Sony Has Removed The Street Dates From All Of Their PS4 Launch Software

iGR has been informed by a reliable source at GameStop that Sony has indeed lifted the street dates from all of their launch software

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JoGam1634d ago

GREATNESS it shall be!

guitarded771634d ago

Just wish they'd lift the street date for the PS4 now. Picked up Killzone, a DS4 and the PS Camera today... I'm ready to pick up my PS4 now.

Pixel_Enemy1634d ago

I agree guitarded.. I have my DS4, camera and charger. I might just pick up BF4 and KZ Shadowfall now that I am allowed to.

TomShoe1634d ago

I'd go nuts with all those PS4 games sitting around with no console to play them on.

guitarded771634d ago

@ TomShoe

Yeah, I really want to play, but I'm trying to make a dent in my backlog before the 15th, so it's not too bad. Plus I'm downloading The Puppeteer (< $20 for PS+ right now), so another new game for me keeps me distracted. But when I look at the back of the Killzone Shadow Fall case and it says 1080p native, I get a little worked up.

UnHoly_One1634d ago

I'm so sick of this "greatness" bull****.

Christ, it's a f*cking video game console.

Buy it, play games on it, have sex with it for all I care.

But unless you work for Sony, using their ad slogans in normal conversation makes you sound like a deranged stalker with some kind of obsession.

It's really off-putting.

To the point where I actually have begun to hate Sony just based on the way you people act.

GasClown1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@ UnHoly_One

If you don't like it, don't read it... your problem solved.

ThanatosDMC1634d ago

^If you're tired of that slogan, you'd best stop visiting gaming websites this gen. Unless Sony uses it for next gen, then you're screwed.

AgentSmithPS41634d ago

@onagao lol.

@UnHoly_One If you're serious please get some help unless you want to be miserable.
"Buy it, play games on it, have sex with it for all I care."
If I were richer I might have a specially made realdoll with a PS4 for a head but as I only have one I will treat it like a delicate precious treasure.
"But unless you work for Sony, using their ad slogans in normal conversation makes you sound like a deranged stalker with some kind of obsession."
Pot calling the kettle black.
"To the point where I actually have begun to hate Sony just based on the way you people act."
Save the hate for more important things. If I thought like you I'd hate the internet based on the way you acted.

Your brain is forcing you to believe this, not the people saying greatness, it's making you upset over nothing. If you use things like self hypnosis you can quit being a slave to the greatness inside your own head.

P.S. When I get the PS6 that you can have sex with I will definitely be saying things like "You won't have to await my greatness much longer baby, it's coming!"

5eriously1634d ago

@ Unholy_eXBONe

Well you see, seeing is believing. Where are the eXB0Ne goods? Time is near, time is here yet we still need to know WHAT you get if you buy into the eXB0Ne camp. Al we have is promises, and M$ are not well known for delivering on that, just like at E3 but yet not much to show nor much "confirmed"! I know it's not a nice situation but still no reason to take the butt_hurt concerns out on us!

BBBirdistheWord1634d ago

@ unholy one


The best part of the ps4 is the ps4.
The worst part are the ps4 fans.

I have a ps3 and possibly will get a ps4 too when it gets some good games released for it.
However, based on the behaviour of some the PS4 fans I am honestly questioning why I would want to identify with that community.

It's become like a zoo full of monkeys throwing feces at anyone that walks past.

Volkama1634d ago

BBBird you're right the PS4 fans seem awful. But it is just a very small vocal minority, they are not representative of the PS4 community at large.

Getting a PS4 will not turn you into "one of them".

monkey6021634d ago

Unholy one
So for whatever you care everyone can do what they like about the ps4 except get excited. Right gotcha! -_-

Orange Juice1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@bird and volcama

No one fanbase is better or worse than the others. Sony fans had to deal with "playstation is doomed" trolls for the past seven years and trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than that. Still, you dont see me saying that microfans are the worst because I know that both sides have their bad eggs.

Now that the shoe is on the opposite foot there are some that are excited to watch microsoft fans eat crow and humble up. Its a constant pendulum that will always swing.

You wont be a part of a "perfect" fanbase ever, no matter which console you choose.

redey31634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Please tell me how can ANYONE agree with the unholy noob who is a major xbot fanboy. Don't believe it? Just read his comments, ALL OF his comments is bashing ps4/ps4 games, defending xbone 720p and so on and so on... So he is just a hypocrite who is mad his console is 100$ more expensive yet much weaker.

jrbeerman111634d ago


one of us one of us one of us one of us one of us one of us

Xsilver1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

are you really complaining about a Slogan and then say Sony fans are awfulllll dude i don't see sony fans complaining about when people say jump in -_- is this what xbox fanboys do now smh
P.S Greatness awaits ;)

lilbrat231634d ago

Thats good I am still waiting till Black Friday for BattleField 4 since gamestop will have it on Sale.

