team. Its gonna suck

Lalanana1698d ago

I have to agree here with you. Titanfall being on MS camp is a big win for them.. I can see it selling systems for them

4Sh0w1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Well we know exclusives are a *must from a company perspective or there would be no incentive to choose a particular platform over the other.

Options are:
Make your own studio from ground up=hardest way because the best talent is hard to find.

Buy exclusives from the best talent available= its expensive short term but longterm you dont pay them for years.

Mix both strategies.

Just a question. Why is buying 1 exclusive vs owning/buying a entire 3rd party studio worst for gamers in general?

Seems to me the strategy of paying for a particular IP vs buying the studio is overall better because those studios still can spread their talent around for future IP and even exclusives to other platforms while remaining independent and most importantly hungry vs just on a payroll collecting a check.

gaffyh1698d ago

TitanFall will almost certainly sell the most units on Xbox 360, which will invalidate your point completely. It has the largest install base between 360 and Xbone (well whatever it will have, it won't be 80 million), so it's very likely to sell more on the 360. This is why it was stupid to pay for exclusivity because, IT'S NOT EXCLUSIVE. Microsoft exclusive means they get royalties from 360 and Xbone, and may push some Xbones, but anyone that buys it on PC will not be paying any royalties to MS, because they don't get royalties from those sales.

If it was Xbone exclusive completely, then it would really push console sales, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet that TitanFall sells most of its copies on 360.

/pach hat.

AngelicIceDiamond1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Whats amazing to me was the complete tone change. Remember that rumor that popped up several months back with a PS3 console in one the guys's office?

It wasn't really the rumor itself that's unbelievable, its how excited fanboys were to see this and they really, REALLY wanted to play Titanfall so bad. Even the rumor meter is almost all the way up.

Now that's not the case their tone turned sour grapes.

"I'll buy it for 360"

"Titanfall 2 will come to PS4"

Which could happen actually.

I'll buy it for my super PC, I don't need an Xbone"

"The game doesn't look that great"

Now realistically we have to wait and see if MS negotiates further with EA.

Will MS Mass Effect it, or Gears Of War it? Is the question.

scott1821698d ago

Looks good, I'll have to try it.

Kleptic1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Steve, is that true? No fanboy bs here, serious question...I'm going to be all over Titanfall next spring unless i'm still hopelessly hooked on BF4...

but...has all the footage so far been for xbox one?...Some of it, honestly, looks like 360 nothing i've seen so far looks to be all that demanding on hardware...

again, not a criticism...cod 4 was the last cod i got into...and, at the time, i thought its balance of pacing and mechanics was about as good as multiplayer can get...I trust these devs to make one hell of an awesome multiplayer game, and will be buying it day 1...I was just assuming that at least some of whats been shown was on a 360, or at least a PC targeting the 360 'version'...i mean some particle effects were blatantly placeholder, as in lifted right out of some existing 360 assets they had for the engine...

and even if some of that was 360 footage, and it 'holds back' the pc and xbox one versions...not worried, this game is going to play awesome regardless of what it looks like...

and Angelic...I don't think its the same thing as ME or Gears...Gears has always been published by MS, and thats the important aspect...Regardless of what Cliffy used to rant about in the past; its obvious now that MS owns most of, or even all of, the gears franchise as an IP...ME was completely different, MS contracted to publish ME1, but apparently didn't buy up any rights to the game from Biwoare...Bioware kept the IP rights, but was bought up by EA...and that is how MS lost exclusivity to ME...Respawn has said numerous times they are independent, and fully own Titanfall (after all, this is what caused the whole fall out with activision to begin with)...but MS and EA have some deal going on related to publishing this game...which probably got Respawn PILES of start up guess is, millions went to respawn...and MS blanketed marketing costs for EA...allowing EA to effectively rake in money without having any overhead on the title...catch is, limited platforms...

guitarded771698d ago

I know I'm in the minority, but I have yet to be impressed with Titanfall. So far, it seems like a lot of hype.

Some are calling it the "first true next-gen game", but if it's the first true next-gen game, how come 360 can run it?

Also... mechs and wall running are cool, but other than that, I don't see what's so special about it. Personally, I'm more impressed with Destiny and The Division for innovative multi-player.

