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Titanfall an Xbox One, 360, PC Exclusive for Its 'Lifetime'

During its quarterly earnings call today, EA squashed recent rumors about Titanfall coming to PlayStation 4. CFO Blake Jorgensen emphasized that Titanfall "is exclusive only for the lifetime of the title on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC."

Jorgensen also assuaged worries that Respawn was rushing Titanfall to market, declaring the intended release date was always in the March, April, May time frame. "No, we're not doing that at all," COO Peter Moore said on the subject of Titanfall's alleged hurry. He praised Respawn Entertainment's talent, and anticipates it will review "very highly" when it launches in March 2014. (EA, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Mikelarry  +   757d ago
bah ah well, i get it on my 360 then

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xPhearR3dx  +   757d ago
It's EA. If it makes a ton of cash, it will come to PS4. Look at Mass Effect.
sobotz  +   757d ago | Well said
Still in denial. It won't coming to PS4, get over it
mhunterjr  +   757d ago
That bodes well for Titanfall 2... Maybe...
aiBreeze  +   757d ago
I dunno.. maybe EA are hoping to make the next Gears of War for the Xbox One so to speak. People can hate on Microsoft all they want but nobody can deny they know how to market their exclusives. Seeing as Titanfall is the first real system seller, I imagine they'll be quick to pick it up and promote it as heavily as possible.

Still, I guess it would be naive to underestimate EA's greed. Titanfall 2 will most likely be on the ps4 too.
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Thomaticus  +   757d ago
When the PC version comes out, people will end up finding some PS4 code somewhere.
xPhearR3dx  +   757d ago

Denial? No. I'm getting it for PC, so I could care less if it comes to PS4. However, this is EA were talking about. Of course EA is going to deny it. They're going to hype it up, make it sound exclusive so everyone buys it instead of waiting, then release the PS4 version to make even more money.
Moncole  +   757d ago
EA doesnt own the IP so they cant do what ever they want.
gaffyh  +   757d ago
That sentence is worded really strangely, "only for the lifetime...", why doesn't it just say is exclusive for the lifetime?

I still think this will come to PS4 at some point, not that I will get it for the PS4 I just think it will happen. Will get it for 360 when its available.
cleft5  +   757d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this game did stay exclusive to Xbox One. However, the series will not be exclusive. So next year when Titanfall 2 comes out, it will be another story.

If you think about it, it does make sense to launch a new ip on one platform if that platform holder gives them a bunch of money to remain exclusive. That way you can launch a new IP and still play it safe. Still they could be lying and 6 months later we see Titanfall come to PS4. Only time will tell, doesn't matter to me anyways. Titanfall looks amazing if you are good at fps online games, I am not so this game doesn't interest me regardless.
Sayai jin  +   757d ago
Hmmm. I am one that believe console exclusives are good and help give people a reason to buy a particular console, but also do not mind if really good games go multi-plat so everyone can experience the game. I see a lot of people saying , but EA and Mass Effect. I do not remember EA ever saying Mass Effect would be an exclusive for lifetime. Maybe MS said that, but not EA. I know it's EA, but they are saying it plain and simple that it will be that way for lifetime. Anyways, the games appears to be a stellar new IP so it would suck if one console gamers do not experience it.
-Alpha  +   757d ago
I'm sure Titanfall 2 will come to PS4.

MS must have adjusted their deal, otherwise they'd have made this known sooner. One thing is certain, EA must be making an incredible amount of money upfront.

Regardless, it's a pretty big move for MS to lock this away from PS4. I like what I see from Titanfall, and I can understand that a lot of people are genuinely excited for it. I was really hoping to play it on consoles/PS4. Just going to have to accept that I wont get everything I want sticking only to a PS4, but it's not the biggest loss for me.
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lifeisgamesok  +   757d ago
Hard at hearing huh. Xbox One has some great looking exclusives you should buy one :)
loulou  +   757d ago
you lot are idiots. they have obviously thrashed out a deal with ea, where they ea's lost ps4 royalties.

an expensive cheque. i would think that this cost microsoft anything from 60m upwards.

potentially an amazing exclusive
P0werVR  +   757d ago
Well, obviously the sequel will more likely come to PS4 INEVITABLY!

Just because they say lifetime of this title doesn't mean for it's sequel.

Get it, got it, good!!!

But as history has shown us, ALL good third party games that first released on Xbox 360 shows that no matter what, it was ALWAYS bought for Xbox 360.

Microsoft will for sure make this to be better played with Azure. Gaming is going to be sweet! Titanfall than Destiny 2qt of next year?! Gaming stamina baby.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   757d ago
Ah well, there you have it folks...oops, this is N4G, I guess you don't have it :P
Funantic1  +   757d ago
Do you get it? How many times you must be told. IT'S NOT COMING TO PS4!!! This game will make the Xbone sell like crazy. I'm buying 3 copies of Titanfall myself. 1 for my 360 and 2 for my Xbones.
SuperLupe  +   757d ago | Well said
Sony faboyism is a VERY SERIOUS condition.

It sucks the intelligence out of you and places a big fat blob of denial at the place lol.

But guys please, dont stop begging for a port 12 months later, it was funny and I dont want the comedy to stop right now.

edit: now watch how all of them are going to be like "meh have a gaming PC anyway" :D
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halfblackcanadian  +   757d ago
Mass Effect 1 was published by MS. EA purchased Bioware after the fact. ME2+3 were multiplat because EA published them. I'm not saying your scenario is impossible, but the situations are different
P0werVR  +   757d ago

Nailed it bro! You loose IQ points reading these posts. I can deal with Xbox fanboys, they just make me laugh. Sony fanboys are on another level of low, on par or if not worst than the republican tea party.
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Dirtnapstor  +   757d ago
Maybe, just maybe the exclusivity will be restricted to MP. Perhaps a campaign for us PS4 owners?
If it's true, I'll get it for the 360... No Xbone for me.
ohiostatesman  +   757d ago
Yes. Xbox One Day 1.
pixelsword  +   757d ago
What does the "lifetime of the title" mean?

Does that mean "as long as it sells"?
4Sh0w  +   757d ago
Well its going to sell a sh*t ton so maybe Titanfall 2 will come to ps4??? Thats unfortunate news for ps4 because its a great new IP that will at least for the time that matters will stay exclusive to xbox consoles.

Although I think both should have some in house exclusives to sell their console Im not selfish so it would be cool to see Titanfall sequels on ps4 so everybody can enjoy it, however speaking from a business perspective it would be smart if Microsoft paid to lock up t he IP, like they did with Gears.
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Elzer  +   757d ago
Quit dreaming
SITH  +   757d ago
Well, EA made sure that is the end of that discussion. What's next!?
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soljah  +   757d ago
they are making a ton of cash off of it.
look who made the announcement the CFO OF EA thats chief financial officer. they announce this the day after comparison's between bf4 on ps4 and xb1. microsoft is panicking , a ton of money was exchanged to keep it exclusive.
notice this was not a decision announced by respawn
Septic  +   757d ago
Ooops...I said this was definitely coming out on PS4...I was wrong. :(
hutness  +   757d ago
The irony of what you just said. You actually described what it means to be an Xbox fanboy.
black0o  +   757d ago
TitanFall will nvr hit the ps4 but TitanFall GOTY edition may DO
MorePowerOfGreen  +   757d ago
MSFT's console is designed from the ground up to be enhanced by cloud compute. Sony doesn't have the type of servers nor the infrastructure right now or possibly ever.
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   757d ago
Dont care can get it on PC if its any good i dont need an xbone to play it and i wouldnt have played it on PS4 anyway.
Computersaysno  +   757d ago
Ahhh after all this fuss over this one game. Imagine if it turned out it wasn't all that great anyway.

