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'PC GPUs Will Run Past' PS4 GPU, Devs 'Will Get More Out of It' With Time: Ragtag Studio

"Chris Cobb, co-founder of Rag Tag Studio gives his honest opinion about the PS4's GPU." (PS4, Ray's The Dead)

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The_Infected  +   714d ago
I completely agreed.

"I’m sure toward the end of the life cycle games will not be able to compete with their PC counterparts, but they should be close enough for all but the strictest graphics snobs,” he explained."
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aceitman  +   714d ago
console player pops disc in no upgrade needed to play no settings to set no worries if it can handle the game at the end 399$.pc player look at the specs and see if u need to upgrade or buy certain graphics card or os system . pc gaming is a headache to just play, console is simple . u have to really know what ur doing to game on pc. even though pcs can run games a better it will cost u more than 399 to do so.
Fishy Fingers  +   714d ago
Actually that "headache" is half the fun for a lot of PC gamers. Like many other communities, car guys like to tinker with their rides, PC guys take an interest in the finer details of their rigs/specs.

Yes PC gaming is more expensive, so what, if it's your hobby your not always concerned with 'doing it on the cheap'.
Lykon  +   714d ago
tordavis  +   714d ago
"u have to really know what ur doing to game on pc. "

Yeah and it's not a headache.
Asuka  +   714d ago
actually you can build a $350 pc that can play it all on medium settings @1080p with:

AMD A10-6800k
AsRock mobo
G.Skill 2x4GB 2133Mhz Memory
500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue
430watt PSU

but i do agree. the average consumer will not know even half of the things i listed above. but saying you need to spend a lot of money to pc game is just incorrect
Kleptic  +   714d ago
I have that APU...

its fine...but it can by no means 'play it all' at medium settings...its a very game by game basis...it can max out something like warframe (albeit, at 720)...but i played the bf4 beta on that apu before i bought my discrete card...and...i don't want to talk about it...

I just still think there are better options for even mild PC gaming, as far as discrete cards go...you'll spend an extra $100 total or so, over just that APU...but it would be very worth it imo...

or...wait until late this year and see what the Kaveri line up has...the 6800k replacement is rumored to have a 7800 series gpu...and thats ps4 territory...probably for about $175...
TopDudeMan  +   714d ago
Some people like having those options, though.
They like being able to upgrade their PC and have control over what type of experience they're going to have.

Hey, I know there's a lot of talk about upgrading, but what about downgrading? What if you don't like nice graphics and want the bear minimum and want the option to turn everything down?

There's that, plus you can download and/or make mods to customise the game and make your games infinitely replayable with user-generated content and patches.

On the subject of money, games on PC are cheaper on average and steam offers way better deals on games, making it the go-to place for digital distribution.

Not to mention if your console bricks you find yourself having to rely on the company that sold it to you. Whereas if your pc breaks, you can find the part that doesn't work and swap it out or claim warranty- which you get on each individual part if you build it yourself.

And then it's not just a game playing device. You can do your work on it. At the end of the day, it's also a desktop computer you can use for general computing purposes. And guess what? Your gaming PC edits videos and photoshops images way faster than the crappy 10 year old dell they have in the office. And don't even get me started on multi-monitoring setups.

I'm just defending PC because graphics are not the be all and end all of video gaming. Everyone thinks it's woo graphics but it's not. For some people it's a question of convenience and making the decision that suits them.
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Clarence  +   714d ago
I agree its a headache. I just want to pop the game in a play.
I use to game on PC in the early 90's. I got tired of having to upgrade to play the game.

Anybody remember cyberia
Booyah  +   713d ago
@Lance_Leon_Lionheart 350$? Try that in MTL, CA.
PickAShoe  +   713d ago
PC gaming: Better Hardware > Skills
Amiroo  +   713d ago
i'm having lots of fun with thoese headaches, actually i'm loving it
The_KELRaTH  +   713d ago
PC is gaming hardware is more expensive but I find it has a longer life IF you are happy to play at near console level graphics.

But it's also important to remember how much cheaper PC games are and with the PS4/X1 prices the gap is getting close to half so after 10 games you can be looking at a difference of £250/$400.
The PS4 yet again is opting with p2p online so you're reliant on a random user hosting and the endless countdowns as the game transfers the host data and sets the game up.
Only BF3 offered the PS3 a decent online PC like experience and what a difference it made.

