Irate gamers take to internet over game breaking bug in Batman: Arkham Origins

A game breaking bug has begun to affect a few players in Batman: Arkham Origins

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PixelRob1639d ago

Particularly frustrating. Wasn't a fan of the game to begin with but started getting into it and the storyline as I played. Was eventually really enjoying it until this happened...and now I'm stuck as well.

Grimhammer001639d ago

I was lucky and beat it without incident.
They'll patch this....and probably patch mp later.
By that time cod will be out and no one will be playing bats mp. Too bad, it has potential.

Are_The_MaDNess1639d ago

they are taking sweet time on these patches..... havent seen one yet.

VanguardOfCalamity1639d ago

played through game and game+ and didn't come across this bug.. must have got lucky <on PC btw>

only bug i ran across was getting into one of "enigma's towers" .. Batman's hands would clip though the vent u were supposed to climb up to and couldn't proceed - only drop back down.. luckily there was a glitch someone found to get around it lol link if anyone else ran across this one (confirmed it works.. just tricky to do)

KillrateOmega1639d ago

Wow. Usually I'm always down to defend this and any other Arkham game, but, yeah, this sucks big time.

Here's hoping to a quick patch.

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