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Battlefield 4 Head2Head: PS4 vs Xbox One

Watch a new video comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One version of Battlefield 4. (Battlefield 4, PS4, Xbox One)

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FamilyGuy  +   713d ago
Still seeing the same differences only more subtle here.
Comparing them by negatives, visible in this particular video:

over used lens flare
plastic skin
dark but not digital foundry dark


slightly washed color
soft textures

Pick you poison.
They both look great but neither is flawless/perfect.
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4Sh0w  +   713d ago
Yeah I guess you're right, because I cant really tell myself. I think the end result is you get a great looking game no matter which console you choose so thats good news for all gamers.
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The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
PS4 version looks worse with soft textures - was expecting the PS4 version to be much the same or slightly better but it's certainly not the case in this example.
TristanPR77  +   713d ago
Well the whole Internet beg to differ from you since everyone reviewing the game has confirmed that the PS4 version is the superior version.
RegorL  +   712d ago
In reality the world has quite soft textures.

When photographing cheap compact cameras often over sharp or over contrast the image.

XBox One is over the top.

But comparing to PC you see that PS4 indeed has softer textures. I wonder if PS4 plays single player completely of Blu-ray.
(XBox is know to have an option to install a texture pack)
Genuine-User  +   713d ago
PS4 version's advantages over the Xbox One version thus far

- Higher resolution (900p vs 720p)
- Ambient Occlusion
- Self Shadowing
- Motion Blur
- More consistent frame rate
- Better Anti Aliasing
- More accurate IQ and colour palette (similar to the PC version)

Xbox One's advantages(?)

- Sharper (Due to aggressive sharpening, which does also result in a lot of edge halo'ing and added aliasing and shimmering)
- Stronger contrast and saturation (Completely different to the PC/PS4 versions, the XO version has a higher contrast look with crushed blacks and blown whites)

Source - Neogaf
Ezz2013  +   713d ago
"""- Sharper (Due to aggressive sharpening, which does also result in a lot of edge halo'ing and added aliasing and shimmering)
- Stronger contrast and saturation (Completely different to the PC/PS4 versions, the XO version has a higher contrast look with crushed blacks and blown whites) """

this can be easy fixed (if you want)by changing the TV setting (Sharpness and saturation)and turn on the Full RGB on ps4
so those are not advantages.
ps4 advantages however are spot on
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Kuse  +   713d ago
Source - Neogaf

Yeah okay buddy lol
Nick_515  +   713d ago
Yeah, that sharpening really makes some noise and makes things look ugly. Sure, it looks fine fine for surface textures, but for player models it looks horrible.

The videos don't really show the differences, as they are, obviously, not even close to the quality we'll see at home. Also, the PS4 version isn't actually blurry, it's just that, compared to the Xbone in a video, it's not as noticeable. Video isn't sharp enough to see the textures clearly. If you look at the PC version, you can see that the PS4 is very, very, close to it, minus the resolution and a couple things.

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felidae  +   712d ago
genuine? not really ;)
0neShot  +   712d ago
Neogaf? The sony fanboys? Cool source.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   713d ago
Looks like your way of spinning the fact the Xbox One version looks better.

-Plastic Skin- is the lack of being washed out with more vibrant color and sharper textures

-over used lens flare - is better lighting and more pronounced graphical effects

-Dark- Better contrast and not washed out.

XB1 scaler and Direct3D 11.2 looks like it's showing its usefulness even before the devs get a handle on XB1's custom hardware and cloud compute.

Also don't believe anything coming from Neogaf or most of the media for that matter.

Funny. Some media being upset over Sony trying to control what people said about PS4 and how to cover it and its games, was blowing up the web the other day. The top media that will have access to PS4 coverage(and get PS4's for review) verbally point out the PS4 wins but show it doesn't LOL
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GiggMan  +   713d ago
"Don't believe anything from NeoGaf or most media for that matter?" o_0

We should believe you though.

Every media outlet that has seen both says that the PS4 version is better and you say don't believe them, we should listen to you? A person who has just seen screenshots and youtube vidoes... lol
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xHeavYx  +   713d ago
What are you talk.. Oh, wait, one bubble... Nevermind, go troll somewhere else
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DoesUs  +   713d ago
LMAO! 43% less pixels OUCH, AND a lower average framerate OUCH, Terribad multiplayer gfx OOUUCCHH, massive aliasing issues OOOUUUCCCHHH!

Borked hardware is to blame on XB1, sames as 360 as mentioned by DICE.

"-Dark- Better contrast and not washed out."

Thus crushing detail. See above.