It's also worth noting that while you can spend huge amounts on PC gaming for that ultimate graphics level a PC is a hell of a lot cheaper and more realistic if you are happy to create a more flexible PS4 equivalent. AMD 7870's are really quite cheap now, a 500GB HD is peanuts, an i5 CPU, motherboard, 8Gb ram and Win7 you not that far off the PS4/X1 price and at least you can choose whether to run at 720p/900p or have full 1080p but maybe lower the shadow details rather than having the visuals decided for you.
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Chrischi1988  +   713d ago
Yeah and what can you do on your playstation besides gaming? I thought so, you can watch Netflix, like that is all. On a PC you can actually work, create presentations, surf the web the way it is meant to, because it is originally fittet for PC controls like Mouse/Keyboard, you can program your own programs, write documents and like a billion things, that you can only do on a PC, besides gaming.

Basically, what is different from a normal PC to a gaming PC is only the graphics card. People always act like a gaming PC is only for gaming, just because your hardware is so limited in this area, doesnt mean, that the full PC price is just for gaming and that you simply can compare PC price tag with console price tag. If you want to compare it, take 75% of the pricetag of the graphics card, take maybe 30% of the pricetag of the CPU, add another $30 for the extra ram and then you might be able to compare the actual experiences, based on its gaming and price.
Onehandband1t  +   714d ago
Haha really? 2 year old PC GPU'S are better than PS 4 & Xbox one. PC is already leaps and bounds ahead of console hardware
Kleptic  +   714d ago
I just bought a sapphire R9 280x Toxic Edition...which is a graphics core from late 2011...and its over twice as powerful as the PS4's gpu...so not sure why you got disagrees...

ps4, at least, seems fine...bf4 on it, according to most, is damn close to higher pc settings...just not quite at 1080...definitely not bad for a $400 box imo...
Chrischi1988  +   713d ago
He got disagrees, because the console fannies, who shows more and more, to have no knowledge about hardware, cannot accept, that PC are already ahead, it just doesnt fit into their own little vision of their world, they want to live in ;)
Onehandband1t  +   713d ago
Unfortunately Chrischi1988, this seems to be the case. So narrow minded it's unreal
hollabox  +   714d ago
Yeah my GTX 670 can already give both the PS4 and XB1 the business. Looking at AMD 290X or 290 for my future upgrade, just waiting on manufactures to come out with better heatsinks, good lord those cards get hot.

Even so I have the PS4 on pre-order and the XB1 I plan on getting early next year.Can't beat the exclusive contents both systems offer, just a shame Sony and MS went for power efficient instead of powerful chipsets.
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lsujester  +   714d ago
I think that's my biggest disappointment in this generation. Last gen, consoles were somewhat competitive when they were released. This generation they were way underpowered from the start.

Granted, I don't need want an $800 dollar console, but I'd at least like something that will natively use all the pixels on my TV screen.

Right now, I'm thinking I'll upgrade to a series 7 Nvidia after the price cut(rocking a 580 right now) for most games and have the consoles for sports and exclusives.
Salooh  +   714d ago
I'm with lsujester
They choose present instead of the future. But still , i can't miss ps4 exclusives XP.
Sirlancealot  +   713d ago
That GPU alone is about $300.
hollabox  +   712d ago
@ Sirlancealot

I paid about $406 shipped, but hey if you got the money and you want the best playing experience at that point in time why not?
Do I think PC gaming is a waste of money? Oh yeah, paying $400 plus for video cards I know I won't get the mileage out, especially when compared to consoles.

So yeah consoles can represent a much better value comparatively to PC gaming depending on the user. The problem consoles have is the static hardware, I find myself being less impressed as time goes along. That is why I spend X amount of money on my PC hardware, which I use for gaming and personal media production. I get my money's worth regarding my CPU and Ram, only component I feel like developers and manufactures short hand consumers is the video cards. Switching back to AMD probably in December, if Mantle claims to be console level programming maybe I will get more out of my $400 plus video card in the future.
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admj83  +   714d ago
@lance leon you forgot the gpu.
sorry my fault you are writting about an apu
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SephirothX21  +   713d ago
I completely disagree. Playing on PC is not about graphics snobbery. Being able to play with higher fps and higher resolution and with faster loading times can make the experience a lot richer for gamers, not to mention game mods. Of course consoles provide a good easy experience and at a lower price but for gamers with the money, PC is the way to go for most multiplatform games. Games like Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Hitman Absolution, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 3 / 4 and Crysis 3 all play and look better on PC. As the generation goes on, PC will push further and further ahead and with the introduction of SteamOS and the likely revival of OpenGL and the availability of Mantle, PC games will be on an entirely different level.
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sprinterboy  +   714d ago
Obvious article lol
Fishy Fingers  +   714d ago
Haha pretty much. It's common sense, you don't need a degree in game development to know that.
CapsLocke  +   713d ago
"Degree in game development"

