Titanfall an Xbox One, 360, PC Exclusive for Its 'Lifetime'

During its quarterly earnings call today, EA squashed recent rumors about Titanfall coming to PlayStation 4. CFO Blake Jorgensen emphasized that Titanfall "is exclusive only for the lifetime of the title on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC."

Jorgensen also assuaged worries that Respawn was rushing Titanfall to market, declaring the intended release date was always in the March, April, May time frame. "No, we're not doing that at all," COO Peter Moore said on the subject of Titanfall's alleged hurry. He praised Respawn Entertainment's talent, and anticipates it will review "very highly" when it launches in March 2014.

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Mikelarry1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

bah ah well, i get it on my 360 then

xPhearR3dx1388d ago

It's EA. If it makes a ton of cash, it will come to PS4. Look at Mass Effect.

sobotz1388d ago

Still in denial. It won't coming to PS4, get over it

mhunterjr1388d ago

That bodes well for Titanfall 2... Maybe...

pompombrum1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I dunno.. maybe EA are hoping to make the next Gears of War for the Xbox One so to speak. People can hate on Microsoft all they want but nobody can deny they know how to market their exclusives. Seeing as Titanfall is the first real system seller, I imagine they'll be quick to pick it up and promote it as heavily as possible.

Still, I guess it would be naive to underestimate EA's greed. Titanfall 2 will most likely be on the ps4 too.

Thomaticus1388d ago

When the PC version comes out, people will end up finding some PS4 code somewhere.

xPhearR3dx1388d ago


Denial? No. I'm getting it for PC, so I could care less if it comes to PS4. However, this is EA were talking about. Of course EA is going to deny it. They're going to hype it up, make it sound exclusive so everyone buys it instead of waiting, then release the PS4 version to make even more money.

Moncole1388d ago

EA doesnt own the IP so they cant do what ever they want.

gaffyh1388d ago

That sentence is worded really strangely, "only for the lifetime...", why doesn't it just say is exclusive for the lifetime?

I still think this will come to PS4 at some point, not that I will get it for the PS4 I just think it will happen. Will get it for 360 when its available.

cleft51388d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this game did stay exclusive to Xbox One. However, the series will not be exclusive. So next year when Titanfall 2 comes out, it will be another story.

If you think about it, it does make sense to launch a new ip on one platform if that platform holder gives them a bunch of money to remain exclusive. That way you can launch a new IP and still play it safe. Still they could be lying and 6 months later we see Titanfall come to PS4. Only time will tell, doesn't matter to me anyways. Titanfall looks amazing if you are good at fps online games, I am not so this game doesn't interest me regardless.

Sayai jin1388d ago

Hmmm. I am one that believe console exclusives are good and help give people a reason to buy a particular console, but also do not mind if really good games go multi-plat so everyone can experience the game. I see a lot of people saying , but EA and Mass Effect. I do not remember EA ever saying Mass Effect would be an exclusive for lifetime. Maybe MS said that, but not EA. I know it's EA, but they are saying it plain and simple that it will be that way for lifetime. Anyways, the games appears to be a stellar new IP so it would suck if one console gamers do not experience it.

-Alpha1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I'm sure Titanfall 2 will come to PS4.

MS must have adjusted their deal, otherwise they'd have made this known sooner. One thing is certain, EA must be making an incredible amount of money upfront.

Regardless, it's a pretty big move for MS to lock this away from PS4. I like what I see from Titanfall, and I can understand that a lot of people are genuinely excited for it. I was really hoping to play it on consoles/PS4. Just going to have to accept that I wont get everything I want sticking only to a PS4, but it's not the biggest loss for me.

lifeisgamesok1388d ago

Hard at hearing huh. Xbox One has some great looking exclusives you should buy one :)

loulou1388d ago

you lot are idiots. they have obviously thrashed out a deal with ea, where they ea's lost ps4 royalties.

an expensive cheque. i would think that this cost microsoft anything from 60m upwards.

potentially an amazing exclusive

P0werVR1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well, obviously the sequel will more likely come to PS4 INEVITABLY!