"don't believe anything coming from Neogaf or most of the media"

So just listen to you and Misterxmedia then? Roger that.

After years and years on N4G, you just keep talking sh!te trying to donwplay Sony. Evidence is everywhere my friend! Next it's AC4, and then its COD! A worrying pattern after less than a month! OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH.

See you in November.
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claudionmc  +   713d ago
Poor xboxfag-onebubble boy... I play PC games but come on man! everybody can see the jaggies, contrast saturation and gamma saturation in xbox one version
SIX  +   713d ago
They both look great. Despite running at a lower res the XB One version still manages to hold up quite well. I don't think that the PS4 version is more blurry. I think it's more of a contrast setting issue. Where I think it's going to make a difference in in MP. Because of the lower resolution, the XBO version is going to really suffer. Backgrounds will shimmer and it's going to be harder to spot actual moving opponents vs shimmering textures.
Neoninja  +   713d ago
Both look good to me and pretty freaking identical.
ape007  +   713d ago
no 50% difference lol
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ABizzel1  +   713d ago

It pains me to see how ignorant some peoples comments can be.

*900p > 720p (a big chunk of 50% goes to resolution)
*50 - 60fps > 40 - 60fps
*Some AA > Whatever is going on with the Xbox one version

While these don't show a 50% difference in graphics it does show a non-arguable performance boost in favor of the PlayStation 4. Most people may be able to write off a higher resolution because they're use to 720p from last gen, but an average of around 15% - 20% more fps can't be overlooked and it makes no sense to buy the Xbox one version if you have the choice.
GiggMan  +   713d ago
No $100 difference either...
Nick_515  +   713d ago

You can't really say much, especially since this a cross-generation game. Of course the differences are minimal right now.
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tiremfej  +   713d ago
To me they both look great. I prefer the darker look of X1, I watch TV with a darker contrast as well. It is my personal preference. However the PS4 does have less jaggies. Which is noticeable in distance items.

Honestly, in the end the difference isn't too discernable.
Software_Lover  +   713d ago

Post videos

Don't label them as ps4/xbone

Switch them up sometimes

Let the fan boys argue

Then a week later, label them correctly and watch people eat crow
Clarence  +   713d ago
That's a good idea. Both look the same except PS4 has softer colors vs the xbone. I actually like the xbone sharpness better. Still going with PS4.

I don't like how M$ has handled their business this time around.
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BattleTorn  +   713d ago
A solid idea. Another would to only show the platform after the poll has been completed.
kB0  +   713d ago
Except wasn't it confirmed that the ps3 version is higher resolution?
dcj0524  +   713d ago
The ps3 you use is from a different dimension.
kB0  +   713d ago

PLease ignore my "magical" PS3 comment, I actually meant the 4 hahaha

I'm glad I didnt' see any agrees ahah.
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FanboysAreGimps  +   713d ago
Its strange but every video i have seen so far i have preferred the sharpness of the Xbox One version, the PS4 seems to have a filter or a haze over the screen like a slight blur that takes some of the details out of the textures, i dont like the jaggies on the Xbox version though but thats the price to pay from the sharpness i suppose, for me its a toss up and your personal preference, id love to hear what people think who are getting both consoles, ive read to much of from the fanboys from each side bashing each other because its cool to be well ard on the internet
BattleTorn  +   713d ago
I'm the same. I tend to liking the X1 sharpness, but I also realize that there is a load of jaggies in result. And fyi, I loath jaggies.

I also hope that being on next-gen consoles, the ammount of jaggies in the X1 version may be less than we're already used to with say BF3.
Nick_515  +   713d ago
It's post processing sharpening and it adds a lot of noise. That's why, if you've seen the screen caps, the player models and some other things look completely off because of the noise. In the videos, though, it does make it look sharper, but on your TV at home, you will definitely see it. That, coupled with the weird coloring and contrast issues makes the Xbone version look really fake compared to PS4 and PC.