Sigh*facepalm* Why I am not surprised.
Stuntz  +   714d ago
Comparing either console gaming to PC gaming is just stupid so can we please stop? We console gamers understand we will never have those amazing graphics does it look like we give a rats behind? NO, because guess what we play consoles for the experience, so enough with the omg these graphics are nothing compared to PC we understand that. I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose.
Fishy Fingers  +   714d ago
Don't like the comparisons, stop clicking on them. It's really that easy. Obviously (although you do speak for EVERY console gamer) some people do care how it stacks up against PC and what's wrong with that? PC being the benchmark (at a premium) it's nice to know how your "bang for buck" console compares. Or whether that extra investment was justified.

It only seems an issue with people who expect their £400 console to trump a £1800 PC. Just take it for what it is.
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tordavis  +   714d ago
There are 10x more exclusives on PC than all current and next gen consoles combined. Please STFU with that.
edgeofsins  +   714d ago
Where are your modern exclusives? I play PC. I have played tons of PC's greatest exclusives but most are old and have been played. Not much to look forward to game wise.
Revolver_X_  +   713d ago
Tordavis you jump from Xbot to PC elitist when convenient.

No one on consoles care. PC will always have better graphics, while consoles will remain more mainstream. Every PC elitist can name cheap parts all day. The facts are the price of entry is too steep for mainstream markets. Consoles will always have the bigger communities. Even Battfield, once a Pro-PC franchise is seeing bigger communities on console.
tordavis  +   713d ago
No one is being elitists...Xbot? I was responding to another post by @Stuntz that stated...

"I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose."

So I can't respond and correct someone about PC gaming without being called an elitist or Xbot? I bet I own more Playstation games than you. Please, GTFO with that bullsh@t!
wtopez  +   714d ago

"I have a question for you PC gamers though where are your exclusives? Yea you lose."

Considering that every game I have bought on PC for the past decade can be played on the same system I'm using today(I can't play my PS2 games on my PS3 or my PS3 games on the PS4), I'd say that PC has more exclusives than any console has games combined.
worldwidegaming  +   714d ago
The funny thing is most PC gamers OWN everything because they have the disposable income to do so.
After buying a titan do you think they would just cry and complain about how they can not play a exclusive?
even better one! Do you own a wii u? its a great next gen system!
Onehandband1t  +   714d ago
PC has a tonne more exclusives than console lol. Ok they might not be to everyone's taste but damn, if you don't own a gaming PC, how can you comment
Pancit_Canton  +   714d ago
More importantly. DAT GDDR5 :]
My inner nerd is salivating with excitement.
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ooquis   714d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
Cuzzo63  +   714d ago
Really tho. Wats the point of these articles. Well duh the pc will outshine consoles. They have new upgrades every 3 months... consoles are now being built for the mass consumer that do not wanna spend money to keep up with new tech every few months. Are the pc crowd that insecure. These things are created to cater to their respected crowd. Its like every time a dev says this, the pc gamers come in like " consolz are teh crap... pc over the world"...
Its cool to worship the new lamborghini you bought. Very powerful. Very fast. Looks amazing. Compared to my mustang... when that oil change comes around or the water pump fails or that 900 mile trip. Things look a whole lot better driving tha ol stang.
DoctorJones  +   714d ago
Another pointless car analogy, that's just what we need. Thanks.
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Cuzzo63  +   714d ago
Lol. What about this pointless article. I mean its like saying fire burns... Well Duh! Lol

But its okay. I had a opinion and I get disagrees and hostility because of.... oh. Yea. PPR. PC POWER RANGERS.