The amount of money Microsoft is backing this game with must be pretty damn high if it's not coming to Sony platforms, AND it's already plastered all over the place with Ads.

Was it worth it???? We'll see.

b163o11698d ago

I don't understand, didn't the creators of COD leave the brand cause of MS wanting them to produce it year after year? What do they think MS is gonna do to this IP? I just don't understand how they can put themselves thru what they walked away from again. It's like an abused spouse thinking thing are gonna change...

user55757081698d ago

1) titanfall exclusive helps make x1 more appealing a few months after launch
2) titalfall is exclusive but titanfall 2 is not. but at that point MS will have established that the general titanfall crown is on xbox, so if titanfall does well then the sequel will already be popularly associated with the xbox brand

1OddWorld1698d ago

So don't care about this game. I hope they spent themselves silly. BF4 is getting my money just keeping it real. No for real mech warrior games suck. True story.

1698d ago
MysticStrummer1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Being on two other platforms has to cut into the system seller idea at least a little, but we'll see.

I agree with the title, and the timing of the announcement was genius, given the BF4 comparisons that came out the same day.

C0LLAT1698d ago

Titanfall is going to be the most overrated, overhyped game of 2014.

Just wait and see.

Anarki1698d ago

Majority of people will just buy it for PC. That was their problem, putting it on to PC as well. It's probably the best system seller they have, the only game that looks appealing (in my opinion) and would be one of the only reasons I'd of bought a XBOne.

rainslacker1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I know some people will buy a system for one or two games they want, but is TitanFall really that game?

It's coming to PC, and arguably, the PC version will be better so long as the person has a mid-range PC. Couch comfort aside, the argument that it is MS exclusive because it's only on Microsoft platforms falls flat, because I would wager 99% of PS and Nintendo owners also have Windows on their PC.

I've noticed the PC being included as a MS platform as a rather new advent in the console wars. I don't think it's really pertinent to console discussion, and generally anything on PC can be played by anyone regardless of console preference, so not really a system seller.

Note the wording of this qoute, highlighted for everyone's convienance.

:“In the case of Titanfall, it's a brand new [intellectual property], and it's exclusive only, THROUGH THE LIFE OF THE TITLE, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC,”:"

What this means is that the first titanfall game(this specific one) will be Xbox exclusive(and PC I guess).

Doesn't mean they can't make a TF2, TF:Black Mech, TF:Robo-DOG, TF1:Special Edition, etc and sell it on the PS4 or even the Wii U. Money will win out in the end, and EA won't ignore a large enough install base. History makes that readily apparent.

hazardman1697d ago

Exactly right there. Great exclusive for MS to have but shady business practice on EA's part. Either way looking forward to this game in March when I buy my Xbox One.

hazardman1697d ago


You dont make any sense. How is it not gonna pay off. Regardless if it sells more on Xbox 360 its still a win win situation for MS/EA. Also if im not mistaken didnt Respawn say the definitive version of Titanfall would be on Xbox One? Not to mention Xbox 360 version being made by different team. Im getting it on Xbox One.

TheFurryPanda1697d ago

I totally agree. I'll be buying for 360, it just seems obvious to go with the console I already have. Just like I'd buy dead rising 3 if there was a version for 360.

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OlgerO1698d ago

Yeah man im really bitter about this news. now im never going to be able to experience this game. Still at least I get to play destiny which is my most hyped game.

Cuzzo631698d ago

Nothn wrng with gettn both. But then you will have pay for psn and live

princejb1341698d ago

I probably won't be able to play it either. There's no way I'm spending $500 just to play one game

darksky1698d ago

do you not have a PC or 360?

OlgerO1698d ago

@darksky no I only have a PS3 and I doubt that my pc would even be able to run titanfall in its lowest settings

Agent11698d ago

You can experience it by doing the following.

1) go to a friends house that has it.

2) enter a drawing and win X1 and get Titanfall.

3) just go buy X1 with Titanfall.

However, you can't say you won't ever be able to experience it. I highly recommend people in this generation to put their differences a side and be open on getting both consoles next gen. Either early on or later down the road you shouldn't allow yourself to miss out on anything next gen.

