Slim PS3 in the pipeline?

Sony are rumoured to follow up on the success of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console with the launch of a new slimmed down version of the games machine. has reported on rumours published by Stuff that the new version will have a redesigned processor and smaller graphics chips in order to make the machine less bulky and power intensive.

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kalioon3887d ago

this wont be true. the ps3 has not been out long enough. it would cost more to set up a new machine, and retool the plants. they want to make a profit, so ditching the original design would be silly

Ghoul3887d ago

exactly its about profit, and the ps3's only chance of reducing production costs is implementing the smaller chips wich are currently in development, making a "slim" version would be totally in sonys interest

Drekken3887d ago

Smaller parts = less material used = less cost to produce.

sonarus3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I hope this is false. I think it is far too soon. Maybe by the end of 2009. I would definitely buy a slim ps3 but as of right now i think this is too soon.

A slim ps3 should enter the market at a price of 300 at least. So i don't expect to see this for a while

theKiller3887d ago

i wonder if it will be ready by this fall??

yesah3887d ago

not nesicarily, could be:

smaller parts=cost more money to produce+ developmental costs > Profit

but all in all, if sony releases it, thats fantastic i just hope they don't cut everything out of it.

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Daver3887d ago

maybe or maybe it will cost less if they make it slimmer... and Japanese people will welcome a smaller version of the ps3 because they dont have much room.. who knows.. lets wait and see

devilhunterx3887d ago

I live in UK, and I have much smaller room then a typical Japanese person.

Lets not stereotype ok?

Close_Second3887d ago

I would predict in 2 or 3 more years but would welcome it if it was sooner.

heyheyhey3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

of course its in the pipeline

but if you use the trends for the PS1 and PS2, it probably wont be here until at least 2010

the mock-up is cool though


oh yeah, it does actually

Spinner3887d ago

Kinda looks like a Wii slim taped onto the top half of the PS3 lol

Yi-Long3887d ago

... and hopefully, it will come with the new DS3 controllers.

I'm sure Sony will keep us waiting here again, and will probably charge us more than everyone else in the world as well...

Drekken3887d ago

seriously... I know Sony takes longer with EU cause of the many languages or whatever.... but my question is, Is all EU EMO or what? You guys act like you are the unwanted redheaded step child.

Please dont cut to feel pain because it is better then feeling nothing!

Sony said they are trying to turn the tides with making EU wait, but they dont hate you guys... look at playtv and singstar. You guys get plenty before hand. I hope you hear what I am saying over your MCR blasting.

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The story is too old to be commented.