Why We Can't Outgrow Pokemon

Many people have moved on from their childhood dreams of becoming Pokemon masters, but many more keep returning. At the same time new generations of players become enamored with the prospect of catching them all for the very first time. Why does Pokemon maintain such a long-standing, international appeal?

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TheEnigma313944d ago

I did long ago. I've played the x/y but it doesn't have me hooked like it used to.

ThyMagicSword944d ago

I have played X & Y a while ago, they did not really impress me at all. Pokemon has become a little bit prententious, that is why I prefer playing Monster Hunter on the 3DS.

BldyShdw944d ago

I will always love pokemon!

Ripsta7th944d ago

Because its the never ending rpg, and online battles are fun

Killzoner99944d ago

I think it's safe to say that Ni No Kuni has dethroned the stale Pokemon franchise. Too bad Nintendo doesn't have the same strong partnership with Studio Ghibli that Sony does. That's why Sony continues to dominate all genres.

SpiralTear944d ago

I love Ni No Kuni as much as the next guy, but there is nothing in that post that I can agree with.

Moncole944d ago

Ni No Kuni came out on the DS first.