C-Thunder1698d ago

Just wait for the sequel or, if ea's really not hitting targets, the goty edition that'll assuredly be on both systems.

rainslacker1697d ago

Mass Effect 1 and 2 were both 360 exclusives. ME1 took a while to come out, but 2 came out with a deluxe edition for PS3. "Through the life of the title" means that the initial installment for the game won't make it's way over unless EA buys the rights back to do so. But doesn't mean there won't be titanfall games on the Playstation consolses. EA won't ignore a large install base, and no doubt they have seen the pre-order numbers for things like Killzone to be drooling at a chance to profit off PS gamers.

I don't personally care for Titanfall, buy buying exclusivity really sucks from any side of the fence. Games are made to be enjoyed, and the less obstacles companies put in the way of getting games into the gamers hands, the better.

Kurt Russell1697d ago

I won't be able to afford both... I'm a little bummed about missing out on this game, but I am sure there will be plenty of other games to enjoy instead.

deerain1697d ago

I would like to play this but unless I have someone I know with an XBox or PC version I doubt I will get to play it either, this will not make me change my mind on which console to buy :-) and I sure as hell don't have the money to buy both consoles.

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Exactly! Save those pennies up and get both if possible.

SirBradders1698d ago

For some it about time how the hell am i gonna play my PC ps4 and X1 if i owned them all :-( oh i wish i was young again.

Pillsbury11698d ago

@ sirbadders

That is the biggest problem of all, not having enough time; being grown up sucks.

rainslacker1697d ago


I don't even have enough time to play one anymore.:( My backlog is huge.

Keyser1697d ago

You guys hit the nail on the head, where in the world would I find the time to play two systems when I barely have time for one. I can drop $400 for a system, pick up a controller, PS+, some games but to buy two systems and pay for two online services, you'd better be spending some quality QT with both. Throwing in a PC means you're obviously locked in a minimum security prison with tons of time on your hands or you're Mitt Romney's grandson.

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hankmoody1698d ago

You said it. Having both consoles covers your bases in all respects.


I don't know if I would say EA was desperate for money and all that.

I do think that now xbox has had a change in leadership, maybe their approach towards their games library has changed.

They must know by now that a lot of their fans or old fans don't put much faith in their word when they say "it's exclusive". They must be starting to see that saying "exclusive to xbox" is no longer the selling point it use to be because people know it's only a matter of time till it's not exclusive any more.

it's MS's own doing in the first place, but maybe now they will finally start to back up their word and "only on xbox" will actually start to hold some meaning again.

When this gen started I really didn't like the ps3 for anything, but I bought it anyway just for MGS4. Even though a lot of fans at the time were saying ohhh it's going to come to 360, well it never did.

I don't mind 3rd parties doing exclusives. I don't mind buying both systems for good exclusives. I don't like it when something is said to be exclusive and then 6 months later it's out on the other system.

Baka-akaB1698d ago

Yeah it's annoying even if you plan on getting all system , or wont change consoles choices anyway . It shows how untrustworthy a publisher is .

It was lame , even owning both a ps2 and gamecube , when Capcom after much denial , ported RE4 .

Dlacy13g1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

On the heels of the news regarding EA's big financial loses during the investor call it seems pretty clear EA were open to the notion of getting paid to keep this exclusive.

Respawn has said down the road they will explore the PS4 with most likely Titanfall 2 but the first game will be 100% Xbox One and PC focus for Respawn proper and a 2nd un-named studio handling the Xbox 360 port. What this means for Titanfall is Respawn can truly just focus on the Xbox One and PC versions now and make the game great.

ABizzel11698d ago

It also means when it comes to PlayStation 4 there's a chance gamers might not be overwhelming accepting of it because they were blocked from experiencing the first game.

It may have been good for EA for their annuals this year, but it's bad business to alienate literally a 100% potential sales increase, as well as bringing an uncertain future for a franchise you plan on rotating.

When titanfall 2 comes out and if sales suffer on the PlayStation version because Sony gets their own EA is going to suffer because now M$ has them in their pockets and don't have to pay anything to EA.