What if it turned out to be the 'Too Human' of Microsoft exclusives.

I hope it doesn't honestly I want it to be great I want a fun new IP but seeing the frenzy over this game watching it fall flat would also be kinda amusing you have to admit.

I find it really weird it seems and appears to have all this hype here but it's Pre orders look really weak. I don't know maybe there are a lot of people still on the fence about it or maybe it doesn't have a big enough profile even still.

We take it for granted everyone knows about the game cos we visit games sites like this but the low Pre orders suggest it isn't as well known as I imagined at this point
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Paytaa  +   757d ago
Mass Effect also was Microsoft's IP until they sold Bioware and their assets to EA. Not a similar situation at all.
Narutone66  +   757d ago
EA needed the money to settle a lawsuit:
KillrateOmega  +   757d ago
@SuperLupe & P0werVR

The second that you start trying to argue the comparative stupidity of two groups of fanboys, you know that you're just as low as them.

On topic:
I really don't care if I miss out on playing this game. I already have more than enough FPSes to quench that particular thirst:
1) Battlefield 4
2) Destiny
3) Killzone: Shadow Fall
4) Call of Duty: Ghosts

So, yeah. I can live without CoD with mechs and wall-running. If you disagree with my view on the game, then please, tell me what makes it so special.
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Gamer666  +   757d ago
EA cannot lie to investors especially on a quarterly conference call. If they say it is staying exclusive, it will stay exclusive.

If they lie on a quarterly conference call they can have they can be sued.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   756d ago
I'm very surprised this ended up being exclusive. MS made a good move here. Titanfall looks promising. Looks like they don't have the entire franchise on lock though, that would have been an even bigger move.
BattleAxe  +   756d ago
Well I'll continue to have hope that it will release on Steam then...
MynextGen  +   756d ago
Keep dreaming never you keep knack
AngelicIceDiamond  +   756d ago
@Phear You can still play it on PC.

But I think the premier way to play this beast is on X1 though.
FamilyGuy  +   756d ago
One of the devs literally said that they only recent found out and that EA made a deal with MS. If the game sells and reviews good enough MS might set up another deal to keep any franchise exclusive as well.
The reason why the devs had been so elusive up till this point was because it was only a timed exclusive till EA and MS made this deal recently.

It's still coming to 360 and it's still coming to PC but a PS4 version would have to be some TitanFall Sigma -like situation.

I'm good with Infamous SS, DriveClub and Killzone though. TitanFall still looks fun but I lost a lot of interest in TitanFalls CoD/current gen look after seeing so many other great looking games that are also fun looking on top of their looks. If they overhaul/upgrade the graphics I might be jealous though.
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ShadowNextGen  +   756d ago
The only reason Mass Effect came to PS3 is because EA bought Bioware and that changed the deal that Bioware and Microsoft had. EA already owns Respawn so that won't be happening this time.
warczar  +   756d ago
guess what, It's a goddamn online only game which means there is really no story line to speak of so a year from now when Titanfall 2 comes out on PS4 we'll all be on the same level story wise. There would really be no reason to get Titanfall 1 at that point. Don't get me wrong this is a big win for microsoft but it's still not a big enough reason for a microsoft hater like myself to buy an xbone.
abzdine  +   756d ago
Mass Effect

i have nothing to add
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abzdine  +   756d ago
even if it's not coming to PS4 or PS3, i think it's cool each console has its own exclusive games that make it more attractive and worth the investment.
Let's just hope this game turns out to be good and not just creating hype for nothing.
You dont own an xbox, go play it on PC if you're interested. I'm sure it's gonna run at more than 720p on PC :P
FlunkinMonkey  +   756d ago
Typical MS really.. Instead of investing in 1st party studio's and avoiding any obstacles with release on other systems, they just buy the rights to deny it to another console..

I'm honestly not bothered, it looks fun, but i would personally take killzone and Planetside 2 over this in a flash, let alone together.
VENOMACR1227  +   756d ago
Finally! The X1 has a real exclusive. I know "its on PC and 360" its still exclusive to Microsoft. What game right now makes you want an X1? Ryse? Nope. Forza? Maybe. KI? Nope. So it's good that they finally have a game that can hopefully take over for Halo and Gears which are becoming stale.
Zack_attack  +   756d ago
@hutness wow, you are truly original. You pretty much just pulled a, "I know you are but what am I". I swear some people on here are 9yrs old lol
abc1233  +   757d ago
Or the PC version. Won't be amazing but my laptop should be able to run it whilst hooking it up to the tv.
AlexanderNevermind  +   757d ago
Yup....seems MS needed some positive news after the whole COD/BF4 drama. If its good then I will get it on PC. I've said it all along. No worries on my end.

@Sayai Jin

Yeah I've never said the X1 version is bad, honestly its not that far behind....I'm just insinuating that this news being released today was no accident. MS needed a bold move to keep some of the folk on the edge from jumping to the other side.

Again I've been gaming on PC for the last 5 yrs and if I want titan fall then I will get it there. Honestly I've been down the jet pack and overpowered Mechs with Killzone 3. Really this news does not bother me in the least.
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Sayai jin  +   757d ago
@AlexanderNevermind - The graphics on BF4 on the PS4 are better. Many critics are saying this. That's great news for PS4 owners, but that does not mean the XB1 version is bad. It still looked great. I doubt anyone will be playing BF4 thinking aaah let me count the pixels or I remember the graphics comparison...maybe some fanboys might, but not the cores.

To your comment...This was not MS that mentioned this being exclusive this time, it was directly from EA. So what does this have to do with MS.

With that, PS4 gamers can buy an XB1 or play Titan Fall on a PC if they have one...or maybe this...some of them might not care about the about the game.
AlexanderNevermind  +   757d ago
@Sayai Jin

Also Destiny is due to be released the same time...So I'm sure PS4 owners will have plenty to keep us busy. Just no Titan Fall.

Back to the point that this was a recent move by MS/EA see link below; the Dev says as much...or you honestly think the dev would not know that their game was a platform exclusive......

