Dying Light Gameplay Video (PS4 - Paris Games Week 2013) writes "Dying Light; the next game from the creators of Dead Island, charms for a few minutes on PS4, live from Paris Games Week 2013."

"Leonardo at the microphone (in Sony booth), learns all the gameplay features of Dying Light, which are present in this game demo With gorgeous graphics and an open world filled with zombies, Dying Light may well make noise when its release next year!"

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Revolver_X_1671d ago

Between this, Destiny, and Order 1866, I cant wait for 2014.

The_Ozymandias1670d ago

+1 and Tom Clancy's The Division

JoSneak1670d ago


theXtReMe11671d ago

Another game that looks incredible on the PS4. I cannot wait to play and explore that game world. The way those trees are blowing is awe inspiring.

ZombieKiller1670d ago

This game looks so awesome. I am one of the few people that never got tired of the zombie craze (COD Zombies almost killed it for me, so I killed the COD habit)

I am so ready for a game like this. I need this in my life :)

isarai1670d ago

really loving how dynamic these worlds look on next gen games

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