Activision CEO: What comes from Treyarch will 'come out of the creative process'

We recently had a chance to speak at length with Activision's Eric Hirshberg, where we talked about popular franchises like Skylanders and Call of Duty. Examiner asked Hirshberg whether we'd see a new sub-franchise from Treyarch, and this is what he had to offer.

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fullymoated1606d ago

Hopefully a new engine! =)

pompombrum1606d ago

But But.. will it have fish ai?

TheEnigma3131606d ago

They will more than likely make black ops 3.

1606d ago
Shadonic1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

they will have customized dogs and a dog version of zombies which will be DLC locked also dog nukes and dog inspired maps like the petsmart shop