'PC GPUs Will Run Past' PS4 GPU, Devs 'Will Get More Out of It' With Time: Ragtag Studio

"Chris Cobb, co-founder of Rag Tag Studio gives his honest opinion about the PS4's GPU."

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The_Infected1452d ago

I completely agreed.

"I’m sure toward the end of the life cycle games will not be able to compete with their PC counterparts, but they should be close enough for all but the strictest graphics snobs,” he explained."

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aceitman1452d ago

console player pops disc in no upgrade needed to play no settings to set no worries if it can handle the game at the end 399$.pc player look at the specs and see if u need to upgrade or buy certain graphics card or os system . pc gaming is a headache to just play, console is simple . u have to really know what ur doing to game on pc. even though pcs can run games a better it will cost u more than 399 to do so.

Fishy Fingers1452d ago

Actually that "headache" is half the fun for a lot of PC gamers. Like many other communities, car guys like to tinker with their rides, PC guys take an interest in the finer details of their rigs/specs.

Yes PC gaming is more expensive, so what, if it's your hobby your not always concerned with 'doing it on the cheap'.

tordavis1452d ago

"u have to really know what ur doing to game on pc. "

Yeah and it's not a headache.

Asuka1452d ago

actually you can build a $350 pc that can play it all on medium settings @1080p with:

AMD A10-6800k
AsRock mobo
G.Skill 2x4GB 2133Mhz Memory
500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue
430watt PSU

but i do agree. the average consumer will not know even half of the things i listed above. but saying you need to spend a lot of money to pc game is just incorrect

Kleptic1452d ago

I have that APU...

its fine...but it can by no means 'play it all' at medium settings...its a very game by game can max out something like warframe (albeit, at 720)...but i played the bf4 beta on that apu before i bought my discrete card...and...i don't want to talk about it...

I just still think there are better options for even mild PC gaming, as far as discrete cards'll spend an extra $100 total or so, over just that APU...but it would be very worth it imo...

or...wait until late this year and see what the Kaveri line up has...the 6800k replacement is rumored to have a 7800 series gpu...and thats ps4 territory...probably for about $175...

TopDudeMan1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Some people like having those options, though.
They like being able to upgrade their PC and have control over what type of experience they're going to have.

Hey, I know there's a lot of talk about upgrading, but what about downgrading? What if you don't like nice graphics and want the bear minimum and want the option to turn everything down?

There's that, plus you can download and/or make mods to customise the game and make your games infinitely replayable with user-generated content and patches.

On the subject of money, games on PC are cheaper on average and steam offers way better deals on games, making it the go-to place for digital distribution.

Not to mention if your console bricks you find yourself having to rely on the company that sold it to you. Whereas if your pc breaks, you can find the part that doesn't work and swap it out or claim warranty- which you get on each individual part if you build it yourself.

And then it's not just a game playing device. You can do your work on it. At the end of the day, it's also a desktop computer you can use for general computing purposes. And guess what? Your gaming PC edits videos and photoshops images way faster than the crappy 10 year old dell they have in the office. And don't even get me started on multi-monitoring setups.

I'm just defending PC because graphics are not the be all and end all of video gaming. Everyone thinks it's woo graphics but it's not. For some people it's a question of convenience and making the decision that suits them.

Clarence1452d ago

I agree its a headache. I just want to pop the game in a play.
I use to game on PC in the early 90's. I got tired of having to upgrade to play the game.

Anybody remember cyberia

Booyah1451d ago

@Lance_Leon_Lionheart 350$? Try that in MTL, CA.

PickAShoe1451d ago

PC gaming: Better Hardware > Skills

Amiroo1451d ago

i'm having lots of fun with thoese headaches, actually i'm loving it

The_KELRaTH1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

PC is gaming hardware is more expensive but I find it has a longer life IF you are happy to play at near console level graphics.

But it's also important to remember how much cheaper PC games are and with the PS4/X1 prices the gap is getting close to half so after 10 games you can be looking at a difference of £250/$400.
The PS4 yet again is opting with p2p online so you're reliant on a random user hosting and the endless countdowns as the game transfers the host data and sets the game up.
Only BF3 offered the PS3 a decent online PC like experience and what a difference it made.

It's also worth noting that while you can spend huge amounts on PC gaming for that ultimate graphics level a PC is a hell of a lot cheaper and more realistic if you are happy to create a more flexible PS4 equivalent. AMD 7870's are really quite cheap now, a 500GB HD is peanuts, an i5 CPU, motherboard, 8Gb ram and Win7 you not that far off the PS4/X1 price and at least you can choose whether to run at 720p/900p or have full 1080p but maybe lower the shadow details rather than having the visuals decided for you.

Chrischi19881451d ago

Yeah and what can you do on your playstation besides gaming? I thought so, you can watch Netflix, like that is all. On a PC you can actually work, create presentations, surf the web the way it is meant to, because it is originally fittet for PC controls like Mouse/Keyboard, you can program your own programs, write documents and like a billion things, that you can only do on a PC, besides gaming.

Basically, what is different from a normal PC to a gaming PC is only the graphics card. People always act like a gaming PC is only for gaming, just because your hardware is so limited in this area, doesnt mean, that the full PC price is just for gaming and that you simply can compare PC price tag with console price tag. If you want to compare it, take 75% of the pricetag of the graphics card, take maybe 30% of the pricetag of the CPU, add another $30 for the extra ram and then you might be able to compare the actual experiences, based on its gaming and price.

