Play Online - Welcome to the Second Semester: Persona 3 FES

"My career with play magazine officially began in December of 2005. I didn't start writing reviews right away, either for the magazine or this website, but looking back I've had about twenty-six issues (and the equivalent amount of internet time) worth of scores. In that span of time, never once have I given any game (or other relevant product) a "10" until Persona 3 FES. So, for me, this review is sort of an event. I tossed and turned for many a night, trying to decide if FES really was a game worthy of such a score. Is it? For me, at the end of the day, I don't regret attaching that number to my review in any way; if any game I have played in my time at play has deserved a ten, there is not one doubt in my mind that that game is this one. FES is not perfect; never once have I played a game that I considered perfect, where no ideas came to my head about what could have been changed, improved, or reworked, and FES was no exception."

Why FES deserves the score I have given it is simple: this is not merely a fabulous game made better, it is a love letter from Atlus, a thank you to the fans who sung the praises of Persona 3 and a chance for those gamers who missed out on the experience the first time around to make their introduction to the game even sweeter."

It truly dawned on me how amazing of a game the original Persona 3 was when, after having spent 90+ hours in my first time through, ten minutes after starting my second play-through via FES I realized just how much I honestly missed these characters and their adventures. It was like meeting an old friend again after a long time apart, and even though I already knew the story they wanted to tell me and how it ends, I still found myself engrossed in the tale that unraveled before me. Even if you already own the original, pick up FES for its new content and Aigis-centered additional chapter, or simply as a good excuse to give the game another go. For the rest of you, Persona 3 FES is one of the best RPGs the PS2 has ever received, and one of the console's proudest moments period."

- Eric L Patterson

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