Can the Quantum3 engine from High Voltage match 360, PS3 visuals?

The announcement of The Conduit and its graphical capabilities made a splash around the Internet. The developers have been pushing their Quantum3 engine to the max in order to achieve visuals that could boast graphics similar to the Xbox360 and PS3. What exactly can the Quantum3 engine generate? Many known effects of the engine can be seen below:

Real-time effects

- Reflections
- Refractions
- Shadow casting
- Dynamic environment mapping
- Shadows


- 1-4 stage texture composition (for surface detail)
- RGB gloss maps
- Cyclic, linear translation/rotation (material effects)
- Standard tangent space normal maps with real-time adjustable bump intensity
- Bump lighting

Other graphical effects

Global illumination
Per-vertex lightmapping
Dynamic omni, directional, point, spot and projected texture lights

Skeletal, keyframe based animation

Motion blur
Heat distortion
Alpha masking

Specular and Fresnel effect

Interactive water

*More graphical effects can be produced through the Quantum3 engine, but the entire specifics of its capabilities have not been revealed.

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GutZ313891d ago

What the hell, the specs don't tell anything.

Translation of specs:
There are some stuff it can do, we are showing about half the stuff the PS3 and 360 can do, and then not telling how well the Wii can do it(no numerical values).

they arnt giving away any real info, it would be like me saying that the XNA has bump maping... SO THERE!...
or saying that the PS3 has vector shaders.... SO THERE AGAIN!!...

So how powerful are these specs, and what can they really do in an actual game.

titntin3890d ago

If you want a smile - check out the demo video of it - posted in here somewhere yesterday. It looked pretty ordinary to me - and that was without any game code to run. To suggest its capable of 360 or PS3 type visuals is really a bit rich. I'm all for the WII getting a better engine, but to pretend its as graphically capable as the 360 and PS3 is to be delusional! :)

GutZ313890d ago

Yea, they are basically saying what every console on this, and last gen can do.
Its pretty sad to use these specs to get hits.

gtgcoolkid3890d ago

I think the engine will probably be better than what is being done right now but visuals comparing it to 360 and PS3 is bit far. But its the company's point to flaunt their engine so more developers use it and what not.

Ghoul3890d ago

well i can read those spec and i can assure you its nice for the wii but totally lastgen still

ruibing3890d ago

It'll still all be in 480p.

forum_crawler3890d ago

Especially when the 360 and PS3 are running graphics hardware that is inferior to the 8800 series video cards from nVidia (read: already a generation behind).

I mean come on, when I see those consoles running a game with real time 16X anti-aliasing (for starters) then we can talk, but until then, they are too running on last-gen hardware.

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Valay3890d ago

Wait, what?

Mannnnnnny people say that the Wii can't do this and that (in a graphical sense), and that it has many graphical limitations. So what I posted is what we DO know for now that the engine can pull off.

I'm just trying to stir the pot to create a bit of discussion, since High Voltage Software themselves noted that they're aiming for some of the best visuals on Wii. The engine's potential may not be evident in their tech demo video, and like I said, the point of this was to let others know what the engine is capable of producing.

GutZ313890d ago

My comment was aimed at the site its self, not you personally.
But the fact of the mater is that the specs are so vague, its the same as what the Playstation or Sega Saturn could pull off.

Do you understand what I'm getting at now?

GutZ313890d ago

Oh, just read the author of the story, sorry dude, I guess my post was pretty personal.

ChickeyCantor3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

" Mannnnnnny people say that the Wii can't do this and that "

you mean people who know nothing about hardware...people who bash....people who say stuff because some developers made a really crappy game and then make their "facts" based on that?

Anyway i said it before....
we can render an object with some shader on 480P and 1080P, In theory they are doing the same thing, just not on the same power.

lets say a Ps3 game does FAA * 10( just random here) and a Wii game does FAA * they are doing the same thing just not with the same amount of power.

wasnt the engine still in development?

ianp6223890d ago

Just because an engine can "do" something, doesn't mean it can do it at a framerate acceptable for a game. CryEngine can do subsurface scattering, but they didn't actually use it in Crysis for the characters, which would have made their NPC's look much better than they do now.

ChickeyCantor3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

if you are talking to me, my point wasn't if it can RUN on a smooth framerate, its about doing the same in theory.
And thats where people miss intrepet the whole thing.
If a dev says 360 visuals, people will say : Wii cant do Gears of war...well no sh/t but thats not what they are talking about.

And who says this wont run smoothly while having some ingame gameplay?

Also i think you missed my point, Lets take Bumpmapping, who says this engine is using the same bumpmapping code that is used for a game on the PS3? who says this bumpmap feature is processed with the same quality "settings" as a bump map feature in a game for the PS3?

The quality in rendering these things wont be the same, because these are made with the power of the Wii in mind.

iamtehpwn3890d ago

Most effects PS3 and 360 can do can be done on Wii however, not to the same power and dynamic level. For example, Wii can do a fur shader, But 360 or PS3 can do a more detailed fur shader that covers many different objects.

Wii can do bump mapping, But PS3 and 360 can do more complex bump mapping.

And so, once you have everything added together, You have to make sure that the CPU and GPU can handle all of this in real time. Being a programmer myself and dealing with framerate issues, I know this to be true.

If you guys had any common sense, you'd know they don't want to make an EXACT looking-360/PS3 game on the Wii, However, they're trying to give the appearance of quality of one (totally different). In Essence, Conduit will look somewhere between Xbox 1 and *possibly* very Early 360 titles in 480p.

sloth4urluv3890d ago

I would have to agree with sidar and Iamtehpwn.
First of all this engine isnt supposed to compete with 360/ps3 visuals, its supposed to be able to produce similar effects that those systems can.
Also running at a resolution of 480p requires 1/3 of the power it takes for a 720P game.

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DeckUKold3890d ago

I just hope the gameplay and control are on par with MP3.

ChickeyCantor3890d ago can make a nice visual effect on many different ways, people who actually think they meant actuall Ps3 visual quality are just to0 ignorant.

Bazookajoe_833890d ago

Probably no more and no less.

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