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Onehandband1t1452d ago

Haha really? 2 year old PC GPU'S are better than PS 4 & Xbox one. PC is already leaps and bounds ahead of console hardware

Kleptic1452d ago

I just bought a sapphire R9 280x Toxic Edition...which is a graphics core from late 2011...and its over twice as powerful as the PS4's not sure why you got disagrees...

ps4, at least, seems fine...bf4 on it, according to most, is damn close to higher pc settings...just not quite at 1080...definitely not bad for a $400 box imo...

Chrischi19881451d ago

He got disagrees, because the console fannies, who shows more and more, to have no knowledge about hardware, cannot accept, that PC are already ahead, it just doesnt fit into their own little vision of their world, they want to live in ;)

Onehandband1t1451d ago

Unfortunately Chrischi1988, this seems to be the case. So narrow minded it's unreal

hollabox1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Yeah my GTX 670 can already give both the PS4 and XB1 the business. Looking at AMD 290X or 290 for my future upgrade, just waiting on manufactures to come out with better heatsinks, good lord those cards get hot.

Even so I have the PS4 on pre-order and the XB1 I plan on getting early next year.Can't beat the exclusive contents both systems offer, just a shame Sony and MS went for power efficient instead of powerful chipsets.

lsujester1452d ago

I think that's my biggest disappointment in this generation. Last gen, consoles were somewhat competitive when they were released. This generation they were way underpowered from the start.

Granted, I don't need want an $800 dollar console, but I'd at least like something that will natively use all the pixels on my TV screen.

Right now, I'm thinking I'll upgrade to a series 7 Nvidia after the price cut(rocking a 580 right now) for most games and have the consoles for sports and exclusives.

Salooh1452d ago

I'm with lsujester
They choose present instead of the future. But still , i can't miss ps4 exclusives XP.

Sirlancealot1451d ago

That GPU alone is about $300.

hollabox1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@ Sirlancealot

I paid about $406 shipped, but hey if you got the money and you want the best playing experience at that point in time why not?
Do I think PC gaming is a waste of money? Oh yeah, paying $400 plus for video cards I know I won't get the mileage out, especially when compared to consoles.

So yeah consoles can represent a much better value comparatively to PC gaming depending on the user. The problem consoles have is the static hardware, I find myself being less impressed as time goes along. That is why I spend X amount of money on my PC hardware, which I use for gaming and personal media production. I get my money's worth regarding my CPU and Ram, only component I feel like developers and manufactures short hand consumers is the video cards. Switching back to AMD probably in December, if Mantle claims to be console level programming maybe I will get more out of my $400 plus video card in the future.

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admj831452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@lance leon you forgot the gpu.
sorry my fault you are writting about an apu

SephirothX211451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I completely disagree. Playing on PC is not about graphics snobbery. Being able to play with higher fps and higher resolution and with faster loading times can make the experience a lot richer for gamers, not to mention game mods. Of course consoles provide a good easy experience and at a lower price but for gamers with the money, PC is the way to go for most multiplatform games. Games like Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Hitman Absolution, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 3 / 4 and Crysis 3 all play and look better on PC. As the generation goes on, PC will push further and further ahead and with the introduction of SteamOS and the likely revival of OpenGL and the availability of Mantle, PC games will be on an entirely different level.

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Fishy Fingers1452d ago

Haha pretty much. It's common sense, you don't need a degree in game development to know that.

CapsLocke1451d ago

"Degree in game development"

Sigh*facepalm* Why I am not surprised.

Stuntz1452d ago

Comparing either console gaming to PC gaming is just stupid so can we please stop? We console gamers understand we will never have those amazing graphics does it look like we give a rats behind? NO, because guess what we play consoles for the experience, so enough with the omg these graphics are nothing compared to PC we understand that. I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose.

Fishy Fingers1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Don't like the comparisons, stop clicking on them. It's really that easy. Obviously (although you do speak for EVERY console gamer) some people do care how it stacks up against PC and what's wrong with that? PC being the benchmark (at a premium) it's nice to know how your "bang for buck" console compares. Or whether that extra investment was justified.

It only seems an issue with people who expect their £400 console to trump a £1800 PC. Just take it for what it is.

tordavis1452d ago

There are 10x more exclusives on PC than all current and next gen consoles combined. Please STFU with that.

edgeofsins1452d ago

Where are your modern exclusives? I play PC. I have played tons of PC's greatest exclusives but most are old and have been played. Not much to look forward to game wise.

Revolver_X_1451d ago

Tordavis you jump from Xbot to PC elitist when convenient.

No one on consoles care. PC will always have better graphics, while consoles will remain more mainstream. Every PC elitist can name cheap parts all day. The facts are the price of entry is too steep for mainstream markets. Consoles will always have the bigger communities. Even Battfield, once a Pro-PC franchise is seeing bigger communities on console.

tordavis1451d ago

No one is being elitists...Xbot? I was responding to another post by @Stuntz that stated...

"I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose."

So I can't respond and correct someone about PC gaming without being called an elitist or Xbot? I bet I own more Playstation games than you. Please, GTFO with that [email protected]!

wtopez1452d ago


"I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose."

Considering that every game I have bought on PC for the past decade can be played on the same system I'm using today(I can't play my PS2 games on my PS3 or my PS3 games on the PS4), I'd say that PC has more exclusives than any console has games combined.

worldwidegaming1452d ago

The funny thing is most PC gamers OWN everything because they have the disposable income to do so.
After buying a titan do you think they would just cry and complain about how they can not play a exclusive?
even better one! Do you own a wii u? its a great next gen system!

Onehandband1t1452d ago

PC has a tonne more exclusives than console lol. Ok they might not be to everyone's taste but damn, if you don't own a gaming PC, how can you comment

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Pancit_Canton1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

More importantly. DAT GDDR5 :]
My inner nerd is salivating with excitement.

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