NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Momentous Sneak Peek Trailer

Check out new NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Momentous sneak peek trailer, which aired on TNT earlier this evening.

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Indo1510d ago

Seen the trailer during the Post Game of the Heats vs Bulls, and was amazed.

mikeslemonade1510d ago

That's touched up. If you go look at a gameplay exhibition video it looks just a step up above the current gen versions.

If only they can have that level of detail when you are using the 2k camera. Even though when you look in the trailer James Harden's euro step looks eerily familiar to gameplay.

Indo1510d ago

True, most of the time during real play the camera isn't zoomed in. But still


say mike...are you by any chance from kc,mo?

Jsn821510d ago

It looks so damn good! Can't wait o play this when I get my PS4

johnniejay1510d ago

Nov 15 cant come fast enough game looks awesome


Sometimes I still can't believe it looks this good!

TomahawkX1510d ago

Sweet Amazing Grace that is Awesome!

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