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MRMagoo123  +   757d ago
I might have cared about the game if it wasnt multiplayer online only, but like i have said in a diff thread, if i do get a hankering for this game ill get it on pc i guess but i dont see me wanting it anytime really.
sobotz  +   756d ago
Pretty much every game is better on PC
Beastforlifenoob  +   756d ago
hahah these are seriously great GIFS, thanks for the laughs.
StraightPath  +   757d ago
this will sadden a lot of PS4 gamers. Titanfall is lighting up next gen and the hype is immense. This could be the next big thing in gaming and damn does the game look good. This is a killer app for Xbox One. Next gen all I hear is about Titanfall. It won pretty much all awards from E3 and other gaming shows and public reception seems Titanfall most exciting game for next gen. People who do not have a Xbox One, Xbox 360 or gaming PC will sorely miss out.
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BigShotSmoov007  +   757d ago
It won't sadden them at all. What it will do is turn there venom towards EA and Titanfall now. All of a sudden you'll here it's only 720p, it's not better than Killzone, blah blah blah. I can see it coming already.
darx  +   757d ago

Don't forget boycott EA games and the standard petition or else.
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DialgaMarine  +   757d ago
Honestly, if you read in between the lines of this statement, a potential sequel could easily come to PS4, as well as the original. It really doesn't matter to me, personally, either. Yeah yeah, Titanfall is next big thing since Jesus. We hear it all the time. At the end of the day, it's a generic looking shooter that's getting hyped because CoD fanboys are finally getting bored of CoD. As a PS4 owner, I'm perfectly satisfied with Killzone, from what I've seen.
imt558  +   757d ago
I don't care about Titanfall ( KZ : SF is here ), but remember, it's EA. Mass Effect was X360 exclusive.....
Mikeyy  +   757d ago
Who is going to be saddened by the loss of another COD clone? Seing the Battlefield videos today makes it even more apparent that most of us wont miss titanfall.

64 player warfare


6v6 spawnkilling because of tiny maps

Think about that, COD maps are soo freaking small, you can get spawnkilled on 12 player maps. That is a joke.

I just don't understand what is so exciting about COD with robots?

besides COD attempted vehicles in World at War and you all hated it, and complained about vehicles being OP for COD. fast forward to today, and that same exact concept is all the sudden Award winning?

7 vs 7 is what titanfall is rumored to be at. There is nothing ambitious about this game. Mech Warrior online has it beat in every way.
SuperLupe  +   757d ago
All hope is not lost man.

They can still start a petition like this one: http://www.change.org/petit...
Eddie20101  +   757d ago
Seems like a strange explanation to me, for the lifetime of the game on Xbox 360, Xbox One And PC.

Seems like an explanation that leaves a window open.

Why didn't they say in plain English that the game will only be on the three mentioned platforms and will not be made for any other system ever, if it is truly not in consideration for PS4.

Xbots should not be surprised when it is announced for PS4 six months to a year from now.

Doesn't really matter to me one way or the other just pointing out the weird way that the announcement was phrazed.
-Alpha  +   757d ago
Super Ultra Titanfall: Total Remix PS4 Edition
BigShotSmoov007  +   757d ago
Doesn't seem strange at all. Titanfall will be an exclusive to the PC, 360 & XBO. Now Titanfall 2 probably might come to the PS4 or it could be a gears of war deal where they paid for a certain amount of games to be exclusive. Either way the first one will be exclusive, no hidden message in what he said.
Eddie20101  +   757d ago

You know that's exactly what they will do, just change the name a little and add extra content.

The Xbots Keep saying that Sony fanboys can't except the information.

BUT, the Xbots can't except the past of Xbox 360 where 90% of its exclusives made it to the PS3.
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MysticStrummer  +   757d ago
It wouldn't surprise me to see a Titanfall trilogy on PS4 eventually, but maybe not.


Either way, well played MS for deflecting attention from the BF4 comparisons.
MRMagoo123  +   757d ago
I really cant imagine it will have a sequel, its online multiplayer only i have a feeling it wont be that big because of that alone, i may be wrong but i dont really care much either way, if it turns out to be amazing i can get it on pc or get a 360 for $20 and it will run at the same rez like bf4
Lalanana  +   757d ago
lmao..sony guys are still in denial huh?
too funny
Evil_Abed  +   757d ago
Not just the longest river in the world, but also a favorite hang out spot for N4G faithfuls.
kickerz  +   757d ago
Can't wait to fire up this game in my xb1
Good times ahead (^_^)
Mikelarry  +   757d ago
lol at the disagrees, last time i checked it was coming to the 360. nothing you can do will stop me from getting it... let that sink in for a minute
LonDonE  +   756d ago
This is what makes me laugh about xbox gamers, i can lay money on the fact that PS4 will over its life time get TONS of TRUE exclusives! more then xbox! that's the funny thing see, any Playstation gamer who wants to play most of the xbox exclusives has to only have a pc, while if a xbot wants to play one of the great Playstation exclusives HE HAS TO BUY A PLAYSTATION CONSOLE FACT! without it, its not happening!!!

Xbox exclusives are for the most part not even true exclusives, they are whored out to Microsoft buy lazy and greedy third parties, meanwhile Sony on the other hand OWNS most of the companies who bang out exclusives year after year on Playstation consoles!

I will be enjoying titanfall on my pc at a higher then 720p resolution (LMAO AT XBOX 720p) and at a higher frame rate, xbox guys cant say shit! since their console doesn't hardly have any true exclusives, Playstation has LOTS!

And if past generations are anything to go by, most likely give it 2 to 3 years and watch most of the good games will dry up on x1, and they will be left with a few yearly rehashes and KINNECT GAMES an TV SHOWS! LOL while Playstation gamers will be getting new i.p's and true exclusives every year or so, this is what's going to happen trust me, if history is anything to go by.

Its sad but true, Microsoft do this all the time, they get a few good deals and focus on games for the first 2 to 3 years, and then don't bother much, while Sony on the other hand continue to support their platform year after year, look at the ps2 and ps3 no one can deny that! hell this year alone look how many great true exclusives the PS3 has gotten?

And if you analyse the wording of that ea guy, you can clearly see that he is not talking about the whole franchise, only the first game.
So most likely titan fall 2 will be on PS4, or like said above their will be a sigma like move, maybe then we will finally get a true next gen console version of titan fall, LOL 720p on x1? lol it looks like a current gen game sorry but its true, the textures are muddy,and game play looks generic, cod with mechs that's all! i don't see what the hype is all about? it looks good, but nothing earth shattering.
MarkusMcNugen  +   756d ago
"Xbox exclusives are for the most part not even true exclusives, they are whored out to Microsoft buy lazy and greedy third parties, meanwhile Sony on the other hand OWNS most of the companies who bang out exclusives year after year on Playstation consoles!"

You do realize that to play Titanfall on a PC you have to have a Windows OS right? So it is a true exclusive... to Microsoft products. Microsoft will be laughing on their way to the bank while your playing it on your superior PC running their OS.

"And if past generations are anything to go by, most likely give it 2 to 3 years and watch most of the good games will dry up on x1, and they will be left with a few yearly rehashes and KINNECT GAMES an TV SHOWS! LOL while Playstation gamers will be getting new i.p's and true exclusives every year or so, this is what's going to happen trust me, if history is anything to go by.

