British grandma playing ‘GTA V’

If you thought most grandmothers would be appalled by the lifestyle depicted in Grand Theft Auto V - the violence, the murder, the crime – well, you haven’t met this British granny. I could watch her play GTA all day, every day.

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tr00p3r1634d ago

There's something disturbing about this BRITISH GAS BARRRRSTADS!

badboy7761634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I'd hate to see her on Bingo Night.

Blacktric1634d ago

You better not get that 5 if you don't want her doing a drive by on you on the way back home.

glennhkboy1633d ago

When you can play GTA5, why play Bingo ever again?

glennhkboy1633d ago

This is the perfect example of game-related violence!!!!
We must not allow people under 18 & over 50 to play GTA5!!!!!

RedSoakedSponge1633d ago

hahaha! that was hilarious!

tigertron1633d ago

British gas wankers!!!!! I'd love for her to be in my crew.

pabadamus11633d ago

If she is actually playing this game then she is indeed the most bad-ass granny I've ever seen. I can't really tell since we never really see her hands. Either way she is intense.

badboy7761633d ago

She 's shes really playing confirmed!!!

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