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PS4 Launch Games to be Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Target on November 15th/16th, According to Leaked Flyer

It seems as though a lot of interesting PS4 information is leaking today, with Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall already having their box arts get an unboxing video and more. - PSLS (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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TrendyGamers  +   553d ago
Wow, this is an awesome deal.
Merrill  +   553d ago
Bullshit if this doesn't come to Canada too!
HyperBear  +   553d ago
It won't....just you wait and see. Target Canada is such B.S. compared to Target US.
TrendyGamers  +   553d ago
I don't think there are enough Target stores in Canada yet to make it worthwhile for them, unfortunately.
darthv72  +   553d ago
this is one hell of a marketing campaign for target.
MELMAN26  +   553d ago
Damn I wish they had this for the xb1...I would be set. :o(
AliTheSnake1  +   553d ago
This is nice.
1.Battlefield 4
2.Call of Duty: Ghosts
3.Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition OR NBA 2k14
sincitysir1  +   553d ago
Can I do this if I preorder today?!? I don't wanna miss out on this
Eonjay  +   553d ago
Wait, so if I buy 4 games can I get two free. Well hell yeah if I pay separately! I am about to clean the hell up at Target.
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kneon  +   553d ago
Canada already had a similar deal months ago at Futureshop. They had a buy 3 or more and get $20 off each game, so it amounts to the same thing. I think I ordered 11 games if I recall correctly
zeee  +   553d ago
awesome if true!!
Chie_Satonaka  +   553d ago
Here's the catch. There's only two launch games.
mikeslemonade  +   553d ago
Good deal considering early generation games are usually slow at dropping price.
ShutUpDonny  +   553d ago
Good deals almost never comes to Canada. It's racism against our universal health care.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   553d ago

Bubble +1, that was funny!
UltimateMaster  +   552d ago
It won't come to Canada.
Black Friday is a US event.
You may have to wait until your Boxing Day arrives to get the same promo, if it comes.
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rainslacker  +   553d ago
Unfortunately, Target does this often on products where they don't think things through, and they will post a notice near their door saying that it was a misprint and won't honor the deal. I may show up at Target though and try. Worth a shot at least.

Could also try to match it at Amazon or Best Buy as well. According to the flyer it's not actually contained to the pictured games, says, "and more in-store"
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BLAKHOODe  +   553d ago
Just get a copy of the ad and take it to Walmart - they price match! So, if Target backs out, you should still be able to get the deal.
JustJdog  +   553d ago
Do you think this will apply to Xbox One games as well?
LetoAtreides82  +   553d ago
BlackHoode, Walmart price-matches but that's about it, they don't match deals. Same goes for Best Buy.
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Sitdown  +   553d ago
This deal is not out of the ordinary, so I doubt it was a misprint.
crazysammy  +   552d ago
Target runs a Buy 2 Get 1 deal every year. I would be very surprised if they backed out. They know what they are doing. They want the ps4 crowd buying everything there.
solidt12  +   553d ago
1. pick up PS4 from ___(fill in the blank)
2. run to target and buy 2 get 1 free before supply runs out and you are stuck with the crappiest launch titles.
Deadpoolio  +   553d ago
Sony doesn't really have any crappy launch titles per say....Nothing sounds completely terrible, the only questionable one that people will probably still try and like seems like it would be Knack
GT67  +   553d ago
@ Deadpoolio

there are thousands of gamers not interested in first person shooters so KNACK be right up their ally.
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3-4-5  +   553d ago
Buy 2 get 1 Free is awesome for next gen launch games.
lilbrat23  +   553d ago
This is a VERY awesome DEAL :-D I wonder if Best Buy will match it?
GrandpaSnake  +   553d ago
i do the same thing with vita games, i pretty much didnt pay for 7 games.
MegaRay  +   553d ago
Wouldn't they lose more money than gains?
dbjj12088  +   553d ago
I think the point is to get people that might have bought their console elsewhere to go to Target and get all the high-revenue accessories with this game deal.
darthv72  +   553d ago
@mega, target might lose $$ but that is a risk they are willing to take.