Joe9131634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@UnHoly_One if you do not like the slogan then do not visit the Sony articles problem solved @BBBirdistheWord both sides have fans that go too far same with android vs apple vs Samsung all companies have fans that just go too far for example what are you and UnHoly_One doing in a Sony article talking crap on Sony fans you are trying to start stuff for no reason just like if you go to a Xbox article you will see Sony ppl doing the exact same thing you are doing you are exactly what you say you hate about Sony but you’re doing it for MS in a Sony article calling Sony fans monkeys that do not make sense a troll is a troll no matter which company they get behind I do not like calling ppl names but it is pathetic and by doing so shows that you do care I am a Sony fan and may comment on a xbox article but only when xbox fans get to name calling but I do not look at all xbox fans like them.

VENOMACR12271634d ago


Although you went a bit to far/crazy, I see your point, I just don't think you said it very well. To clean up the mess you typed, I think you meant to say:

It's just a game console, not the creation of fire.

PSFans are going a bit overboard acting like it's the next coming of Jesus. I'm looking forward to the new systems, but I'm not taking days off from work or waiting outside for it. I'll get a ton of disagrees, but I do agree with the couple people who have said the PS4 community has really been off putting. So much hatred over a video game console.

UnHoly_One1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I apologize for my over enthusiasm, some of that was supposed to be intentionally exaggerated. I suppose if you read it and take it 100% seriously, it does sound a little crazed. lol

Anyway, to answer some questions, I don't have a problem with the slogan itself. I don't care if I see 100 commercials using that slogan.

It's just seeing fans using it as a catchphrase that strikes me as really weird. I've never seen anyone do that with any product, it's bizarre.

And I know I'm probably wasting my time saying this, but I'm no "Xbox Fanboy". I am buying both consoles.

I prefer many things about Xbox over Playstation, so yes, I'm more apt to "take their side" than most people on this site, for sure, but I'm no blind fanboy.

I'll happily admit that the PS4 is a more powerful console. That doesn't bother me a bit.

But I still think Ryse is the best looking game we've been shown so far, and I think the Dualshock 4 is a terrible controller.

So if that makes me an "Xbot", then that's fine. But you don't see me going around spouting off Xbox marketing slogans and worshipping MS executives' every tweet as if it were gospel.

All I'm trying to say is the level of fandom some of you guys have for Sony is disturbing.

I apologize if I offended anyone.

JoGam1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@ UnHoly_One....Im the guy who said "Greatness it shall be" which is not the Slogan. The Slogan is Greatness Awaits. Anywho, dude its not that serious. Honestly, you did come off like you're a immature kid. I say that because kids normally rage over ish like that. Listen, I perfer Playstation over Xbox however I do not dislike Xbox...At the end of day we are all gamers. I would never hate on you because you show love for your system of choice. If anything I can relate. No hard feeling though. GREATNESS AWAITS FOR PLAYSTATION AND XBOX!!! :-)

PS...Call me a fanboy, Its fine. However everyone is a fanboy of something. Rather is games, Stereos, Cars, Watches, Women, Jesus, etc...Let them enjoy what they love.

ambientFLIER1634d ago

Unholy One - 100% agree. Hardcore PS4 fans are the cancer of this hobby. I like sony, and have a PS3 and will buy a PS4 eventually, but I won't regurgitate any annoying slogan like I'm getting paid for it...

LordMaim1634d ago

@UnHoly_One #dealwithit

Enemy1634d ago

Lol Unholy One having a really bad day.

zippycup1633d ago

greatness awaits dedicated to unholy_one

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Eonjay1634d ago

Nobody stops this train.

Anarki1634d ago

That pic is hilarious!! ^^^

GT671634d ago

@ Guitarded
PUPPETEER WAS A CORNY GAME to much like a stage puppet show game sold it back to gamestop.

madpuppy1634d ago


Tapewurm1634d ago

@onagao LOL was that the bus from the toys R us commercial 8)

Ron_Danger1634d ago


What did you think the Puppeteer was about?

That's like saying I traded in Fifa cause it had too much soccer in it.