I know I keep posting these, but it's such a better and quicker comparison than these videos. :P
snake_eater  +   713d ago
They are almost identical, xbone has more jaggies (lower res) but everything else is the same.
The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
More jaggies = not using anti aliasing, the res differences wouldn't be that noticeable except for the upsampling effects which softens the image.
Holeran  +   713d ago
I'm a playstation guy through and through but I swear the Xbone looks a little sharper. The PS4 version seems to have a slight haze over it. Yes the PS4 has les jaggies but over all I think the Xbone at least keeps up visually.
TristanPR77  +   713d ago
And I am an xbox guy and I swear the PS4 version look way better.
tcozzens  +   713d ago
And now we are arguing over which other system looks better haha. This is a good fanboy argument! Thank you two lol
Ch1d0r1  +   713d ago
PS guy here and i like my games brighter so the Xbone to me looks better, but at the same time the characters also look plasticky.
Ch1d0r1  +   713d ago
Why don't they just turn up the brightness on the PS4 version??? Could of solved lots of problems last gen.
dcj0524  +   713d ago
Yeah. Really the haze of the PS4 and the darker contrast on X1 can be fixed with a few minutes in the brightness settings of the game and/or TV. BF3 on ps3 had a option to enable/disable AA so wouldn't X1 have the same. Every game I play I stare way too much at the jaggies. It irritates me. I should just buy a PC lol.
G_Hartley_  +   713d ago
Finally we are getting along!!
edonus   713d ago | Spam
Nick_515  +   713d ago
Read one of my comments above.
smoothop  +   713d ago
Xbox better looking textures, PS4 less jaggies. Overall difference is tiny, not worth arguing about.
The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
I loath image softness and it stands out a mile here - of course it could be that I'm viewing the sample on a large PC monitor which shows up everything.
BattleTorn  +   713d ago

I loath jaggies. lol - but I have my fingers crossed that the X1 w/t the jaggies will still be a vast improvement on current gen and the BF3 jaggies.
The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
Yeah I loath them too :)
neogeo  +   713d ago
This game is ported to 5 systems. PS3,PS4,PC,XBONE and 360..

I want to see a game in a few years from now only made for PS4 and Xbone with PS4 lead and see if there is more of a performance gap when they have more time and better tools.
no_more_trolling  +   713d ago
will that make give you more money in your pocket?
Pixel_Enemy  +   713d ago
But we already know the answer to that question. PS4 has better hardware and devs. Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch and more. They will push the boundaries of the PS4 in a few years and show us what it is really capable of.

Just like with PS3-360. Sony's first party games are unrivaled when it comes to console graphics.
sigfredod  +   713d ago
PS4 all the way, you just see it in plain sight
tiremfej  +   713d ago
Taking away all of your "want" for a PS4, explain how it looks better. I have 20/20 vision I have looked at the videos on multiple monitors, multiple internet connections and to me they both are strikingly similar.
TristanPR77  +   713d ago
PS4 version looks better. Most of the Internet and reviewers has say the same. We have a clear winner here.
finbars75  +   713d ago
Just a friendly reminder is that both the comparisons where both shot in 720p 30fps.So this means we havnt eve seen the 900p on the PS4 yet.Read the article fully before judging.The fact that the PS4 stands up better then the xboxone 720p means that this game will look better then the xbone by a lot.That to me is disturbing.
tiremfej  +   713d ago
These "reviews" aren't even on final builds of the game...Dice admitted a day one patch for X1 for AO. So it will look better, even PS4 will probably perform better.

So there is not a definitive review of either game yet.

I am highly suspect of a website called "Dualshockers" (not only due to the obvious inclusion of PS branding but also the childish double entendre.) would have any sort of "info or insight" that sites like IGN, Gamespot, or even Joystiq wouldn't have.

I am also very suspect of a gentleman named "Jack Frags" who and I quote "makes gaming montages and movies on Youtube" Where is the professional qualifications that label him an expert reviewer? Especially when a Twitter post by him regarding his "contact" at dice told him PS4 was going to be 720p upscaled to 1080p.

I trust IGN, Joystiq, and Gamespot. I trust their opinions. Not opinions of internet video posters, obvious sites geared towards one subject matter, and forums with an over-abundance of "rumors".

There are such things as journalistic ethics, moral codes and a commitment to "non-biased" reporting. Which sadly, is dying away as people mistake fly-by-night internet sites, bloggers, forum posters, and PR "talking-heads" as viable news sources.

The actual art of journalism is dying a slow and painful death as everyone on the internet forgets the number one law/rule "don't believe everything you see and read". Instead it has become "I have an internet connection, and I can type or upload video so I'm a viable source of information".
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FamilyGuy  +   713d ago
Jack Frags was at the event so he's obviously someone of importance. All the major gaming outlets seem to agree with his opinion anyway so why bother trying to discredit the guy?

As far as "journalistic ethics" are concerned, well anyone can have a slanted opinion. It doesn't really matter how big or ethical the company they work for is, if they like a system or company more than the other it's going to show regardless. People like Adam Sessler have journalistic integrity but you can still tell he favors MSs consoles. He rates games on a pretty fair scale but he has a console preference that undermines a lot of his opinion.
windblowsagain  +   713d ago
You can't compare with a crappy video like that.lol.