if they can get customers into the store for such a deal then there is potential for those customers to also buy accessories and a unit (if they have stock).
MELMAN26  +   553d ago
If they had this for the xb1, I would buy a controller from them.
jukins  +   553d ago
na the margins on games are low average retail place makes 15-18% so while they might lose money more often than not ppl will buy something else to go along with the purchase since they're "saving money" like a high profit margin controller or camera, as dbjj12088 said, or something else in the store.
MoB21  +   553d ago
So, question is will I be getting my PS4/Games at midnight at Gamestop, or will I only get my PS4 at gamestop and have to wait until Friday to buy some games? Too sweet a deal since I'm buying two games anyways, but no way I'll be able to wait lol
Jac5al  +   553d ago
Wait it out and save some money.
Rai  +   553d ago
If you're getting your PS4 on launch day, thats a friday.
MoB21  +   553d ago
Come on, you really consider Midnight Thursday the same as Friday? Not technically speaking of course
thejigisup  +   553d ago
@MoB21 I won't be sleeping till Sunday night so yeah might as well be.
MoB21  +   552d ago
@JigIsUp True. Though having my PS4 sitting there with no games to play will be 100x worse than me having my DS4 and no PS4 to use it on xD
thejigisup  +   545d ago
@mob21 then buy some games ya bum
MELMAN26  +   553d ago
Play a few Indies or demo's until for a few hours until target opens.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   553d ago
But target will be having a midnight launch to, so if the sell is friday they can would have to honor it @ midnight aswell.
GT67  +   553d ago
or!!! you could wait after Black friday target have to have a sale to reduce ps4 price.... any produce in retail must be sold or reduce before the following year (fact) so whatever price it is in 2013 cant be the same in 2014 by law......same apply to automobiles,computers,cell phone etc.......
a sale is technically a unwanted item holding up space.
kurruptor  +   553d ago
GT67 what are you smoking?
supraking951  +   552d ago
Get your ps4, download and play the free ps+ games and all the cool F2P games first.
acharlez  +   553d ago
What a deal!
KwietStorm  +   553d ago
Less than 3 weeks and now this is announced -_-
SmokeyMcBear  +   553d ago | Intelligent
uh oh this means that the ps4 is having trouble with selling, can't believe they are resorting to this tactic so early, its proof that the PS4 isnt going to sell a lot.
2paclives  +   553d ago
Negative son. It's a target thing. You wouldn't understand.
jacksons98  +   553d ago
Or just maybe they are thinking there are a thousands of people ready to spend money on PS4 and they want a good piece of that action.
Brix90  +   553d ago
You forgot the (/s) sarcasm sign...I forgot Sony has complete control of Target and tells them how to sell their products /s...
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baraka007  +   553d ago
RandomDude655  +   553d ago
How did this get marked as intelligent when it's a 10 to 1 ratio favoring disagrees.

