Nvidia Flagship GTX 780 Ti Specs Leaked - Full Power of the GK110 Unleashed

Technical Specifications of the Nvidia Flagship GTX 780 Ti have just been leaked. Guess what? Nvidia is unleashing the full power of the GK110 Core, with all the 2880 SP. The Crown appears to be going back to Nvidia.

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Psychotica1503d ago

I wonder what the price will be..

impet251503d ago

$700 confirmed by nvidia...ouch

SP3333D-O1503d ago

$699 initially, with the 3 game bundle, is what I read

Polysix1503d ago

Nvidia will always win.

Magicite1503d ago

win your money?
I dont doubt that

Guwapo771503d ago

Looks interesting - just need some benchmarks.

codelyoko1503d ago

Ditto. Cant wait. Benches are bound to leak sooner or later. You know where to find them when they do :)