Jack frags vids are better.

Both have the same textures.

PS4 has more AA and higher rez.
gnothe1  +   713d ago
They both look 98% the same.....I just prefer the deeper texture detail on the xbox ...now my question is this...does the PS4 have to render at a higher resolution just to output the same image quality as the xbox due to its directx tools?...I mean the PS4 is rendering more pixels but the xbox has more detail (to me)....strange don't you think?.
windblowsagain  +   713d ago
It doesn't have more detail. The contrast is making the textures pop.

Every person who has played the versions said the same thing.

PS4/PC are basically the same.

XBOX ONE is lower rez with jaggies.
BattleTorn  +   713d ago
The extra detail on X1 simply can't be from mere contrast settings.

http://i.imgur.com/lCqyfCT.... (Left:PS4 Right:X1)

http://i.imgur.com/fTzg5dj.... (full X1 imgage)
http://i.imgur.com/CrmI42d.... (full PS4 image)

I can't explain the loss of detail on the characters head.
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The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
It's more likely just a texture setting difference.

i.e. here's an old sample from UT2003. At the time the Nvidia cards looked as though they were offering much more detail than the ATI (AMD) cards but in reality it was just a detail setting. When you ran the game on NV card DefaultTexMipBias was -0.5000 but when played on ATI it was 0.0000. Fortunately you could change it to -0.5000 and both were identical. Quite naughty really as it was tricking both gamers and reviewers!
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IRNMUNKEY  +   713d ago
Stop comparing the Xbox One version isn't final product. This is just a waste of everyone's time
finbars75  +   713d ago
Actually both versions aren't the final product that we are seeing. that's my point I'm making.900p to 720p are very different not this 720p vs 720p.Wish they would show the 900p version of the PS4 and this would solve everything. Showing a game that runs at a higher resolution in 720p makes no sense at all. Why do you think all the computer mags. and sites recommend the PS4 version to the PC version. In two weeks all you guys who think that the Xboxone version is better or matches up to the Ps4 version will be let down in a hard way.
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BadlyPackedKeebab  +   713d ago
depends what grinds your gears I guess. For me there is nothing worse than jagglies and frame rate drops. But someone that was in to sharpness etc would have a different preference.
no_more_trolling  +   713d ago
im more for sharpness
jjb1981  +   713d ago
I'm a gamer and I swear I love this game!
Bathyj  +   713d ago
Has anyone even stopped to consider these are just crappy videos and that's maybe why they're hard to see the difference while everyone whose had the actually games side by side has said Ps4 is the clear winner.

The fact they are shrunk down does the Ps4 version no favours if the videos are the same resolution as that means it was shrunk down more than Xbone to make them equal.

And to those that say I don't see the 50 percent more power, it is 1600x900 vs 1080x720 isn't it? Well that's 85 percent more pixels on screen per second. And that's only resolution, not other effects. Nearly double, so it's not hard to surmise these videos don't show the whole picture.

The sad thing is no one's even talking about the game, just the performance.
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Themba76  +   713d ago
if looking brighter and sharper colors is better then the ps3 version is better than the ps4 version. there was a comparison video earlier on this site showing the ps3 vs ps4 earlier take a look youll notice ps3 is very simular to x1more vibrant and lots of jaggies it must mean ps3 is better then right?

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thomas_n  +   713d ago
Are you all insane, taking all the time about which version looks better? Since when you know better without actually playing a game yourself then dozens of professionals journalists and reviewers which all agree that ps4 versions looks and plays better... Just swallow it xbox fans and enjoy your console of choice!
Ch1d0r1  +   713d ago
Fuck H2H comparison! At the end of the day its all about if your having fun or not. Visuals can always be enhanced by owning a top notch tele.
BattleTorn  +   713d ago
This is soo true!

My roommate and I are both playing GTAV (X360) on two large TVs side-by-side. His is a 47" LG LCD, mine a 50" Samsung Plasma. (both 1080p)

His is so much more vibrant, with tons more of aliasing. While my makes everything looked washed out, almost as if it has more AA.

We both comment on how different each others looks when we are watching one another.

It's no wonder people can nitpick over platforms, also.
(I also have a 40" Sony LED, in my room - and it's also different, abliet more like his LG LCD)
windblowsagain  +   713d ago
But BattleTorn.

What plasma model is it?

Also Plasma has excellent color and blacks.
thomas_n  +   713d ago
Like sony W900A :)))
b-dash  +   713d ago
Adjust the contrast of the low-resolution image. It's my auction.
boribori831  +   713d ago
Eff Neo gaf .LOL

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