This site is stupid lol.
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SmokeyMcBear  +   552d ago
because I made is so.. bwahahahaha
The_Sneauxman  +   552d ago
Smokey has been in the M$ cloud a little too long and is stuck in a butthurt mentality. I'll pray for you...
SmokeyMcBear  +   552d ago
Everyone is so serious here, no sense of humor anymore.
SlapHappyJesus  +   553d ago
That's actually a great deal.
Swiggins  +   553d ago
This is a great deal, can't wait...just 2 weeks left people! :D
BobbytheBuilder  +   553d ago
wow thats a really great deal, theres so many game I want to play
iWishTifaWasReal  +   553d ago
This better come to Canada.
T2  +   553d ago
Dont even go to target in Canada its a total scam they just match prices of the stores nearby never any good deals
EXVirtual  +   552d ago
Target Canada sucks Donkey balls.
MaverickStar7  +   553d ago
I've got enough games reserved for launch already, but this is too good to pass up.
Athlon  +   553d ago
Don't pass it up. Get your money back on those reserved games and buy them at Target instead. I sure as heck would if I were you. What's a few hours difference if you get an extra game for free? It's not like you'll play all three games to completion in a span of those few hours? ;-)
MaverickStar7  +   553d ago
Well out of 7 games, they are either all fully paid with trade in credit or part of a bundle from amazon, except one. The only thing left is to go to Target and get Madden, NBA, and Knack.
Athlon  +   553d ago
I hear ya. I so wish Need For Speed: Rivals came out that day as well instead of the following week. Hopefuly, they make a mistake and have it on the shelves. :-)
jaymart2k  +   553d ago
Good thing I never pre-ordered a game at Gamestop yet.Will head out to Target afterwards.
nevin1  +   553d ago
Not a good deal considering most of the launch games are ports from PS3/360.
Ketzicorn  +   553d ago
Which game is a port other than maybe AC4,COD,and BF4.Killzone and Knack are not. Madden,Fifa, and NBA 2k are not ad they were built with different engines and for next gen.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   552d ago
battlefield 4 is definitely not "port" standards.
matrixman92  +   553d ago
it sucks that target doesnt look like it will be open at midnight on launch...i would totally pick my preorder up from gamestop, then drive a block over to target and pick up AC4, BF4, and killzone
Ketzicorn  +   553d ago
Yeah my Gamestop is in a Target parking lot. Sucks I have to wait.
rainslacker  +   553d ago
For me Target is in the same parking lot as GameStop.:) Gonna give it a try on Friday. Sure I can choose 3 games I've been on the fence about.
sigfredod  +   553d ago
wow, blood will flow on target aisles those 2 days , lol
itisallaboutps  +   553d ago
You are getting games for 40 dollars each. That comes to about 33.3 percent discount which seems very very odd. They wouldnt be making any money. They would be loosing money. If they sell accessories they might just break even. Seems like a very very risky move but one that also smells fishy
matrixman92  +   553d ago
I read that they supposedly did this same sale for vita as well..so it might turn out true
mhunterjr  +   553d ago
Nah it's not very risky at all. It's Christmas time. If they can lure you into their store with a sweet deal, they'll likely convince you to pick up some other items that have huge margins.
Wedge19  +   553d ago
Hmm might need to cancel my pre-orders for games now...
CalebZachary8411  +   553d ago
Cancelling my pre-orders for AC4 and Killzone and going to Target. Will get them along with Battlefield or Knack.
Tout Man Ifik  +   553d ago
Quick question. Is this deal also good for online purchases? If so does anyone know if they ship internationally? Thanks in advance.
Iltapalanyymi  +   553d ago
The deal cant get any better than this.
>cheap console
>2 games +1 free!

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Athlon  +   553d ago
Just added this event to my phone's calendar. I'm definitely NOT going to post it on facebook. Don't want all the games being gone before I get here. lol
nosferatuzodd  +   553d ago
lol good advice
Lboogieskells  +   553d ago
Sarobi  +   553d ago
I must attend to this.
ipach  +   553d ago
well then. guess i might pick up a copy of knack after all...
AbortMission  +   553d ago
I'm going to buy a THIRD PS4 in Target
DunDee910  +   553d ago
I only hope I can include NBA Live 14 if this is true.
MikeGdaGod  +   553d ago
nosferatuzodd  +   553d ago
nice cant wait not going to lie i haven't bin so excited since super Nintendo boy this ps4 is really kicking up
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   553d ago
amazon.de has the same offer ^^ though games in Germany are way more expensive than in the US
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DivineAssault  +   553d ago
KZ, AC4, & Knack.. Gtn my ps4 eye after work this friday.. I work midnights so ill have to stay awake & play some KZ then go & put in my 12hr shift & play again.. I might be up a good 24hrs str8 lol.. Ill be off sat, sun, & mon to enjoy it though.. Also get paid 3x in november so im going all out on this bad boy.. 3TB HDD, games, any accessories i want, etc.. Then ill pay the bills with the other 2 checks lol.. NO XBONE!!!! Not until i see a price drop & better value for their services..
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