Its sad but true, Microsoft do this all the time, they get a few good deals and focus on games for the first 2 to 3 years, and then don't bother much, while Sony on the other hand continue to support their platform year after year, look at the ps2 and ps3 no one can deny that! hell this year alone look how many great true exclusives the PS3 has gotten?"

Microsoft does it all the time... by that you mean the last generation. Must not remember much about the OG Xbox generation do you?


Plenty of exclusives throughout its life.

"So most likely titan fall 2 will be on PS4, or like said above their will be a sigma like move, maybe then we will finally get a true next gen console version of titan fall,"

Wait... PC version isnt next gen but a PS4 version would be? No No... I think not. Thats a PS Fail right there.

Im sorry if I sound condescending, Im easily agitated to stupidity and bullshit.
LonDonE  +   756d ago
are you dizzy brah?
i have a cracked version of windows 7 and windows 8, and either way i just take the master disk from my work place who have paid for it, and install it on my pc's LOL hell i even make copies of the disk and give it out to all my family and friends, my work place buys the business license version, and i have access to it! either way i have never bought a windows disk, i just pirate them!! AHAR ME HARTIE! HAR HAR!! ME A JOLLY PIRATE AND PROUD when it comes to Microsoft! i even have a modded xbox 360 which i pirate games for, HAR HAR HAR!!!
and i even play online with it with mods and hacks to piss off xbots when i feel like trolling, HAR HAR HAR!!!

I will even pirate titan fall on 360 for shits and giggles!! LOLOLOL
lol doesnt matter what you say, it is FACT! to play xbox exclusives all you need is a pc most of the time, but to play Playstation exclusives YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BUY A PLAYSTATION!
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Magicite  +   757d ago
just another cod
VaporCell  +   757d ago
I guess we will have to play the sequel on ps4 then lmao
Nachoman32  +   757d ago
You know this game is getting way more hits and attention then it needs to, I mean the franchise is unproven but everybody is going bat shit crazy over it ( its COD with jetpacks... i get it and its made by the former founders of Infinity Ward which explains why this game is COD with freaking jet packs) I mean what happens it the game ends up being shit? In the end this FPS fad has got to end, its getting old.

But what I'm really trying to say is it's okay to come to the dark side. Go ahead. Buy a PS4 ;P
MysticStrummer  +   757d ago
"bah ah well, i get it on my 360 then"

I most likely won't play it at all now, but I don't anticipate that will impact my gaming fun even a little.
ALLWRONG  +   757d ago
Whoomp there it is!
solar  +   757d ago
280 comments at the time of this post, and 250 of them have got to be Sony Extremists who crap on the game because it isnt coming to the PS4.
Ashby_JC  +   756d ago
Any and all Titanfall comments before today was...."it will come to PS4 for sure" or similar...or "THe game isnt all that its COD with mechs"

After this announcement its "Uhh it still could come to the PS4 its EA!"

"Its not exclusive its on PC"

"Look at the way they worded the announcement...that leaves it open so it still can come to the PS4"

"I dont really care, I wasnt getting this game anyways"

Even with this announcement folks are grasping. Its not coming for the PS4...end of story!! I knew coming in this comments what I was going to read and I wasnt wrong.

This game is WANTED by all gamers. And the fact that these comments are made cements it for me. If this game was on the PS4 ONLY...all the ones say MEH about it...would be shouting from the rooftops about how great this game is and rubbing it in other faces.
Beastforlifenoob  +   756d ago

NOW: Oh who gives a shit playing this on my xbox 360 or PC, atleast i dont have to play this horrible crap game anymore, this game disgusts me
insomnium2  +   756d ago
I challenge you to find some sort of hypocrisy from my comment history regarding the things you just said guys.

I am a PS-fan and I despise MS for moltitude of reasons but I never EVER lie or bend the truth etc. That would make me a hypocrite and a fanboy.

I can wholeheartedly say that I don't really care about Titanfall. hell I don't even care about nextgen atm. PS3/Vita is all I need.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   757d ago
That's what happens when people won't shut up about how it will be on the PS4 too! I'm sure Microsoft paid a big chunk to lock it down. I was prepared to (not) play it so it doesn't bother me.but it would of been welcome on the PS4 for sure.
MynextGen  +   756d ago
I will on Xbox One lmao so loving the news time exclusive ya right
LonDonE  +   756d ago
straight from vince zampella's mouth!
MarkusMcNugen  +   756d ago
BWAH HAHAHAHA! Its still an Xbox One exclusive! Must have really wanted it on the PS4 to praise that tweet as some kind of insult to the Xbox fanboys. Although likewise Im sure Xbox fanboys are butthurt about the resolution revelations recently.

You and them, are both just sad. Its alright though, haters gonna hate and gamers gonna game. And we already know which one of those you belong to.
#1.17.1 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
LonDonE  +   755d ago

You call that an exclusive? LMAO
i am getting it on my gaming pc, and will play it at higher then 720p resolution LMAO while on x1 you can play it at a last genb resolution, just like the xbox 360 folks, BWAH HAHAHAH!!!!

I will be enjoying my countless TRUE EXCLUSIVES on my PS4, which you cannot play on anything other then PS4!!!!! now that's an exclusive!

Seriously why do people even bother with xbox? i play most multi plats at native 1080p 60fps or higher on my gaming pc, should i buy it for HALO? LOL
You fail to grasp that most core gamers like myself own a gaming pc along with the consoles which have EXCLUSIVES we want to play, x1 has NONE!!! and even the ones it does, at sub par graphics barely next gen, what's the point?

An exclusive should be only on that particular system alone, and so should help sell units for that system, PS4 has this, PS3 has this, X1 barely has any!! BWAH HAHAH so try harder noob!
showtimefolks  +   756d ago
would love to know how big of a check MS written to EA, also respawn stop hiding behind EA, you are under partner's program which grants you the IP and control over it. So if you didn't like the fact EA was making this an exclusive you could have done anything you wanted but Money speaks
DiRtY  +   756d ago
Can we stop listening to Cboat now?
ALLWRONG  +   756d ago
Who the hell is Cboat?
malokevi  +   756d ago
lol, good point. Another proof that the guy is a BSer.
Blackdeath_663  +   756d ago
PC IT IS!!!!!
ritsuka666  +   756d ago
That's huge.

I'll be playing on PC though.
abc1233  +   757d ago
Megaton incoming.

I'm going to go lock myself in the shelter now.
Mikelarry  +   757d ago
ha like that is going to save you
abc1233  +   757d ago
You'll be begging me to let you in soon enough.
PixelNinja  +   757d ago
Don't leave us out there to die, let us in!
pyramidshead  +   757d ago
Gotta give credit where it's due though. MS scored big with this one I feel, but then again I think they need all the help they can get recently, especially after the past weeks, and the upcoming future comparisons of multiplatform games.

Personally not affected by this as 1: it has no single player, and 2: my net is waaay too shit to online game, 3: whenever my nets gets upgraded there's always the option to run it on a PC, and by the looks of it it won't need a super stellar rig to run either.