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Deputydon1634d ago

They did this simply because it's building hype. The games are finished but it's not like you can play them until November 15th. Meanwhile, "holy shit I can buy ps4 games and controllers"

FITgamer1634d ago

You're right about the games, but we can use the controllers. It be awesome.

shoddy1634d ago

I need a better ps3 controller anyway.

MRMagoo1231634d ago

its working with me lol i hope the Australian shops do this.

Campy da Camper1634d ago

I know what you mean. Do I buy them now and torture myself or kick myself for not securing all needed games per launch.

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FamilyGuy1634d ago

I read this title wrong and was worried, thought it was saying that the 1st party PS4 games were being held from release like something of a delay was going to happen. Seeing the rumor sway towards "hopefully" let me know I was reading it wrong lol.

This is great, less time spent in line dealing with people picking up everything all at once.

kwiksilver991634d ago

i can imagine a lot of guys with a ds4 and a copy of kz shadow fall who are pretend playing in front of the waiting for the console more than ever .

hopefully i'll be able to pick up one in march,only killzone shadow fall for me till i clear my backlog of ps plus on the ps3.
after that its ps4 all the way with the vita alngside for the ride :)

nosferatuzodd1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

all i can say is the dark side is back (take light saber out) wave hand push a few cars yes welcome my playstation brothers to play some killzone the force is strong indeed

beakeroo11634d ago

Wow, look at you and FamilyGuy, it's like deja vu for some reason.

FamilyGuy1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Hey! My original forum family from -Hacks , it's been a while :D

BX811634d ago

Yeah like gas clown said if you don't like it, simply avoid it by knowing what's in the content with out reading it... That's all.

mynameisq1634d ago

Haha exactly! Can't believe that comment got so many likes. Don't read this (oh wait, too late)

Gamer19821634d ago

Very clever idea! Get people invested so if they cannot get that PS4 come Christmas because of no stock they already bought the games and controllers so they won't be tempted to get the Xbone which may be in stock somewhere.

Kidmyst1634d ago

@ UnHoly_One
With that Logic you should never have bought a 360. go back to when the PS3 came out and Xbox fans brutalized the PS3, trashed it and just about every game stop you went in you were told don't buy that overpriced piece, buy an xbox it has way more games. Many of them today now play on both 360 and PS3.

kenshiro1001634d ago

Unholyone, that's Sony's slogan. Why are you so angry? Relax.

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sigfredod1634d ago

ok , so now we have the option to torture ourselves getting the games before the console, lol. the gamestop answer to the pay 2 get 3 from target ?

Laneljh1634d ago

Nobody is holding a gun to your head, sport.

sigfredod1634d ago

relax you didn't see the LOL at the end?

ZBlacktt1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Another smart move. Why make it a hassle for people to all go down at once ( same day ) to stand in long lines to get the games they want badly at this point. If the game is ready, already shipped and just sitting at outlets. Let it go already! People will get to hold something real in their hands. This assures them it's really happening! It's already going to be crazy enough just picking up our pre ordered PS4's.

SpitFireAce851634d ago

I almost went to pick up KZ:Shadowfall at Gamestop
today..But luckily i saw this leaked AD from target.

ZBlacktt1634d ago

I saw that today. The only thing was for me was pre ordering and getting pre order DLC and in game content. I've already pre order AC4, KSF and BF4 so I could get that stuff. But that is still a awesome deal since they are rewarding you for buying what you already were going to buy anyway.

bigtrucknd1634d ago

Oh that sucks I already pre ordered from gamestop. Wish I would've waited and got that deal.

Relientk771634d ago

I love that all the PS4 accessories/controllers, and now even games, like Killzone are coming out early

ZeroX98761634d ago

one good reason for doing this is keeping the stores inventory full at launch, while having distributed most of the pre-orders already.

serratos271634d ago

So much for my Amazon pre-order lol.

badz1491634d ago

Amazon gonna be pissed LOL!

thekhurg1634d ago

If only they'd break the street date on the PS4!

iiwii1634d ago

That would be awesome if we got a release this week, lol. Thursday 31 Oct would be perfect.

Destrania1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

How about everyone who had theirs pre-ordered since E3 get theirs now lol jk.

MRMagoo1231634d ago


Im all for that lol i had mine on preorder before the announcement lol.

JRH77831634d ago

I'm getting mine this Sunday on the 4th. My girl said our Walmart gets them in stock, but wont release them until the 15th. Since she's a manager i'm getting mine early. CAN'T WAIT!!

garos821634d ago

Even though I pre ordered mine way after e3 I'm all for that.I'd it means less queuing on launch date that would be great