Battlefield 4 graphics comparison – Xbox 360 vs Xbox One

GearNuke: Battlefield 4 has been the center of attention this year for fans of first-person shooters. It is now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, with the next-gen versions to follow within a month’s time.

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whoyouwit041671d ago

I really can't see a difference, but if you go to this you tube video you will see that the majority of the people think the Xbox One does look better. This just proves that n4g is just fool of Sony fan boys who only see what they want.

Drewidian1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"Anyone will believe a lie either because they want to believe its true or afraid it might be true and anyone will Not believe the truth either because they don't want it to be true or are afraid of what it says about their beliefs."

The 1st Rule of Truth...

H0RSE1670d ago

Art is subjective by nature, and even more so when there are teams to root for... In comparisons like these, people will largely see what they want to see.

There also seems to be this confusion with specs vs visuals. Technically speaking, PS4 may have the upper hand, but that doesn't make it factual that their version of the game is better looking.

malokevi1671d ago

I assume everyone is being sarcastic? This comparison is great! Makes me extremely happy that I'll be playing on next gen consoles. The difference in detail is phenomenal.

Pancit_Canton1671d ago

Both have jaggies and 720p. Xbox won by default.

Convas1671d ago ShowReplies(1)
OrangePowerz1671d ago

People need to stop making gifs. You can`t get a clear picture with gifs, they should either have screenshots or side by side videos (preferably with reduced speed).

live2play1671d ago

I would love it if they didn't let yoy know which was which or switch the labels
I'm pretty sure that would make some people claim another was better by accident

OrangePowerz1671d ago

Would be fun probably.

Overall I like the Lens of Truth comparisons because they use the slider for screenshots to get a better comparison.

obelix011671d ago

Yes definitely. Take the Pepsi challenge or so to speak. That would be interesting.

Naga1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I couldn't agree more. This article is a collection of shoddy, low resolution GIFs... and we're somehow meant to use it as a basis for making a meaningful graphical comparison?

Hold on, let me put on some beer goggles so I can get a better look.

cellfluid1671d ago

no matter which one loses xbox wins..lolol

GiggMan1671d ago

I knew someone was going to compare the Xbox One against the 360 version. I don't know if I'm more impressed with the 360 version or disappointed at the Xbox one version.

1280 x 688 vs 1280 x 720

betrayed gamer1671d ago

I am thinking dice did a mediocre job. given time constraints and changes in software this is a launch title.if these things don't improve by next year with what ever game they release it then it will show how far they can go with the Xbox one. either way this year its the Xbox one for me then i will get the Ps4 when infamous second son comes out i hope there is a bundle.

GiggMan1671d ago

I actually think Dice did a decent job with the current gen software. They probably would have done a better job on the next gen versions if they didn't bother with current gen. That would have been selfish though.

betrayed gamer1671d ago

i will agree with you on that either way im looking forward to this gen coming up.

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