Video Games Are a Drug...

If you've ever been addicted to heroin or World of Warcraft, you're aware that breaking the addiction is a difficult task. It takes a Herculean effort, and even if you're able to break the cycle of abuse, you can always be drawn back into it the instant you're contacted by one of your old friends with a scroll of resurrection. It's not just the addiction factor - here are other ways video games and drugs correlate (besides potheads getting stoned and playing).

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Bio_Mod1603d ago

"potheads getting stoned and playing" ;)

darthv721603d ago i have huey lewis 'i want a new drug' playing in my head.

stavrami1603d ago

i be all like jacking up ps4 in me veins braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Majin-vegeta1603d ago

Well then it's the best damn drug ever.

baraka0071603d ago

stop shooting ps4 into your scrotum Billy!!

CocoWolfie1603d ago

hello my name is damian and im an addict.

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The story is too old to be commented.