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DriveClub Gameplay Video from Paris Games Week

The evening of the Paris Games Week was an opportunity for Gamekyo to enjoy a demo DriveClub on PlayStation 4, here is a video made ​​by them in 1080p.

Remember that the game was delayed and will not be released at the launch of the PS4 console. (Driveclub, PS4)

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theXtReMe1  +   613d ago
Looking incredible. The delay was well warranted, if not just for the lighting alone. It looks smoother and sharper. The lighting is some of the best Ive ever seen. I cant wait to play it.
pedrof93  +   613d ago
I believe this is an old build, the cars back lights don't even work. It's the same from Gamescon and E3.

Now it looks much better.
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TearsOfARapper  +   613d ago
Have you seen Forza gameplay? This game looks great, but Forza has lighting down pat.

Edit: I've got both systems on pre-order, and I'm more of a Sony fan than anything, but it's a bit pathetic on this site that any positive words for Microsoft or any negative comments towards anything Sony warrants down votes. Get over yourself.
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awesomeperson  +   613d ago
You mean with all those lens flares? I think the Driveclub lighting looks superior, my own opinion, of course.
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pedrof93  +   613d ago
Not to mention that Forza dosen't deliver on epic backgrounds as Driveclub do.
TearsOfARapper  +   613d ago

Do you see the backgrounds in this track?
GribbleGrunger  +   613d ago
It's because you are wrong and you are in a thread for a Sony game.
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MethCupcakes  +   613d ago
Wait a minute, that looks like a 360 game. Compare that to the crew... There’s nothing good looking about Forza. (Judging from that link you just provided.)
dcj0524  +   613d ago
Dude no lol. Lighting is the worst aspect of forza 5. The shiny textures on cars are nice and the textures on everything is pretty nice but the lighting sucks. It's not even dynamic. It's makes lighting that occasionally shines through dark tunnels.
GribbleGrunger  +   613d ago
Looking incredible wouldn't be the correct way of describing it. This is from the older build but the newer build blows this away:

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Kayant  +   613d ago
I know can't wait for that direct capture footage... Come on Rushy :p
pyramidshead  +   613d ago
I'm literally 100% glad this got delayed judging by those gifs. Holy....MOLY. That true next gen console racer with all the dynamic bells and whistles ;o.

Even PD have to step their game up now!
Xsilver  +   613d ago
fans of Drive Club http://www.ps4tinietempah.c... play that little game Sony set up and when your done you can see the amazing new Drive Club trailer its awesome.
GribbleGrunger  +   613d ago
Or just watch it here:

Wizziokid  +   613d ago
If they can get this up to 60fps by the new launch then this game is going to be near perfect by the looks of it.
come_bom  +   613d ago
I hope they are still offering the "light" version of the game on launch to PSN+ subscriptions... otherwise I'm going to be really pissed.

As for the game, it's looks good. I like Evolution Studios games.
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Destrania  +   613d ago
They are.
Wizziokid  +   613d ago
The light version will still be available but not a launch.
TearsOfARapper  +   613d ago
They've already said they will.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   613d ago
Man this is looking sooooooo good! I wonder how the newest build looks!
panbit86  +   613d ago
This game looks better everyday!
btw Looks like the delay will do wonders for it as some gifs that surfaced these days already blew my mind and tbh I trust Evolution so much that i am not worried at all! This is still Day1!

ps in Driveclub, lighting is real time and dynamic not pre-baked.
WeAreLegion  +   613d ago
I hope we at least get a demo on the PSN at some point before they release the game. I REALLY want to play it!
claudionmc  +   613d ago
This footage is not new


That is new... this game is looking almost CGI... I'm a little worried about how the graphics are advancing... uncanny valley approaching
MethCupcakes  +   613d ago
Do you even know what the Uncanny Valley is? It doesn’t apply to machines.. It only applies to things that seemingly appear to be human, but things in its likeness give it away.. making it a creepy feeling. (I think I summed it up correctly from what I learned in school.) For more info follow this link: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+i...

Then again, I could have misread your comment.
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claudionmc  +   613d ago
Of course it is about humans, but I was talking about graphics in general, not for this game in particular. The whole industry is advancing a lot

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