Just because they say lifetime of this title doesn't mean for it's sequel.

Get it, got it, good!!!

But as history has shown us, ALL good third party games that first released on Xbox 360 shows that no matter what, it was ALWAYS bought for Xbox 360.

Microsoft will for sure make this to be better played with Azure. Gaming is going to be sweet! Titanfall than Destiny 2qt of next year?! Gaming stamina baby.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31388d ago

Ah well, there you have it folks...oops, this is N4G, I guess you don't have it :P

Funantic11388d ago

Do you get it? How many times you must be told. IT'S NOT COMING TO PS4!!! This game will make the Xbone sell like crazy. I'm buying 3 copies of Titanfall myself. 1 for my 360 and 2 for my Xbones.

SuperLupe1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Sony faboyism is a VERY SERIOUS condition.

It sucks the intelligence out of you and places a big fat blob of denial at the place lol.

But guys please, dont stop begging for a port 12 months later, it was funny and I dont want the comedy to stop right now.

edit: now watch how all of them are going to be like "meh have a gaming PC anyway" :D

halfblackcanadian1388d ago

Mass Effect 1 was published by MS. EA purchased Bioware after the fact. ME2+3 were multiplat because EA published them. I'm not saying your scenario is impossible, but the situations are different

P0werVR1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


Nailed it bro! You loose IQ points reading these posts. I can deal with Xbox fanboys, they just make me laugh. Sony fanboys are on another level of low, on par or if not worst than the republican tea party.

Dirtnapstor1388d ago

Maybe, just maybe the exclusivity will be restricted to MP. Perhaps a campaign for us PS4 owners?
If it's true, I'll get it for the 360... No Xbone for me.

pixelsword1388d ago

What does the "lifetime of the title" mean?

Does that mean "as long as it sells"?

4Sh0w1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well its going to sell a sh*t ton so maybe Titanfall 2 will come to ps4??? Thats unfortunate news for ps4 because its a great new IP that will at least for the time that matters will stay exclusive to xbox consoles.

Although I think both should have some in house exclusives to sell their console Im not selfish so it would be cool to see Titanfall sequels on ps4 so everybody can enjoy it, however speaking from a business perspective it would be smart if Microsoft paid to lock up t he IP, like they did with Gears.

SITH1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well, EA made sure that is the end of that discussion. What's next!?

soljah1388d ago

they are making a ton of cash off of it.
look who made the announcement the CFO OF EA thats chief financial officer. they announce this the day after comparison's between bf4 on ps4 and xb1. microsoft is panicking , a ton of money was exchanged to keep it exclusive.
notice this was not a decision announced by respawn

Septic1388d ago

Ooops...I said this was definitely coming out on PS4...I was wrong. :(

hutness1388d ago

The irony of what you just said. You actually described what it means to be an Xbox fanboy.

black0o1388d ago

TitanFall will nvr hit the ps4 but TitanFall GOTY edition may DO

MorePowerOfGreen1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

MSFT's console is designed from the ground up to be enhanced by cloud compute. Sony doesn't have the type of servers nor the infrastructure right now or possibly ever.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1387d ago

Dont care can get it on PC if its any good i dont need an xbone to play it and i wouldnt have played it on PS4 anyway.

Computersaysno1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Ahhh after all this fuss over this one game. Imagine if it turned out it wasn't all that great anyway.

What if it turned out to be the 'Too Human' of Microsoft exclusives.

I hope it doesn't honestly I want it to be great I want a fun new IP but seeing the frenzy over this game watching it fall flat would also be kinda amusing you have to admit.

I find it really weird it seems and appears to have all this hype here but it's Pre orders look really weak. I don't know maybe there are a lot of people still on the fence about it or maybe it doesn't have a big enough profile even still.

We take it for granted everyone knows about the game cos we visit games sites like this but the low Pre orders suggest it isn't as well known as I imagined at this point

Paytaa1387d ago

Mass Effect also was Microsoft's IP until they sold Bioware and their assets to EA. Not a similar situation at all.