Battlefield 4 Will Not Work on 4GB Xbox 360 S

GF - "We received a handful of reports from Xbox 360 gamers yesterday who couldn’t figure out why Battlefield 4 wouldn’t work on their console. EA Support has offered clarification, and it’s bad news for 4GB Xbox 360 Slim owners."

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sigfredod1604d ago

Man thats low, a hit for millions of gamers, hoe M$ or EA come up with a work around for this

BattleTorn1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Should they really?

People always complain about gaming having to cater to the lowest demoninator - do we really want to be insisting our games run on practically no HHD space?

It was already the case for Halo 4 co-op/MP - and that's first party. (And BF3)

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SIX1604d ago

Yeah I don't get it. If you own the 360S, which in my opinion was a system build as a vessel for that stupid Kenect dance game. Chances are a core game like Battlefield probably isn't your cup of tea anyways.

3-4-51604d ago

it's like $20 for a new HD..

They can spend $60 on a new game, but can't spend $20 on a new HD ?

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nimshey1604d ago

Unbuhlee. Guess it's time to sell the ol' slim anyway and move on with my life. Gaming was fun, but this is the final straw from all the money-grubbing whores in the industry.

Lord_Sloth1604d ago

This has nothing to do with money grubbing and everything to do with poor console design.

In an industry of Game installs they decide to offer a 4GB HDD!? That's where the problem lies.

joe901604d ago

In and industry of Game installs Sony decide to offer a 12GB HDD!? That's where the problem lies.

Legion211604d ago

It's for families who want to enjoy casual games, that way they aren't paying for a harddrive they won't use. 10 minutes of research could tell you that.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1604d ago

Wasn't it the same for bf3? Why is this even a surprise. ..

crazysammy1604d ago

The difference is that you HAVE to install it, and it required an HD, not a flash drive or external HD. It has to be an internal. I just had a customer bring his xbox in this morning to see "what was wring with it" lol.

Mikelarry1604d ago

This has to be the sickest joke ever. Shouldnt they have advised users about this months ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.