This deal only benefits M$ and I'm sure they paid around $200 million to make it exclusive. EA better hope things work out for them, and M$ needs to stop this because it can become a dangerous game in the industry where developers being threatening consoles with inferior ports without money up front for timed exclusive content. And that's going to hurt M$ most of all since they rely on 3rd parties the most.

rainslacker1697d ago

I kind of agree with ABizzel here. We don't know the details of the exclusivity deal, but for a new franchise such as this, which is obviously meant to build a reputation to compete against the likes of Call of Duty, it doesn't make much sense to alienate half of the console owners out there. In the mean time when the PS3/4 owners who may want this game are waiting on it, it leaves the doors open for Activision, Ubisoft, or Sony itself to create the next big franchise that will trump this one. In fact, any Sony 1st party exclusive can easily come in and steal any kind of future momentum from Titanfall's popularity on the system. You know how fervent Sony fans can be with their exclusives at times.

Titanfall has a lot going for it to make it a good contender against COD, but it will never reach that point if it is only on one console. It will probably sell well, but it won't be the biggest seller it could be.

In the end though, I really expect to see Titanfall games on the PS4 in the future. Just not this particular game released as just Titanfall.

BG115791697d ago

The situation is worst than I thought.

The exclusivity deal is between MS and EA. EA has the wright to distribute the game, but it's Respawn that is making the game. So all the money paid for the exclusivity is going to EA, not Respawn. Respawn is only getting from the sales of the game. Respawn was willing to develop the game for PS4, but EA stopped them...

The guys making the game will receive less money than expected because of this exclusivity deal. This will definitely not bound well with Respawn.
Worse, if EA has the rights of the "Titanfall", EA will have the right to decide in which machine the sequel will actually come out.
This deal between MS and EA, shows no respect to the team producing the game. They are actually jeopardizing the sequel of the game altogether.

This kind of endeavor is definitely giving me a good reason to boycott every game coming out from EA and MS.
With scumbag moves like this, no wonder developers don't like MS and turn to the competition.

TheTwelve1698d ago

I don't care for such games, but I'm not so ignorant as to fail to see this as huge for Microsoft. They were down and getting kicked in the streets during the past two weeks --- they probably had to write a 7 figure check to get this but they really needed to.

1697d ago
eman3d1698d ago

Are you crazy??? 'EA must've really needed the funds and Microsoft came running to them with the checkbook wide open' You really think that's the way it works??? It's not that simple and believe me, Sony could've had this game as well. It's all about closed door negotiations. EA is in the drivers seat with this game and chose which 'partner' to have this game exclusively, looks like Microsoft won the bid.
Hats off to EA for having the insight on producing a great game.

Nykamari1698d ago

Why would EA need the funds? They are making a killing on other games on both consoles and pc. It's more like MS saw to internet light up like a wildfire about the rumor of it coming the PS4 and stopped it. Which is a good thing for them.

BoriboyShoGUN1698d ago

Yeah Nykami you got it! I think it was just too many fanboys "like oh well its coming to PS4 later" which im 100% sure it was at the time. To where MS had to make a splash and kill the rumours. I would of bought it for the PS4 but I guess PC it is eventually.

kwiksilver991697d ago

i have to hand it to microsoft.i dont know if this was their plan all along but acquiring total exclusivity after months of announcing it and in the process teasing some potential ps4 buyers( with rumours ,but in this day and age they're more than enough for a lot of people),seems to the best way to launch titanfall(for microsoft)
rather than just announcing it as an exclusive on day 1 with many fans of the ps4 dismissing it completely for one reason or the other.

Denethor_II1698d ago

"These type of events are reasons why gamers should try to own multi consoles."

Disagree. The best solution is to own a PlayStation and a gaming PC. Best of both worlds.
I remember Microsoft saying Mass effect 1 would stay exclusive, but look what happened. On the other hand you can't play Sony exclusives on an Xbox machine, so yeah PC and PlayStation all the way.

MajorMayhem701698d ago

This is the very reason you buy both consoles. I used to only support one console at a time, but got tired of missing out on the exclusives that the other console had. No more. First I bought the Xbox 360 then two years later I purchased the PS3. Haven't missed an exclusive yet.

November 15 is an important day for me cause I'll be there for the PS4.
November 22 is equally important cause I'll be there for the Xbox One.
I let the fanboys fight over which console is the best, while I play the best of both worlds.

Silly gameAr1698d ago

Yeah, I'm not buying both, and it doesn't make me feel like any less of a gamer. Just means I won't be able to play TitanFall, but that's not really any skin off my back.

