Origin code apparently gives you Battlefield 3 for free

EA are giving away free copies of Battlefield 3 on PC for everyone today now that Battlefield 4 has launched.

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kingxtreme811451d ago

That code actually worked for me!

Awesome and thanks!

abzdine1451d ago

it's free for PS+ members, just in case you guys didn't know

BiggCMan1451d ago

IT WORKED FOR ME!!!! As of 4pm Eastern it is indeed working!

Above ^ Yes but as great as BF3 was, it was very ugly on PS3. This is on PC, where it just begs to be played.

KillerByte231451d ago

Here is the code if anyone is wondering

Deathdeliverer1451d ago

Didn't work for me. BOOOO! lol.

sorane1451d ago

Yeah not working for me either. I get the confirmation, but hit next and it says error try again later.

KillerByte231451d ago

For me it says
An error has occurred while trying to process your request, Please try again later

Convas1451d ago

Whenever codes for Origin are being given away or solid for cheap, Origin mysteriously stops functioning.


Sheikah1451d ago

Yeah... Strange that :p

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