Kinda almost feel sorry for the devs though, missing out on all those PS4 sales. I'd be fuming about getting signed exclusively when the other console has way better press and pre-order numbers. EA gonna EA though I guess :p.
halfblackcanadian  +   757d ago
I think the pre-order numbers aren't as big a deal as people would like to think. We hear partial numbers often, but the fact is the PS4 is more than likely in the 30% more pre-orders range. IF each pre-order accounts for a gamer on one console and not the other (I know 5 people myself that this is not the case) and then you factor in the ratio of people who would buy this game specifically...well, there isn't a whole ton of loss.
Additionally, I work with a lot of mothers with kids who are going Xbox One who haven't pre-ordered because of the extra stuff (fitness mostly). Not to say these numbers will specifically speak to Titanfall sales, but the total sales numbers can change once you factor in those of us who didn't pre-order.
BlackTar187  +   757d ago
Why isn't Bungie next game carrying more hype? Kinda weird. I think if you switched the situation around with this game and destiny that the hype would be crazy for Destiny. It's really this type of thing that happens all the time.

All of the sudden everyone is interested in Dead Rising game sbtu not many people cared for #1 or #2 when they released. Now DEADRISING OMG GREATEAST LAUCNH GAME EVER CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY.

The history is with Bungie yet its multip platform so now all the xbox crowd cares abotu is TitanFall. You can see it in this chat area. Xbox fans saying Sony fans are sad yet can't stop themselves from throwing nothing but insults at other people. Its just the line int he sand moving the american media does with American products
4Sh0w  +   757d ago
Not true while Destiny looks great Titanfall had that gameplay spark that was refreshing. Why would so many outlets just fabricate hype for Titanfall? and no apparent bias since most of the same ones like IGN, Gamespot, etc even speculated that it was coming to ps4. Im not knocking your opinion but just because you dont see what the hype is about doesn't make everybody else wrong. Hell you could be right Destiny COULD be better but hype is about excitement so far Im interested in both but Titanfall has me more excited. Maybe its because Destiny hasnt shown as much and coming out later. Why do you bring Destiny up now only when Titanfall is confirmed exclusive? Also the original Dead Rising was hyped quite a bit as at the time there werent any console games with so many charachters on screen. #2 not so much as it was just a progression on the first.
#2.3.3 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Ashby_JC  +   756d ago
I may end up getting Destiny once more info comes and it gets closer to launch. But I can honestly say that I dont really know exactly Destiny is going to be....a shooter....dungeon crawler....MMO...action??

The few vids I have seen I can say it looked boring. But it looks like the type of game that has to be played versus watched to get it.

Titanfall on the other hand looks like allot of action and fun!!! And the fact the people who have played it are backing that sentiment up.

It would be one thing if MS, EA or Respawn was hyping there own game...buts its the Journo who are hyping it. Myself Ill take the word of ppl who played it and praise it versus the dev praising there own game (cause of course there going to say positives ..even if they KNow its Shite lol)
TheTwelve  +   757d ago
This is the first really positive X1 news....ever
Sayai jin  +   757d ago
Great plan! But you forgot to look around the shelter before locking it down. ***You lock the shelter door and look around slowly in the dark....you hear several whispering voices saying things like "Dah Powah of the cloud"...50% more powerful..."mine is bigger than yours no smaller"..."dah pre-orders"..."RAM-E SRAM-magical unicorns"..."I am making my self look like a J-A and working for a company without getting paid er cough cough"... You reach to turn on the lights and you feel other hands on the switch. You begin to see eyes coming towards you...and then you realize it's some rabid fanboys (both sides) closing in on you.... They got in there before you did so they can spread their hysteria. You finally manage to turn on the lights, but due to the "Powah of da cloud" and the "50% more power" the lights die out....The fanboys say to you we have you nooow...booohaaaahaa

On topic, my daughter wrote the short story...she is getting PS4 and I am as well. My son said jokingly to her when he read this article "ha ha you won't be playing Titanfall on your PS4". My daughter is quiet for a second and she says "that she will wait to see if this is actually true...if so then I will just play it on your Xbox One or Dad's; just like you plaid TLOU on my PS3. LOL
abc1233  +   757d ago
Suddenly Yoshida breaks down the door with a flick and gives me his anti-BS suit whilst he heroically sacrifices himself under a crowd of fanboys and Major Nelson repeatedly whispering "secret sauce".

Go give your daughter a cookie. Don't give one to your son.
-Foxtrot  +   757d ago
Yeah sure...ok then

EA passing an opportunity to make more money on what looks like to be a massive audience.

I don't think so
BattleTorn  +   757d ago
Do they need to clarify it a second time for you?

Or was the phrasing "lifetime" too vague?
#3.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
Angels3785  +   757d ago
Jesus...get educated...

Edit: he edited his comment it originally said "do he need to clearify for second for time for you?"
#3.1.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(13) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   757d ago
They can say it as many times as they like and I still wouldn't believe them.

Why would they jeopardize potential sales for the Xbox One version, they know of all the negative press surrounding the Xbox One and are probably crapping themselves that it's not going to do as well in numbers as they want...this is EA so even if it looks good to us they will still be disappointed. They thought MS was going to have the running jump on Sony and thats why they did this deal.

As soon as the game comes out and they make as many people buy it for the Xbox One they will work toward getting it on the PS4.

There is no point, business wise, to talk about a PS4 version when you want as many people to buy the version your doing at the minute.

It's like MS and the "Kinect-less SKU" which will most likely happen next year. They say it's not going to happen ONLY BECAUSE they know if they come out and say it now most people will hold off and get the cheaper bundle which in turn means less money coming Microsoft's way.

What does Lord Beckett say again..."It's just good business" :)
#3.1.2 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(19) | Report
Brix90  +   757d ago
It is a little vague "Titanfall is exclusive only for the lifetime of the "TITLE" on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC". So I think people can assume Titanfall 2 may still come too all platforms considering they didn't specify next installments and Mass Effect is a great example an reason why people will speculate. Anyway if Respawn even wanted there game to come on PS4 I'm sure they would want to wait till Sony gets there Cloud services up and running first.
#3.1.3 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
BattleTorn  +   757d ago

I believe that's precisely what they meant.

Titanfall ***1*** is not coming to PS4.
abc1233  +   757d ago
Makes you wonder how much MS paid them.
-Foxtrot  +   757d ago
EA are as greedy as Microsoft, they probably have people working right now behind closed doors trying to find a loophole or a way around their deal with Microsoft so it can come to the PS4

I just can't believe after EVERYTHING EA has done this gen that they will leave something like TitanFall away from, as I've said above, a growing audience.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   757d ago
Probably doing all the adverts and a ton of cash.
SegataSanshiro  +   757d ago
Foxtrot, I genuinely loled. I imagined them working late hours at night reading the contract over and over desperately
MynextGen  +   756d ago
Paid nothing PS4 is not what they want
LiQuiZoN  +   757d ago
I'm not that interested in online only games. So no biggy. I won't even try the demo of my PC because I hate origin!

