Battlefield 4 Xbox One vs PS4: Critics claim Sony's version shines brightest

Most reviewers claim resolution and frame-rate is superior on PlayStation

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Robbie22321604d ago

Kind of goes without saying now... This has become the norm in recent journalist views on the two new consoles.

Angels37851604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

The hardware difference is present when comparing the pixel output of each game. The final digital foundry analysis will confirm.

People need to get the whole hardeware difference

Gaming1011604d ago

People also need to keep in mind that the HDMI settings were not able to be changed, so RGB settings may or may not be set to full (defaulted was set to limited on PS3).
Quite frankly I think a comparison where both consoles are properly configured would be more valid.
However, pretty much every comparison that says PS4 performs better might as well be filed under "DUH"

FATAL1TY1604d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall > BF4 PS4 > Cod ghosts > xbox 720p

pedrof931604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )


xbox 720p - Ps4 + Cod ghosts = Doritos .

GameNameFame1604d ago

Clear Cut.

Please I hope fanboys stop saying 50 percent dont matter. LOL that was pathetic argument to begin with.

bigboirock1604d ago

It's only a lil better say all of them and they didn't even review the whole game for the xbox one day one patch to make the xbox one version a lil better

Pogmathoin1604d ago Show
Kryptix1604d ago


And you got so many disagrees for being in denial. Represents that no matter where you go, there will always be that one person calling bullshit on facts presented.

XisThatKid1603d ago

It's normal practice. There's almost always a lead platform in these 3rd parties. For this game it's PS4.

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FlunkinMonkey1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I can't even look at these insane MS fanboys and their new level of delusion saying the XBone version looked better without shaking my head, it's quite unbelievable.

The AA was shocking compared, it couldn't handle the higher resolution that the PS4 had, it had insane amount of lens flare to hide the cracks, and not one critic in the industry has said the XBone version looked better.. In fact it's the exact opposite.

I used to feel sorry for you that you were getting gimped on a more expensive system.. But now with all the proof that these games are running worse on XBone and you are still stupid enough to buy it, there's no hope. (not including the insane amount of other factors how MS are gimping you).

The most ignorant set of gamers i have witnessed, ever.

Regis1604d ago

Except for Mr. X who we all know is FAKE and a Big Fat Phony.

Soc51604d ago

I'm getting a ps4 but I'm not gonna act like it's a huge difference. Come on its slightly better lets stay grounded, and not act like it's a huge difference when they look pretty similar lol

Godoftheweek1604d ago

Bubbles for you sir. They remind me of Fox news viewers. They delude themselves into thinking All the other media is lying, only Fox news tells the truth.

All of the gaming media is

FITgamer1604d ago

There must be some subliminal messages in the adds on the 360 dashboard that are responsible for the insane amount of delusion. I mean they all can't naturally be this delusional.

Benchm4rk1604d ago

All fanboys are delusional and sound ridiculous. Can't we all just play the games we want and enjoy them for what they are and not for how much detail a blade of grass has which no one is going to notice while they are actually playing the game.

Godoftheweek1604d ago


Blanket, generalized statements with no verifiable factual evidence to back it up is illogical. The framerate and resolution differences are valid news that clearly back up the claims of the PS4 being significantly more powerful. One is not automatically a fanboy if they bring up valid arguments.

Benchm4rk1604d ago


You sir are exactly what's wrong with the gaming community. Whether the Sony version or Xbox version looks better shouldn't matter. Enjoy the games for what they are. At the end of the day if your playing battlefield 4 on the PS4/Xbox One your going to experience the same thing. Differences will only be noticed when running games side by side.

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showtimefolks1604d ago

if 3rd party games are showing the power of ps4 just imagine what the 1st party studios and their games will look like compare to xbox one exclusives. I still believe MS should have focused in gaming and really should have invested into a gaming first top notch machine. but they are too worried about casuals and kinect crowd along with being an entertainment box

someone needs to tell MS this is gaming first and foremost

ps3 was more powerful than xbox 360 but was also very hard to develop for, now ps4 is more powerful again like ps3 but this time no hassle development is gonna make even a bigger difference

ps4-1080P-60FPS on launch
xbox one-720-30FPS on launch

both may improve but to achieve 1080p this early on a new machine is nice

Talamak1604d ago

Just wondering what you thought of the Indicud album seeing that it is your user pic and all?

