CVG-PS4 XMB Revealed - Loading Battlefield 4 from the start screen

PS4 XMB Revealed - Loading Battlefield 4 from the start screen: We boot up Battlefield 4 from the PlayStation 4 XMB and see how long it takes to load a game on Sony's slick new next-gen machine. Is this what you expected?

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s8anicslayer1365d ago

That PS4 UI background music really is relaxing.

xHeavYx1365d ago

Just 30 seconds for the game to come up, nice

Maddens Raiders1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Yeah, Sony have really went all out in creating this system with heart and soul and it shows. Damn I just hope they don't remove that soothing UI background music like they removed the startup chime on the PS3. I think with the power of the PS4 they won't have to.

infamous-butcher1365d ago

I'd like to see how long it takes to get into a game from the 'xmb'

gaffyh1365d ago

Not the final UI, it's somewhat similar to the dev UI that PS3 test kits had. I'm sure the final UI is good, but would like to see it.

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ZodTheRipper1365d ago

You know you're hyped when you get excited for such a video lol

dale_denton1365d ago

pretty good, it would be awesome if we could get custom xmb music too!

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scott1821365d ago

Damn that's sexy, and that's not even the final UI. Why the hell didn't I pre order the PS4!! I hope I can get one at launch still.

vividi1365d ago

Good luck! I hope you find one

4lc4pon31365d ago Show
abzdine1365d ago

would be stupid not to try pre-ordering one still

Sevir1365d ago

Logistic issues, lol! Im super excited for the PS4.

★★★ Its almost time

Xsilver1365d ago

No "Logistics & Licensing Issues" here :)

GraveLord1365d ago

I wish they didn't do this video. It's unfinished so it doesn't do it enough justice.

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ZBlacktt1365d ago

God and I sit here and wait 10 mins every single time I go to play GTAV here on the PS3, lol... very srs.

I love that music background on the PS4. Such a high end piece of electronics feeling. Thanks so much for the video.

PixelNinja1365d ago

A true electronic version of the main theme that atleast does the original theme some justice.

Drekken1365d ago

Yeah, I would open GTAV and go get a snack, mow the yard, run a mile and it will be done loading. It is nice that there aren't many loads after the initial.

Iltapalanyymi1365d ago

WOW. Just wow! PS4 sounds are really awesome and games start really fast even on Devkit!

Wizziokid1365d ago

love that background music

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