I win!
OpieWinston  +   757d ago
EA has plenty of money coming their way from Star Wars Battlefront. Like they care about Titanfall being sold on another platform when it's being sold on 3.
Beastforlifenoob  +   756d ago
Or maybe they were just lying to your fucking face they want to make it a "suprise" so you canget suprised when they announce it for PS4.

Yeah thats right "lifetime" means infinite.

IF this news was changed to "Titanfall an Ps4 exclusive for its lifetime" people would be taking a nice smelly dump on the XBOX One and syaing "you SEE its never, ever coming HAHAH my console is better than your console, my console is better than your console, did i tell you my console is better than your console"

Dark11  +   757d ago
What about Titanfall 2 EA?;)
secretcode  +   757d ago
It's not like that's ever happened befo-

*stares at Mass Effect 2*



It's a shame, and a slight blow to the PS4 in terms of short-term exclusivity, but going by the current timeframe, I'd be busy with Destiny at that time and I'd rather check out what Bungie's been doing all this time instead of the former Call of Duty dudes.
#4.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ashes2Ashes  +   757d ago
I am glad I am getting the Xbox One first but agree that Titanfall 2 will most certainly come to multiple consoles. They and Larry Hyrb said the lifetime of "Titanfall" not the lifetime of the Titanfall series. I would assume it will follow in the footsteps of Mass Effect. Though I can't for Titanfall... hence getting the One first.
lifeisgamesok  +   757d ago
Microsoft has never said Mass Effect will stay with them for its "lifetime"

Some of these comments are ridiculous

You'd think Microsoft was speaking Portuguese the way you people interpret their words
secretcode  +   757d ago
@lifeisgamesok: I will always admit when and if I am wrong, and after seeing the various other news tidbits as well as Zampella's recent tweet ( https://twitter.com/VinceZa... ), I fully correct myself and I admit I was wrong. Congrats to Microsoft for snagging a pretty cool looking exclusive franchise.

EDIT: BUT THEN *WHAM* this shit happens and I feel completely fucking vindicated. https://twitter.com/VinceZa...
#4.1.3 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
4Sh0w  +   757d ago
Well if you truly know your history the reason ME went to ps3 is because Bioware was brought out by EA so the deal created a opportunity to bring the game to ps3. This contract is between EA/Respawn/Micro. So Bioware was relatively very very tiny compared to EA and Nobody is going to buy out EA anytime soon.
#4.1.4 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Kayant  +   757d ago
Coming to all platforms expect if the contract changes. This is just for Titanfall and remember EA considers this as a new franchise in their rotation with BF.

Well PS fans PC, X360 or XB1 it is for you guys me I never really cared for TF not doubting it will be fun but don't see why it's hyped so much.
#4.2 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   757d ago
Every time I see Titanfall I wish that Namco Bandai gave Repawn the rights to make a Gundam game (Universal Century of course).
LeCreuset  +   757d ago
You have just explained why I like Titanfall. Well, hopefully it at least opens a few eyes to the possibilities that exist with that type of gameplay and the Gundam license. Maybe we'll even get a Gundam MMORPG one day. I can dream.
Reborn  +   757d ago
I've been waiting for a Gundam game that really does capitalize on what the actual fights are like. However, I dont think we'll see one of those even next gen.

Same with Naruto. The games are good, just not as good as they could be.
torchic  +   757d ago
yeah ok cool story my bro from EA.

I will be playing Titanfall on my PS4.
lets_go_gunners  +   757d ago
And when you wake up what will you actually be playing? Knack? LOLOLOL it's funny cause I'm actually getting a ps4.
torchic  +   756d ago
why do people use "I'm getting a PS4" or "I'm getting an Xbox One" as a of way to add credibility to what they're saying? nobody gives a flying fuck what console you do or don't decide to buy. if people think it somehow helps prevent looking like a fanboy, it absolutely does not you can own every console under the sun and still be a fanboy. so let's all cut that crap.

and judging from Vince's reaction it looks like Respawn was working on a PS4 version til Microsoft swooped in with their moneybags at the last minute and saved the day. so I was perfectly right in expecting a PS4 version. too bad though, it looked like a nice way to replace my CoD burnout.

so yes, I will play Knack and enjoy the heck out of it and platinum it, thank you very much. and now I guess I have more time for Destiny & KZSF:)
#6.1.1 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Majin-vegeta   757d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
n4gamingm  +   757d ago
this makes since microsoft probably payed them a substantial amount to keep it out of sony hands for a long enough, hence why im getting a xbox one.
supes_24  +   757d ago
Seriously? Titanfall is a system seller for you? That's the most rediculous thing I've heard today on this site. So after all the bad press about MS, you're willing to spend $500 just to play Titanfall? Hey it's your money man, lol
christocolus  +   757d ago
titanfall is a potential system seller and im getting it too on xbx one..and by the way,what bad press? the one about 720p , bf4 or the xbx one/sony os issues? the first two are not issues at all...fps, resolutions etc will get better as devs get better acustomed to the latest dev kits even dice says they are not done with the xbx one version of bf4..and honestly most xbx fans do not care about all the 1080p 720p nonsense.we just want good games and so far ms has that covered...and finaly the last one(xbx one os) was a stupid article debunked by penello and an xbx dev...so what other bad press?
HumanAfterAll  +   757d ago
Seriously a kids game is a system seller for you?

Seriously the like what? 7th Killzone is a system seller for you?

Seriously another Racing Sim (delayed) is a system seller for you?

Seriously a bunch of indie titles, half that have been out for over a couple years or so is a system seller for you?

See? Don't be a dick just because someone wants the other console. It works both ways.
n4gamingm  +   757d ago
let me rephrase that i'm getting a xbox one cause i now microsoft has the money to catch exclusive, and xbox was my first major console since n64. never got used to the ps controller just me
4Sh0w  +   757d ago
Well it was only the game that received the most awards this past E3, a E3 that also showcased COD Ghosts, BF4, KZ SF and a few other high profile games. Does that mean its the best or YOU personally have to love it; No, but us7ally games that most gamers and the press praise are pretty damm good.= High potential to be a system seller.

Now that said 99% of gamers DO NOT buy a console for 1 game but system seller implies 1 game can be a huge incentive to pick up a particular console.
Ashby_JC  +   756d ago

So I take it your NOT getting a XBOX ONE. Based on your comment.

If im wrong apologies if you are buying one.

If your not getting it. Why do you feel the need to come into a positive XB1 article??

Reason I ask is because I see so many who claim to be PS4 only but are constantly lurking around PR) MS/XBOX articles.

Me...I am getting a XBOX one. There are 3-4 games that im interested in at launch. But I am and many others are NOT spending $400-500 for one game.

System seller means a game that is so hot that yes you will say something like I did in 2009....man Uncharted 2 looks HOT...I think its time to go get a PS3 along with Uncharted 2.