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1604d ago

Its only an early multiplat but you can already see the power of the ps4 gpu compared to xbone, i mainly game on PC so i notice the graphics difference immediatley.

Zoomer761604d ago

Bloody hell I didnt realise gaming on a pc improved your console comparison vision, you clever chap you ;-)

On topic, After seeing the comparison videos im pretty comfortable with my console of choice, I must admit I had my doubts with all the negative sh*t flying about for the last few few months. 50% more powerful my arse!

cell9891604d ago

keep kidding your self sir, this is only the beginning, if you cant see the red flags by now, you have no business gaming on the PSN, one less troll to deal with in voice chat

Zoomer761604d ago

@cell989 so because I chose xbone over ps4 and my untrained I cant see a difference in the comparison footage im a troll. You insecure fool "sir"

HammadTheBeast1604d ago

Well, your choice is your choice. Enjoy. Titanfall looks epic.

Soc51604d ago

Your arse is 50 percent more powerful? Does lightning come out of it?

They make take away our lives but they will never take our freedom!!!

ThanatosDMC1604d ago

Titanfall looks great... on PC.

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Soc51604d ago

Hey Pope, how come you only have one bubble? What did you do?

Mikelarry1604d ago

im sorry i didnt need critics to tell me. from the video's and images i was able to see for myself

bobsmith1604d ago

lol xbone a first class experience.. ps4 is better than first class

Pascalini1604d ago

It's obvious it looked better on xb1

Angels37851604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

^^^That actually works quite well considering among the critics and people who have viewed both versions its almost a completely indisputed viewpoint

Deadpoolio1604d ago

Exactly...Not 1 site has said that the One80 version looks better....It doesn't look terrible but it damn sure doesn't look better than the PS4 version, you might even be able to maybe see an xbot argument IF there were sites saying it but when several sites all say the PS4 version is better it's pretty much fact at that point unless of course your delusional

n4rc1604d ago

Said the digital foundry article...

As you may notice in our screengrabs, the actual results on PS4 lack the corresponding level of crystal clarity we'd expect of such a significant resolution boost. This should surely be a home run for Sony's console, but what is likely to be a software-based upscale to 1080p delivers less-than-stellar returns, and for better or worse leaves the Xbox One with an often crisper looking, albeit much more aliased image.

Posting this again.. But to clarify, I'm not saying x1 is better or any such thing... But it isn't clear cut... Ps4 shines in areas but not across the board..

The article clearly says the x1 appears to have a crisper image despite being at a supposed resolution disadvantage.. Tho when both consoles are upscaling to 1080, I can't see how reviewers can definitively conform native resolution

RegorL1603d ago

@ n4rc, crispier is not always better...

Cheap digital cameras often add lots of post processing sharpness to make it look sharper.

It pleases the eye - but it is not how the world looks like!

But I am not sure that is the only issue at hand.
XBox One has a big installable texture pack.
PS4 should be able to handle big textures better than Xbox one (the whole PS4 memory is a high speed texture memory)

It could be that PS4 SP runs with good enough texture packs streamed from Bluray. Time will tell...

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DigitalRaptor1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I hope this denial isn't going to continue this entire generation.

We've already seen the extreme, extreme denial for so many months, with Xbots going as far as calling Sony fans "the worst" for stating the obvious of what has been staring us in the face, so I can imagine this must sting for so many of the fanboys on here. I wonder if the XBL rumours are true. If so, you guys are in for some tough treatment.

Nekroo911604d ago

so all major websites, and critics are saying that the ps4 version is superior..

now thats what i call denial... get real kid

Destrania1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

It's completely true, so obviously you have no brain. Maybe if you find the wizard of Oz, he can provide you with one. And a PS4.

Clunkyd1604d ago

seems like youre the one in denial.

C0LLAT1604d ago


Nekroo911604d ago

Now i get why i got disagrees, my previous coment was directed to the guy saying that the x1 outshines the ps4.

and i said how so if all the majo websites, like polygon eurogamer etc are saying that the ps is superior

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JodyCones1604d ago

Met to disagree with you there.

johndoe112111604d ago

Great use of that bubble.

SpideySpeakz1604d ago

..Says the monkey.

Stop clowning around, skip. Wipe the MS cum out your eyes, and see the truth.

quenomamen1604d ago

How's that glaucoma coming along brah ?

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