Amazon Germany gives a game to PS4 users who pre-order 2

Amazon Germany has started a campaign for all those who want to book both games and consoles in retail, as mentioned moment is oriented only German territory.

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CustardTrout1636d ago

I don't think I've ever heard someone use "book" instead of "pre-order"

LightSamus1636d ago

Looks like a dodgy translation - the title is pretty ropey.

kazuma9991636d ago

This makes me sad cuz i know gamestop will probably not be doing any good deals like this :( i already paid off 4 games D: i wants 2 more ><

MWong1636d ago

They need to do that on the US Amazon website. I know I got $10 off BF4.

Starbucks_Fan1636d ago

So B2G1? That title is so weird lol.

Volkama1636d ago

Read the title about 4 times. Sadly it was probably the highlight of my day.

Blank1636d ago

Hahaha! Same here I made so many head tilts trying to make sense of this title.

wishingW3L1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I have no idea what the title even says. How does this garbage gets approved, like seriously?

SuperBlur1636d ago

Just going by the image here , i buy two of these games on the left and i get 1 free on the right ? am i right?

KUV19771636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

That's how it works, but only for those who preordered a PS4 and received a promotional mail from Amazon... so this deal is not for everyone.

Plus one game in Germany costs 69€ which is 95$. I think for that price it should be a standing promotion.

listenkids1636d ago

You're bringing up the same old argument Australians use about their prices. It's not as simple as the exchange rate, jobs pay more per hour in Germany so things cost more, it works out pretty standard.


TimeSkipLuffy1636d ago

that's wrong! The deal is not limited towards a preorder! Everyone can order 2 games on the left and get one free on the right ^^

KUV19771636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Maybe so, but not at the same rate.

per hour in USD
Germany: 25.8
USA: 23.32

Germany earns more: 10.6%
Germany pays more per game: 37.9%

Does that seem fair to you? Even if you account for taxes the gap is not that big. Also the value of the product does not change. The price difference with games is okay-ish but they do the same thing with more high cost articles. The projector I am gonna buy is 2999$ and 2999€ which is over 1100$ more. That is not at all covered by better hourly wages and also does not materialize in better value.

The game prices taken into account are psn-prices that are similar to retail prices on day of launch, meaning US: 59$ and GER: 69€.

@NightmareLuffy: It's not wrong. The terms clearly state that you must have a preorder and a promotional code.

As per Amazon: "Diese Aktion gilt nur für Vorbesteller einer PlayStation 4-Konsole und in Verbindung mit einem Gutschein-Code, den Sie per E-Mail erhalten haben."

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The story is too old to be commented.