Titanfall looks to be THAT hot game...that yes...allot well jump and spend $500 to get it. And by March (release time for Titanfall) XBO will have a solid library of games for it.
IHassounah  +   756d ago
Most people say so , you can't deny the majority of opinons , right?
Lovable  +   757d ago
Stop leaving in denial. Face it that if you want this for console, you'll have to buy Xbone. Geez.
s8anicslayer  +   757d ago
No ya don't cause it's on PC and 360 also.
Johnsonparts23  +   757d ago
LOL Fail.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   757d ago
Well since games are running @ 720p on x1 anyway ill get it for 360 instead and save myself $500.
Lovable  +   757d ago
Oh yeah crap. You got me there XD
Brix90  +   757d ago
Lol never thought about it like that...Definitely getting this for 360 so no missing out for me
Ashby_JC  +   756d ago
OK so now the new thing is to say...ill get it for the 360. Why would you want to play a next gen game on a system that came out in 2005??

I would think that PC or XBO would be the preferred platform. I could be wrong.

But I would NOT want to play Watch Dogs, Titanfall or any game on last gen when a better version is available.
KNWS  +   757d ago
why you getting down-voted. Sony fans really do live in denial.
Majin-vegeta  +   757d ago
He's getting down voted cuz you don't need an xbone to play it.


Nachoman32  +   757d ago
@ Majin-vegeta, true... but you are still giving your money to MS in all three scenarios. Which is an odd strategy because it doesnt justify buying an xbox1.
#8.4.2 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
s8anicslayer  +   757d ago
Doesn't matter cause I bought an X1 solely because of this title and so did a lot of other people as well.
NYC_Gamer  +   757d ago
That's why its always good to own both consoles
Zancruz  +   757d ago
Not for one game it isn't.... I did that for Gears of War! While hoping there was more exclusives I would like, It wasn't and the sequels to Gears was less than spectacular.
Brix90  +   757d ago
SMH...spent 500 dollar for one game when you can still get it on 360 or PC lol
MysticStrummer  +   756d ago
One game that isn't out until next year...
Half-Mafia  +   757d ago
So when a game comes out for PS4, PS3 and PC its exclusive.
IHassounah  +   756d ago
Yes....... it's gonna be called a "Sony Exclusive" , they clearly stated it's a "Microsoft Exclusive"
Supermax  +   757d ago
I thought I told you all this 6 months ago.it will never come to ps4.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   757d ago
But every games going to PS4 according to N4G.
drsfinest72  +   757d ago
Shut them ps4 fanboys now. Lmfoo
lastofgen  +   757d ago
it still won't.
they'll manage to squeeze out any negativity they can find from this news.

on topic though, this doesn't affect me as I'm getting an x1.
drsfinest72  +   757d ago
lol salty as hell
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   757d ago
All the PS4 fans just look for something to harp on, I for one have been busy looking forward to my next-gen gaming experience while reading a few articles here or there, rather than paying attention to the media circus and hyperbole headlines people like to play up, I have an X1 pre-ordered and will probably pick up a PS4 when a game like Uncharted or similar gets announced/released.

As a whole though, just the way a majority of Sony fans I've met/interacted with have left a very bad taste in my mouth as far as the fanbase for Sony's products go. (see majority that I'VE interacted with or met, not ALL OF THEM, inb4 people calling me a troll)
Evil_Ryu  +   756d ago
man i am with you there! One of the main reasons i went with xbox one instead of the ps4 is i did not want to be part of that toxic community
Kuse  +   757d ago
CC-Tron  +   756d ago
........Boom!!! The smell of roast crow now permeates the air.
#13.1 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PixelNinja  +   757d ago
This is N4G, people are still going to say it's going to come onto PS4.
lastofgen  +   757d ago
lol, of course..
Belking  +   757d ago
Yep, greatness awaits.......eventually.
joeorc  +   757d ago

"This is N4G, people are still going to say it's going to come onto PS4."

yup just like last time:

This is N4G, people are still going to say it's going to come onto xbox360 for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Its not going to make as much on the PS3, so it would be ported to the xbox360 anyway..year after year, but yet it never made it to the xbox360
Revolt13  +   757d ago
ger2396  +   757d ago
Oh well, game does look good though. I would get for 360 but I don't think I'll renew xbox live for one game.
supes_24  +   757d ago
This^ this game is definitely not a system seller. It's foolish if people think otherwise. I want to play this game but I'm not buying X1 for it, that's for sure.
Zancruz  +   757d ago
Well that's really good for Microsoft. Like so many others, Their exclusives games are getting really old and dated. EA better hope X1 sells well in the European and Asian markets or they will be missing out on Millions maybe even Billions...
ger2396  +   757d ago
Maybe there's a stipulation in the contract. The game must sell a certain amount of copies in order for it to stay exclusive. Just speculating.
theXtReMe1  +   757d ago
Purely from a business standpoint, this is one of the worst decisions I think I've ever seen another business make. Most analysts predict that the PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One at least 2 to 1 throughout its lifetime. So unless Microsoft shelled out, what could be, hundreds of millions of dollars to keep this exclusive. I doubt this was a great business decision.

Truthfully, I could care less if the game came to the PS4, but I know a lot of gamers would want it and I think it's a mistake for them to keep it exclusive. You're talking tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people who won't be contributing to the game economy because they own the PS4.

On top of that, with games like Planetside 2 and Destiny, there will be other options as to what we would've expected had we been able to play this game in our system. Pretty much the same games, if not better.

So, I would suggest to my fellow PlayStation 4 owners to not see this as a loss, but as a gain for another developer(possibly first party, that will take full advantage of the system power... Like Killzone) to make a better experience for our system.
creatchee  +   757d ago

So what's your plan then - have EVERY exclusive that Xbox One has go to PS4 as well because of increased sales potential? Would you want your PS4 exclusives to come to Xbox One so that more money could be made? And before you even say "buh-buh-but PS4 is going to outsell Xbox One" - I agree that it will. But if PS4 sells 100 million, then keeping that 2:1 ratio means that Xbox One will sell 66.6 million. That's a huge market, and given your "missed opportunity" stance, then any PS4 third party exclusive is a mistake as well.

Like it or not, exclusives exist to differentiate the libraries of competing consoles. Titanfall is MS exclusive. It won't have as many sales as if it were a multiplat - so be it. But saying it is a missed opportunity isn't a valid argument because that is the case for EVERY exclusive.
#18.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Destrania  +   757d ago
Yes, but not 3rd party exclusives. M$ should be investing that money into new studios with fresh ideas. Not into a CoD clone with mechs.
#18.1.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
kickerz  +   757d ago
I would suggest to build a bridge ....
Kuse  +   756d ago
You could say the same thing about Deep Down! OMG Why does it have to be exclusive to the PS4!
nope111   757d ago | Offensive
BobBelcher  +   757d ago
lol, so much denial.
Pintheshadows  +   757d ago
That settles that then. I was going to try it on PC anyhow. I just wish it had a proper campaign. I know what Respawn are doing with the story but the universe looks really interesting and I would of welcomed a campaign with open arms.

