Why The Vita’s Time Is Now

Grainger Games takes a look at the PS Vita and how the console's fortunes are set to pick up with the release of the PlayStation 4 and PS Link app.

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SuperBlur1423d ago

I will get one eventually , currently giving my wallet a break . can't wait to try the tv add-on and the couch co-op thingy haha

hellzsupernova1423d ago

Great piece of hardware, I bought one cause I was travelling allot for work now haven't played it in a while, did get hotline Miami the other day for it though.

mikeslemonade1423d ago

It's such a pretty piece of hardware. I must say the Vita and PSP phat are the slickest looking devices at its respective times.

Even though I don't play it, it's worth the purchase just to own one. It's a slick collectible that looks good in your "man cave".

insomnium21423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Atm I play Dragon's crown on my way to work. I get an hour and a half of gaming almost every day. Great game! Best handheld ever. Just battling to get my anime converted with subs on it. Pain in my butt for real. Any help?

bulbulito1423d ago


try using handbrake. i convert MKVs to MP4s with burned (hardcoded) subtitles

SuperBlur1423d ago

I'm really enjoying Hotline Miami on PS3. I had originally bought it on pc and i thought the controls would suck so damn much on console but i was wrong , they made it really enjoyable . How does it compare on Vita?

0ut1awed1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I don't currently own a PS3 nor have I tried the PC version (even though PC is my main platform for gaming these days).

That said Hotline Miami seems like an amazing fit for the Vita. The controls also seem fine. You just "pull" the touch screen around to see farther. You can also use the touch screen to target people although of course you can use the right analog stick to control targeting as well.

The combination makes for some pretty useful situations, such as going ahead and hard targeting the first guy in the start of a combo.

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itBourne1423d ago

I want one, I do, I just cant see paying that much for another handheld device, my phone is enough, because if I go somewhere typically I am driving. If I am there and do not have a ps3 or my desktop I use my laptop, so it is hard to justify. I liked my psp, and I do use my ds, but maybe once every other month at most.

At the same point a new Patapon (non main hero/mp focused) and I would totally be suckered in lol. Nintendo almost did the same with the 3ds and Pokemon, then I played Ni No Kuni, and said fuck you Pokemon, u shld of done this 5 years ago, I do no need you no more.

Thehyph1423d ago

I can see what you mean. My vita always accompanies either mine or the girlfriend's work day, but that's only because we both have jobs where there's time and the ability to play it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bought it.

As an aside, Vitas are one of the most rugged pieces of mobile tech out there. I would bet on it over any smart phone, tablet or the 3DS any day. Thing's like a brick.

SuperBlur1423d ago

You should look into getting a VITA TV , it's a stripped down VITA to plug on your tv and play vita games that do not make use of the touchpad and you can also stream your ps4 games to it. I will have much fun with that thing , i have moved my ps3 around so much .

Knushwood Butt1423d ago

@ steve

Yeah, mine got accidentally soaked once. I dried it up, opened all openings, and left it to dry out for 24 hours. To my surprise, it worked fine! Only noticeable change was that the blue LED under the PS/Home button was much weaker for months after, but now it is back to normal.

I was sure it was never going to come back from that soaking, but it did!


I don't recommend anyone trying to re-enact this incident.

0ut1awed1422d ago


Look at my comment below. It might help you out.

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0ut1awed1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

When you do, go to ebay/craigslist.

I've gotten both myself and my roommate pretty much brand new Vitas for around $120 with a bit of searching. You can also get bundles of whatever people are selling for pretty good deals too. For example I saw the Assassins Creed White edition Vita bundle with the game and the 4gb card about a week ago on ebay. It had been used once and it had a buy it now price of $140 shipped.

Like I said, it just takes a little bit of searching but it will defiantly pay off.

FamilyGuy1423d ago

*Impatiently waiting on the PS Vita Tv*

GdaTyler1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Just import it when it releases on the 14th so no need to wait so much.

0ut1awed1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Outside of PS4 remote play I'm not really sure why someone would want the Vita Tv over a regular Vita.

Games like Killzone look damn good for a portable but they are also running on a 5 inch screen at a resolution lower than 720p. Even then I can look closely and nitpick a lot of things when compared to PS3 graphics. Simply put, these games are going to look very rough on big screen tvs. It will probably be pretty comprable to a good looking PS2 game.

Not to mention Vita games are designed with a front and rear touch panel in mind. When the games are atually compatible with a ds3/4 it will still more than likely be a lackluster experience in comparison.

IMO if you're getting a Vita Tv mainly to play Vita games, you're doing it wrong. If you look at my post above you can see that you canget a Vita for around the same price the Vita Tv will cost too.

FamilyGuy1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

No interest or use in portable gaming. I don't take public transportation or have any place outside of my home where I'd play video games. The Vita itself has exclusives that I'm interested and would prefer to play them on a tv. The Vita Tv allows this, it's only $100 and with the PS4 remote play an second screen co-op ability it's a really worthwhile purchase for me. Playing a split screen co-op game on two separate tvs rather than splitting the screen alone is worth the $100. Remote play just adds to that when you go on trips or to a friends house.

PS Vita Tv output in 720 and the games look better than PS2 games already. Anyone that was content with the original Wii would have no issues with the PS Vita Tv graphics.

GdaTyler1422d ago

Finally I get the feature I have been longing for even since the days of the PSP. I've always even wanted to play PS3 games on Vita, but one day it will happen!!!!

Evil_Abed1423d ago

Remote play is a gimmick that will lose its novelty fast as far as Vita interest is concerned. Soon enough it will go back to collecting dust unless and until Sony stop marketing it as a companion device.

colonel1791423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

What? For you might be, which will never own a PS Vita in the first place. I have my PS3 connected, but can barely play on the TV. Remote play is going to be ideal for me. And definitely a lot of people.

GutZ311423d ago

I will be using it to play PS4 games on the toilet.

GuruMeditation1423d ago

@GutZ31 agreed, it was either this or a commode. Greatness, and a huge circular ass-crease, await.

Thehyph1423d ago

Ahahaha +funny bub Guru

hulk_bash19871423d ago

My Vita has never collected dust since I got one on launch day. And with remote play and gaikai implementation next year I'll have less reason to put it down.

paul-p19881423d ago

PS1/PSP/PSVita/PS4 games on the go... yeah, gimmick that will collect dust...

I play mine everyday, probably more than i play my PS3 now. Normally i play my handheld as a secondary device, just for quick bursts of gameplay, but the vita is that good that it's almost completely stopped me playing my PS3

MatrixxGT1422d ago

Sorry, remote play (if it works like sony has shown) will be vitas killer app. It will be the reason people with ps4's will want to own a vita.
Not to mention its also a very powerful stand alone handheld is awesome.

People that talk down vita either just dont have any interest in it anyway or trying to jump on the doom gloom bandwagon. Most potential buyers are waiting until next generation is here or more games come. But vita itself is the best gaming hardware or any electronic I have ever held to date.

Evil_Abed1422d ago

Bookmark this conversation. Time will prove me right.

Hicken1422d ago

Don't you guys get tired of trolling?

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CocoWolfie1423d ago

a lot of people are actually fond of portable gaming, with the ps4 being its buddy, with more games on the way (hopefully god eater 2 >_<) i think its true! :)

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