First Unboxing Video of a PS4 Retail Game, Starring Knack, and a Comparison with PS3 Cases

With Knack's retail copies already in the hands of many in Canada, it was inevitable to see unboxing videos pop up, showing what's inside the coveted blue case.

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Iltapalanyymi919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Really, really beautiful! I like that the size is the same! Loving the blue color!

Abriael919d ago

Same, I'm glad they kept the same size to be honest.

AliTheSnake1919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

No manuals with games !!

Pre-order Canceled .

pedrof93919d ago

Is that you Giuseppe ? :D

XB1_PS4919d ago

Hey guys, did you know that it's almost November?

3-4-5919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I used to read through the entire manual first before I played any new game I bought.

I miss that.

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Xsilver919d ago

today we compare cases why you ask because it aint a next gen game without a next gen case lmao anyway i like that its the same size and the blue is growing on me.

sigfredod919d ago

Yeah!! the size is the same, i like that didn't want bigger case

jcnba28919d ago

Very sad that they are phasing out the manuals, Nintendo and Microsoft have been doing it too.

Abriael919d ago

Sign of the times, I'm afraid. People nowadays don't care for reading.

I remember all the lovely manuals of the past that actually were full of lore and info on the game's world. The Baldur's Gate 2 one was my favorite... it was basically a mini AD&D player's handbook.

tapaz919d ago

Don't forget the vividly detailed manuals of the past GTA games. Sad times indeed.

TRD4L1fe919d ago

Baldur's Gate needs a revival. it was so much fun to play

ANIALATOR136919d ago

MGS games used to have a short comic in them

shivvy24919d ago

I remember when I was a kid and when my parents would go for a drive I took my jak and ratchet manuals and read them ! sad to see them phasing out !

Tsar4ever01919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Actually the reason they stop doing game case manuals is because the manual is on disc now. Its fully digitalized now. There's no need for paper manuals nowadays.

I dig the deeper BLUE color, but would've liked more if they made the blue, NEON BLUE like the neon green used on the xb1 cases.

serratos27919d ago

Glad to hear I wasn't just a nerd for reading the manuals haha. Apparently a lot of players did the same xD I actually enjoyed reading then, especially when they contained character bios. Ahh.

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mrmarx919d ago

i remember taking my nes manuals to school and reading through them all day until finally i could go home and play the game i got the night before

blackblades919d ago

I use to learn a lot about games from manuals gameplay wise. Honestly I haven't read a manual in 5 years maybe more, and manual these days only have a couple pages.

colonel179919d ago

I really like the in game manuals of the PS Vita games. I have only seen two though, and from Sony games. (Gravity Rush and Sly Cooper) They are very consistent and very well designed. They look like scanned from a printed manual. I don't know if third party games have the same design and look (since they always do things like that with much less quality).

I guess PS4 games will also have them. Hopefully they have a standard look and they are as well designed as the PS Vita, because I hate when they just put a document with a background image and just words.

sypher919d ago

For all the crap we get here in Europe that is also one of its benefits. With the massive amounts of languages etc it causes them to actually create manuals :p

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svoulis919d ago

All of this next gen stuff is like Pr0n for me. It really is. We've been waiting a while for it and its almost here!

RiPPn919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Nice! When I saw that they were putting in full sized jackets I was concerned they were going back to DVD style cases and not blu ray. But very smart hw they did full sized jacked because looking at GTAV you can see that the top is wasted and looks silly since they removed the playstation logo that used to be etched from that spot. I assume that will happen with Xbone games down the line. Also smart as it will create less confusion with blu ray movies. And really liking the blue colored cases, will look real nice on the shelf.

DonMingos919d ago

This reminds me so much of the PS2 days... In a good way.... Ah... that gaming golden age

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