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Battlefield 4 Will Not Work on 4GB Xbox 360 S

GF - "We received a handful of reports from Xbox 360 gamers yesterday who couldn’t figure out why Battlefield 4 wouldn’t work on their console. EA Support has offered clarification, and it’s bad news for 4GB Xbox 360 Slim owners." (Battlefield 4, Xbox 360)

sigfredod  +   579d ago
Man thats low, a hit for millions of gamers, hoe M$ or EA come up with a work around for this
BattleTorn  +   579d ago
Should they really?

People always complain about gaming having to cater to the lowest demoninator - do we really want to be insisting our games run on practically no HHD space?

It was already the case for Halo 4 co-op/MP - and that's first party. (And BF3)
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The_Infected  +   579d ago
How will it play on the 12gb PS3 since it uses flash memory also?
SIX  +   579d ago
Yeah I don't get it. If you own the 360S, which in my opinion was a system build as a vessel for that stupid Kenect dance game. Chances are a core game like Battlefield probably isn't your cup of tea anyways.
3-4-5  +   579d ago
it's like $20 for a new HD..

They can spend $60 on a new game, but can't spend $20 on a new HD ?
deadfrag  +   579d ago
nimshey  +   579d ago
Unbuhlee. Guess it's time to sell the ol' slim anyway and move on with my life. Gaming was fun, but this is the final straw from all the money-grubbing whores in the industry.
Lord_Sloth  +   579d ago
This has nothing to do with money grubbing and everything to do with poor console design.

In an industry of Game installs they decide to offer a 4GB HDD!? That's where the problem lies.
joe90  +   579d ago
In and industry of Game installs Sony decide to offer a 12GB HDD!? That's where the problem lies.
Legion21  +   579d ago
It's for families who want to enjoy casual games, that way they aren't paying for a harddrive they won't use. 10 minutes of research could tell you that.
Starbucks_Fan  +   579d ago
you mad?
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   579d ago
Wasn't it the same for bf3? Why is this even a surprise. ..
crazysammy  +   579d ago
The difference is that you HAVE to install it, and it required an HD, not a flash drive or external HD. It has to be an internal. I just had a customer bring his xbox in this morning to see "what was wring with it" lol.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   579d ago
Mikelarry  +   579d ago
This has to be the sickest joke ever. Shouldnt they have advised users about this months ago.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   579d ago
Wow, so they just let thousands of gamers pay for this game with their hard earned cash to just turn around and say "oh no it doesn't work if you have a 4GB 360s"....way to treat your customers and fans.

Yet another reason to be weary of EA......
Yodagamer  +   579d ago
This just screams mass lawsuits. With more frostbite 3 games on the horizon, if you plan on using an xbox 360 4gb model to play them, i'd upgrade your hard drive.
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richierich  +   579d ago
But to be fair to EA its not their fault that MS is selling a console with a ridiculously small hard drive which runs game discs that are of a higher capacity than 4GB.
Neonridr  +   579d ago
are you kidding me? It's all EA's fault that they didn't issue a warning that the game requires a model with more than 4GB worth of HD space.

MS created the 4GB model as a budget option, They didn't design the system for hard drive installs of games and such..
Pandamobile  +   579d ago
It says "Hard drive required" on the 360 BF4 box.
richierich  +   579d ago
Ok sorry I see your point I was unaware that EA didn't even issue a warning about it not being compatible with the 4GB model. They should have mentioned this months before release.
Neonridr  +   579d ago
@Pandamobile - what it really should have said was "Not compatible with 4GB Xbox 360 model" on the box or something. Saying Hard Drive required is useless unless it specified how much space was required. Technically the 4GB 360 has a HD, it's just a ridiculously small amount.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   579d ago
But to be fair to the CUSTOMERS, EA should have gave notice about this. £40/$60 might not be alot of money for EA and their billions of $ but gaming is an expensive hobby if you pay full price. I wouldn't be surprised if EA didn't issue a warning on purpose, they would do anything for more profit.
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Neonridr  +   579d ago
Did they not think about this before they manufactured the game? I love how short sighted these developers can be. I wouldn't fault MS here, it's EA's job to ensure that the game works for the platform it is being developed on. MS designed the 4GB console for budget users who wanted the 360 experience but at a smaller price. Kudos for them for offering that. But now EA is making those 4GB owners have to purchase an Xbox addon hard drive in order to play the game, without issuing a warning first. Unbelievable.
cell989  +   579d ago
I'm sorry but the only one who is short sighted here is Microsoft when they designed the xbox360 in their desperation to beat sony to launch and save manufacturing costs. Maybe you are short sighted as well, lying to yourself thinking a cheap $200 console should play something like BF4, get your self a bigger HDD already, don't you know it's the norm nowadays? Unless you specifically bought the 4GB console to play arcade games, which is what it's advertised for
Neonridr  +   579d ago
I own the 250GB model, so I could care less about that 4GB model. I am merely pointing out that if it doesn't work with the 4GB model of 360, there should be a clear indication on the packaging that it won't work with that setup. That is not on Microsoft as they don't manufacture the outer packaging slip on the 360 game cases.
Sci0n  +   579d ago
LOL Epic Fail
ziggurcat  +   579d ago
this isn't the first time a game hasn't worked on the 4GB X360... you'd think that either:

a) EA would have learned by now.


