It's all about EA today

EA have announced a bunch of stuff about Titanfall today as well as their sales for the last quarter and how they think the next generation of consoles is going to sell. APB's Sam sums it all up.

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KnowAll1669d ago

MS could have spent the money on making 10 AAA games, the game will be out for PC/360/one so only few will miss out, but Forza 5 is X1 only and everyone without it will miss out, this is a true "exclusive"

The only people winning here are Internet warriors who finally get something to brag about hallow as it may be

trywizardo1669d ago

all three "360,X1,PC) are MS platforms PC use MS windows you know that
the point is its like MS vs sony not MS vs the world
same thing they've done to fable they released it on PC too and still counts as exclusive :)

Game-ur1668d ago

The lost sales from PS3/PS4 are somewhere between 300m-600m so depending on the games budget I would say 5-8 AAA games

Making new games would have gotten real attention and respect, but what they did was just take somthing away from others, some pepole may like that typ of game and some may not, and certainly millions can play it on 360/PC

Mike134nl1668d ago

sales does not equal profit made. €600m sales may not even be enough to break even for one AAA game I guess.

RiPPn1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Microsoft doesn't get a piece of the PC version just because it's played in the windows environment like they do on the Xbox systems. If the game is good that's where I'll get it since I have no plans to own a bone and I think the 360 version will be inferior.

duplissi1668d ago

So ah, Planetside being on pc means nothing? Microsoft earns no royalties for games running on windows so being on Windows is not a Microsoft vs Sony thing, its a PC vs console thing.

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Evil_Abed1669d ago

Really? 10 AAA games? So you know how much they paid then? Please tell us, oh industry insider.

Look people, where do you think Titans fall from? The sky? Well you are only half right, The Cloud. No Cloud, no Titans for you.
TitanFall 2 will have to be called TitanRise so that non-cloud consoles can join in, otherwise it won't make sense. xP

HaveAsandwich1668d ago

lol thats a crock of shit, an everyone knows it. the "cloud" has nothing to do with titanfall, or where it runs. its about money, and that's all it will ever be about.

Maddens Raiders1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Now that's one wild statement there. Clouds can't fix 720p nor a rushed console devised for advertising and telly watchin. It seems that MS would sell their soul to the devil to try and get exclusives like Sony has, yet this game is still only native 720p.

That's a lot of dollar for fact I'm willing to bet that maybe this is some sort of pay back from MS to EA for MS dumping the strangle-the-gamer-by-ramming- DRM-down-their-throats-and-effe ctively-kill-used-games idea after things went south on May 21? Remember EA stood to gain mightily from all of the excessive adverts and tie ins with their products, passes, etc. Anyway, whatever - I'm /sure/ EA will use the money in the best interest of gamers.

XboxFun1669d ago

10 AAA games? Wow, ...Instead of one highly anticipated game like Titanfall?

Quality not quantity.

corvusmd1668d ago

That's the way PS Fanboys think...thats why PS4 has the exclusives it has...and why PS Fanboys keep spreading rumors about XB1 exclusives coming to PS4 and not the other way around....

AngelicIceDiamond1668d ago

@Fun I think quantity needs to be MS goal, ultimately.

XboxFun1668d ago


Quantity shouldn't be the goal, it should be quality. Would I rather have a choice of 10 crappy games or 2 good games that are fun and timeless?

Quality should always come first and foremost.

Nexus381668d ago

Where the heck did you come up with 10 AAA Titles? 'only few will miss out' how many people do you think will buy titanfall on all those platforms except ps4 a lot! tbh you just sound like a troll butthurt because xbox one has one good thing left going for it that the ps4 cant have, and im actually getting the ps4 but im not an immature child

AngelicIceDiamond1668d ago


here's 10 for you. Crackdown, new Fable next year, Remedy's Quantum Break, Halo 5, 343's working on something brand new. Play Ground Games new Forza game. Black Tusks new Ip. Besides Kinect Sports Rares developing something new. Team Dakota Project Spark, Lift London, MS studios Osaka a brand new Japanese titles.

Anyway, I believe MS locked this down probably as soon as last summer after all those awards Titanfall won. Especially right after one of the devs said "PS4 version isn't out of the question." (not exact quote)

HugoDrax1668d ago

"after all those awards Titanfall won."

I said the same thing. I posted that exact reasoning on another post...Microsoft has the funds, and it was a no brainer to lock down something that EVERYONE in the industry has praised. This is a big win for Microsoft, and it sucks that so many gamers despise them to the point they will forgo playing TitanFall. Similar to gamers who despise Sony to the point that they will never experience Uncharted, God of War, Heavy Rain etc..

I guess this is what the future of gaming entails?

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iMaim1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Hopefully EA won't be a scumbag this coming generation.
Good on them for doing away with online passes.

jspillen1668d ago

They did that thinking that the consoles were going to initiate used game DRM's. I think they screwed themselves there trying to come out first and appear as good guys. They would not have made that move if they'd have known how much backpedalling the Xbone would have to do.

shivvy241668d ago

I bet their gonna introduce the online passes in like 2 yrs

jspillen1668d ago

With the game being an XBone exclusive I'm surprised they were only able to get it to 720p. Especially, considering it's not even a launch title. The game will be badass, and I will get it for my PC. So no qualms with the game, but it really says that Microsofts development tools, hardware, and/or OS are really lagging behind right now.