ALLWRONG1697d ago

*cough* Metal Gear *cough*

The difference is Titanfall isn't going to a Playstation, ever. Get used to it, or go start another petition for more Xbox games you guys claim to hate.

ps360s1697d ago

I use to own multi consoles but then noticed I don't get to complete a game after another one releases and plus I were spending too much money on subscriptions and games.

I have to admit I would like to play this game on my ps4 with friends (don't mention PC as my PC buddies are just PC buddies lol)

oh well...not the end of the world lol

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medziarz1698d ago

I might have an impression that MS actually bribed EA execs (money to off-shore accounts) and payed little to the actual EA company.

Agent11698d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, there are a lot of exclusive console loyalist upon us to see that happen.

Anon19741698d ago

Meh. Multiplayer only games don't really interest me. At least, full priced multiplayer only games don't interest me...

showtimefolks1698d ago

you don't have to buy a xbox one to play titanfall, also stop blaming EA. Respawn is an independent developer working under EA's partners program, meaning they not only own but control whatever they do with the IP

sp yes MS came to EA and offered a big check but respawn could have said no and nothing EA could do about it

also been seeing some comments on how MS should buy respwan, that's not happening, Respawn got out of a big publisher in activision and got treated unfairly so i doubt they will sell their studio to anyone anytime soon

EA got paid for what titanfall would have sold on ps3,ps4 so imagine the amount. MS touted that they are spending over a billion on new games but i would love to know how much of that went to EA for titanfall and exclusive DLC for BF4 along with Fifa14

i am still buying a ps4 and will be able to enjoy titanfall on my brand new PC

Anzil1698d ago

I just dont know if titanfall and halo will get me to buy the system maybe once it comes down in price! does anyone know when console prices generally drop ?

BoriboyShoGUN1698d ago

I think if it wasnt thrown in their face everyday about it being a timed exclusive it would of definately came to the PS4. They had to show they had a huge exclusive that was staying unlike Mass Effect etc. I had already prepared myself to miss this one but it would of been more than welcome on my PS4.

trancefreak1698d ago

Good this is what makes consoles unique. Would l like to play Titan fall; damn straight I would. The game looks badd arse.

I made a choice to buy a PS4 first so I am excited for the games coming from Sony.

Game consoles need system sellers this is how the universe works. When I get an an XBOX ONE soon for my wife I will play titan fall and that is how I roll. Dual console ownership has its privileges.

With in a year these consoles wil be packing new games and most importantly know matter what, I will be having some exciting epic gaming moments. Good times ahead.

titletownrelo1698d ago

Is this a result of EA canceling CC?

RobAlmighty1697d ago

Titanfall does look good, but I will just play it on PC. Also, I think I would much rather play Destiny and Killzone.

xtremeimport1697d ago

the last post i saw on here that showed pre-order numbers had TitanFall at the bottom of the xb1 game list. SO apparently people dont really care about this game as much as its being made out.

MynextGen1697d ago

Grow up fanboy and accept the fact they didn't want to develop for PS4 this story is lame

Ps4 is not that great oh and read your Faqs on it pretty disappointing things line up for you lot lmao

xtremeimport1697d ago

Did you just come in and call others fanboys and then go on to make a fanboy statement yourself?

lol. nice.

starchild1697d ago

Why is it any better if some massive company like Sony or Microsoft just buy up studios to restrict their output to their consoles only?

Whether you buy up the studio or just buy up individual franchises or games it isn't really a good thing for gamers, it mostly just benefits the platform holder.

awi59511697d ago

@NYC_Gamer and Kayant

EA has no say the creators of call of duty and Metal of honor has learned their lessons about giving Their I.P to a publisher that will screw them out of it later, looking at Activision and bobby kotick. Respawn owns this IP and can do what ever they want EA cant do a thing about it.

Bobby Kotex1697d ago

In other words take it up the butt from these gaming companies? Speak for yourself and the other msft fanboys.

abradley1697d ago

EA need money. Ha, okay, if that's what you think. Fifa itself makes them boat loads every year.

No, this isn't about needing money, this is about greed. MS probably offered the share holders of EA a nice bonus and that sorted it for them.

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trywizardo1698d ago

couldn't agree more :)