b MS would have added that to their list of certification guidelines.
cell989  +   579d ago
Microsoft already has a bunch of bs certification guidelines devs must always meet, don't give them yet another head ache
ziggurcat  +   579d ago
guidelines get added, removed, and altered all of the time.

and if it wasn't for those "BS" certification guidelines, games would be in worse condition, MP would be a nightmare, etc...
alexkoepp  +   579d ago
Says right on the game case, "Requires Harddrive" so don't cry about it.

Workaround: buy a $5 flash drive with at least 3GB storage
Seraphemz  +   579d ago
wont work with flash drive..needs to be hard drive.
crazysammy  +   579d ago
Yes this is the point. If it was just a flash drive this would be a non issue but it is requiring and internal HD.
alexkoepp  +   579d ago
My bad, then again, requires HD right on the front of the game case. buy cheaper stuff you arent going to get full functionality, including games.

workaround: buy harddrive
badkolo  +   579d ago
yeah thats just crazy, shows the limitations of the old system
cell989  +   579d ago
And this is why the 360 will be obsolete starting next year, Microsoft will abandon it
Dlacy13g  +   579d ago
Thats pretty shady of EA, should have been on back of the box "not compatible with 4GB Drive or USB Drive". Hopefully the price on the internal HDD for the S models have come down enough that its not horrible but still... I would be a bit angry if I had a 4GB because my assumpition based off what EA originally said was that the game would run on a 4GB S Model I just wouldnt get the 12GB texture pack.
famoussasjohn  +   579d ago
My roommate just bought a 320GB hard drive that comes in the old HDD case, for $60 from Amazon, you can get the enclosure for the Slim model for less than $5 instead of paying $100ish for the official HDD from MS.
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BattleTorn  +   579d ago
Technically you don't even need the enclosure.

I have a old-360's 20Gb harddrive, in my spare Slim.

I did use a tiny ammount electrical tape to keep it from being able to shake.
famoussasjohn  +   579d ago
BattleTorn - I'd recommend the little enclosure to avoid breaking the SATA connectors since it's not stable in the Slim. $5 is worth it when I have a ton of data stored on it. With the Fat 360, you don't need the enclosure, just the part that connects to the Xbox that connects to the sata connection on the hdd.

I just wish it was much easier like the PS3 where I could just drop it in and I'm all set.
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DEEBO  +   579d ago
Sad but true story
I was selling battlefield4 games in bunches yesterday at work.
i get call from a customer about battlefield4 not working on his 360.
i told him to try the flashdrive method like gta but then i see hardrive logo
on the front of the game case.so now all i can see today is my co-workers seeing a lot of returns on this game because nobody is going to want to pay a 100 plus for a harddrive.
MasterCornholio  +   579d ago
LOL poor arcade users.

Nexus 7 2013
BattleTorn  +   579d ago
"Nexus 7 2013"

Lord_Sloth  +   579d ago
It's funny how people are laying all the blame for a console limitation at a Software company's feet while absolving M$ of all blame here for an issue with the 360's HDD choise keeping it from running a game.

A company isn't responsible for notifying you which specific model of system this game will and will not work on. They have no obligation to keep up with what YOU have and use.
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mhunterjr  +   579d ago
How could MS foresee, years in advance, that battlefield 4 would need an HDD install in order to run.

And companies are responsible for notifying you of the minimum requirements it takes to run a game. It's been that way since the beginning.
Sevir  +   579d ago
Oh WOW!!!! well sucks for them. If i were getting BF4 (which i'm not), I wouldnt waste my time with the current gen version of it!
boneso82  +   579d ago
I'm waiting for the next gen version, played the beta and it was ok but I'm done with current gen now, I'm ready for something to blow me away. After watching all these BF4 videos on PC, PS4 and Xbone I find it really hard to put up with current gen games struggling to maintain 25fps at 720p with blurry textures.

I find it hard to believe that there are very many gamers that want to dedicate their time to BF4 who aren't either buying a next gen console or who own a current gen console with a larger HDD. Surely the 4gb version is for casuals/Netflix/sky tv/DVD watchers... Or idiots who don't understand what a 4gb HDD even means.
SunnyZ  +   579d ago
4gb xbox? How cheap are people?
My $100 phone has more storage space than that...

Get a bigger hdd.
sprinterboy  +   579d ago
Unacceptable imo
nikrel  +   579d ago
I think i'm done with EA games for the moment. Unless it's on PC and sub $5.00, they MIGHT get my business.
90Supra  +   579d ago

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