Inside David Jaffe's Heartland

Game designers come up with ideas every day. Lots of ideas. Sometimes those ideas get pitched. Sometimes those pitches go into pre-production. Sometimes they become full-fledged projects. And sometimes those projects ship. But what most gamers don't realize is that some games get canceled. And every great developer can tell you the story of a project that never saw the light of day.

This is the story of one such phantom title: David Jaffe's Heartland.

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BlackIceJoe3889d ago

Its to bad HeartLand never came out. I would have loved to seen how this game would have worked on the PSP. Well may be some day Jaffe will get back to this game or make some thing like it for PSN.

Lord_Ash3889d ago

Yeah I agree, the game may have been really good, but I don't know if they will let him go with China as the enemy, seems like a big risk if Sony is publishing, but the paragraph about making choices like burning the family or not seems like an amazing concept.

Dark General3889d ago

I would love to see this game hit the market eventually. I loved God of War and a game like Heartland from the sounds of it, i would deeply enjoy. I'm a big fan of Jaffe and Deus Ex is my second favorite video game of all time. You put both of them together and add in a deep moving story and i would love to see it come out.

Clinton5143889d ago

Some of those concepts are amazing but sadly a little to deep for the gaming crowds of today. I would have enjoyed playing it!

Enigma_20993887d ago

... I'm sorry... I must have stumbled into the political board by mistake...

I'm all for freedom of expression, but I don't buy games to listen to people b*tch about the president. Yes, you don't like him... I understand... and while I accept your opinion, I don't care about it. Just shut up and make a god **** game I want to play!!!