I think around the time it comes out as well Second Son is due out so everyone will have something great to play regardless. I'm looking forward to Destiny a bit more. The universe in that just looks astounding.
#21 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DA_SHREDDER  +   757d ago
This will never get COD numbers if they dont go multiplat.
BobBelcher  +   757d ago
Respaw might be more about making games than collecting 'CoD numbers.'
DA_SHREDDER  +   757d ago
Well thats so funny you say that considering they are the ones who made COD, and now they aren't gonna try to out sell the competition? Your stupid comment defies all logic. Though their business model defies logic, as well as the fact this is a MP only game. No story mode, no explanation of why. I'd go as far as to say they don't believe in themselves, which is why they aren't trying to compete with their own success. Sure, MS might be payin them billions just to make this a multiplat, which is why it doesn't surprise me why they got to cut so many edges.
jackanderson1985  +   757d ago
halo 3 sold only 2.2 mil less than blops which is the best selling COD...
DA_SHREDDER  +   757d ago
Thats 143 million less dollars in their pockets, its a lose lose situation for games and publishers.
jackanderson1985  +   757d ago
From a revenue point of view yea it's 143 lost. Overall it's considerably less when u take in specific console development costs, advertising and sony's cut
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   757d ago
thier loss
Kayant  +   757d ago
Man that must of cost MS a truckload of moneyhatting considering they're not even publishing or funding it. Big win for MS.
Thomaticus  +   757d ago
Well this is one game I'll never buy. I like Titanfall, but it's ONE game. I am not spending 500 dollars to play ONE game.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   757d ago
That's alright though, we all know (at least according to most people on forums/websites/etc) that everyone has 4k/60fps+ ready machines with 128GB RAM, 8 2TB+ enterprise level SSD's and multiple 4k ready displays + more, so it's all good right? Just play the PC version "it'll be better anyways".
d0nT wOrrY  +   757d ago
I don't get it. What's so special about Titanfall? It's looks so generic to me. I'm really not excited about it at all. So CoDish.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   757d ago
Funny, when there was a possibility for multi-plat everyone was drooling over it, now that its confirmed MS exclusive no one wants it now. lol
TKCMuzzer  +   757d ago
Not really, some of us have felt that way since it was announced. I still watch videos of it now wanting to get excited but I get that nagging COD movement from the aiming etc and I'm hoping to leave that with this Gen. I hope I'm wrong but they know the crowd their after so I imagine that's what the controls are like. As I said I hope I'm wrong.

On a side note, there are alot of people going on about this is a great Microsoft exclusive, I was under the impression they have paid respawn and EA to make it exclusive, its not the same thing. Its a shame Microsoft couldn't actually have more game studios in house, create jobs, encourage creativity etc, I only say this as I personally don't think it good for the industry that Microsoft is throwing so much money at a third party publisher who are greedy enough as it is.
I hope the game is good but third party should be third party and the gamers decide, it should be up to the first party studios to convince us were our money should be going.
d0nT wOrrY  +   756d ago
Did you see me drooling over a mediocre shooter? No? Then shut up.
static360  +   757d ago
ouch, can't get more blunt than that. sony fanboys trying hard to spin this another way. let xbox have this one huh, sony already got great exclusives
Majin-vegeta  +   757d ago
Yea i guess you guys could have this since you guys need all the stuff you can muster after the BF fiasco and next up COD.

If i like what I see i'll get it on my 360 in the bargain bin.
mhunterjr  +   757d ago
I don't think the typical gamer cares about the BF and COD resolutions as much as you do. I mean really, people just by the version for which ever console they have, and play it. They may never in there life see it being played on another console.

Truth be told, if a game is fun, people will buy it.

Look at your own logic, your more that willing to settle for the 360 version, so graphics can't be that important to you.
#27.1.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
XboxFun  +   757d ago
You mean the BF and CoD game that we are still getting plus on top of that, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break!

Compared to Killzone and.......

Oh and the indie titles you guys have, but I'll just play all those gems on my PC.

Told you Majin, if you want to play Titanfall so bad get a Xbox One. I'll save a mech just for you.

Now CoD graphics matter...lmao, the hilarity of it all.
#27.1.2 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
christocolus  +   757d ago
@xbox fun

you forgot halo5, fable legends ,d4 and kinect sports rivalz..all within the first year of xbx ones launch window..
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   757d ago
Thought you guys didn't care about CoD though? Not a real core gamers game? Thats what I hear around here a lot anyways, so whats it matter what res it runs at? lol?
j-blaze  +   757d ago
get it on 360, PC or XB1, in the end your money will go to MS :D
bu..but...iz coming to ps4!1!! lol
Zack_attack  +   756d ago
Vegeta is so salty bc it took him forever to go super saiyan. Cheer up kid.
#27.1.6 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
theinitialmender  +   757d ago
guess i'll get it on PC then
nope111  +   757d ago
No, seriously though, i'm quite surprised EA wouldn't take take the chance to make more moolah.

Still don't believe it though, EA is EA, *looks at Mass Effect 2*
deadfrag  +   757d ago
Microsoft payed up front a big fat check to be a completly exclusive on Microsoft machines.The great problem will be if it Bombs;and been a MP only game it certain can have the same faith has Shadow run,APB,Brink...especially knowing that M$ Already haves a Multiplayer battle Horse set in the same gendre and thats HALO.
#29.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
_FantasmA_  +   756d ago
I'm guessing M$ spent a lot on this game, so that means more ads, higher Live prices, or worse: no more new franchises, but you will see Titanfail 4 when the Xbone is dying out in a few years.
Kujii  +   757d ago
+1 for suprised. Had my fingers crossed for a 1 year timed exclusive.

Might pick up an X1 next year afterall.
Destrania  +   757d ago
I love that this 'exclusive' is coming to 360 and PC lol. Apparently Xbots don't know what that word really means. Truth be told though, I was never excited for this like I am for BF4 and Killzone, so no biggie. It just seems like CoD with mechs, and I hate CoD. Not even going to bother with the PC version either. Sony has and will have more than enough incredible exclusives for me this generation and next-generation. Edit: With the way EA does business, I'll bet even though they made this claim it will end up on PS4 at some point, and I still won't buy it lol.
#30 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
lastofgen  +   757d ago
Who says it's exclusive to the xbox one?
It's exclusive to microsoft platforms, but not to the xbox one.

Besides, I can definitely see titanfall becoming the next gears for microsoft. It probably won't sell halo numbers, but it can do an easy and cool 5-6 million, give or take
TKCMuzzer  +   757d ago
I don't know, its multiplayer only and its full price, that will effect sales. I know many who only bought gears for the campaign and hardly touched the multiplayer.
secretcode  +   757d ago
The precise term that Microsoft has used wasn't "Console exclusive", but rather "Microsoft Exclusive", so that covers Xbox 360, Xbox One and Games For Windows Live.
Ashes2Ashes  +   757d ago
They have been touting as a next gen console exclusive. Which it is. I like to look at it more as a Microsoft exclusive since it is only on their platforms... Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows.
TKCMuzzer  +   757d ago
Its not a Microsoft exclusive as they have contributed nothing to creating the game. Its exclusive due to money, simple as that.
_FantasmA_  +   756d ago
Yeah this game looks lame. I wouldn't buy if it on PS4 or PC either. I can't stand COD and anything related to it.
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