Avengers Alliance Elite Agents for monthly fee debatable

Product-Reviews writes: A MAA fansite on Facebook has revealed that Playdom will plan to introduce the S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite agent system into the game at a later date. This system is going to cost $20 USD a month and will offer Elite agents some bonuses in return for their payment each month.

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tr00p3r1846d ago

$20 seems ok for the stuff you can get.. but depends if that stuff is broken. We all know what Playdom are like as a developer... enough said on that matter.

danswayuk1846d ago

I hate the idea of paying a monthly fee for gaming, especially with how much we spend on games/gaming already. My PS4 will cost for PS Plus and I'm happy to pay that, but how many monthly fees can we pay with mobile games and console games in all. Seems another rip off.

tr00p3r1846d ago

PS Plus is value for money though.. I wish I could say that about other pay monthly subscriptions..but I really can't.