Your point and this article pwill not change anything. Pc gamers will not gain more gamers for Word of Warcraft. The console gamers will continue buying consoles. You need more bubbles too. ;x
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Lykon  +   714d ago
It's just a very vocal but very small minority of PC gamers that go on and on and on about the specs of their graphics cards. hung like mosquitoes probably
CapsLocke  +   713d ago
couple comments above

"More importantly. DAT GDDR5 :]
My inner nerd is salivating with excitement. "

And thats not the first, and far not the last time.
Lykon  +   713d ago
yeah true. I've been guilty of fan boy troll comments too ... its a bit of fun really. I'm sure we'd all get on fine in person. I'm just feeling peace and love for all gamers today.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   714d ago
Yes, they will obviously. But who cares? I will have fun playing all games in the next years without spending tons of money on hardware XD
Inception  +   714d ago
Agreed. All of my fav series are on console/handheld. And i don't want to upgrade my hardware every f*kin year with a price that can buy two or three PS3. So that's the only important matter to me.
Nerdmaster  +   714d ago
People buy PCs to last for years. I bought my PC more than four years ago and never upgraded it. It's a silly excuse for console gamers to justify not playing on PC.

But that's the beauty of PC. If I wanted to upgrade it, I could. PS3 has terrible framerates and resolution, and even though I wanted the option to upgrade it to get better graphics, that option doesn't exist.
DoctorJones  +   714d ago
'And i don't want to upgrade my hardware every f*kin year with a price that can buy two or three PS3.'

I swear some of you people live on another planet, the crap you come out with. WE DON'T HAVE TO UPGRADE EVERY YEAR. Do you understand?

You can enjoy your games, and I'll enjoy all the games you have available and all the other games I have available on pc. Having a greater selection of games is always a good thing in my eyes, as a gamer. I wouldn't like to restrict myself, which is why I have consoles as well as a gaming pc.

Otherwise I'd miss out on this, the game I'm most looking forward to this year -


If I only gamed on console I wouldn't have a single Space sim to choose from on current gen or next gen so far.

There's more to pc gaming than upgrading, there are games that simply aren't available on console. Many games, and that's what's important to me.
Inception  +   714d ago

"People buy PCs to last for years. I bought my PC more than four years ago and never upgraded it. It's a silly excuse for console gamers to justify not playing on PC."

Don't get me wrong bub. I already tried my way as a PC gamer years ago because my friends reccomend it to me. But everytime i upgraded my PC, it doesn't last long. Hell, the last gaming rig that i build (reminds you, i spent $350 to build it) only last a half year (the GPU got blow up and the slot for RAM doesn't work anymore).

And to make it worse, my local store only gave one year guaranty for every single hardware that i bought from them. That's why i said 'FUCK THIS! I'm stick with my console & handheld!'

"But that's the beauty of PC. If I wanted to upgrade it, I could. PS3 has terrible framerates and resolution, and even though I wanted the option to upgrade it to get better graphics, that option doesn't exist."

That's why i don't care about better graphics and all those mumbo jumbo such as aliasing this, shader that, frame rate this, etc on PC. Because with every money i spent to upgrade on PC, i can use it to buy the games i want for my console / handheld. That's the beauty of console gaming.


"I swear some of you people live on another planet, the crap you come out with. WE DON'T HAVE TO UPGRADE EVERY YEAR. Do you understand?"

I understand, but if i don't upgrade every year than my gaming rig can't catch up with driver, shader, and all those mumbo jumbo BS that Nvidia / AMD promoted every year just to play the newest games!

With consoles, i don't have to scratch my head AND wallet if my gaming rig doesn't compatible with shader X, aliasing this, etc when i want to play a game.

"You can enjoy your games, and I'll enjoy all the games you have available and all the other games I have available on pc. Having a greater selection of games is always a good thing in my eyes, as a gamer."

Well go ahead. You free to do what you want that fit with your ideal AND money. But not every person have the time AND money like you. I'm satisfied gaming on console / handheld without worrying if my hardware can't handle the latest Uncharted, FF, Disgaea, Tales, etc ;)
Nerdmaster  +   714d ago
"if i don't upgrade every year than my gaming rig can't catch up with driver, shader, and all those mumbo jumbo BS that Nvidia / AMD promoted every year"
So you don't buy smartphones because every 6 months they release another one and they try to convince you that you can't live without the newest one? Wow, your phone must be very, very old.

The same way you don't buy a new smartphone everytime they release a new one (or do you?) because your old one is more than enough for you, you don't buy a new PC if your current one is enough for you. As I said, I still have the same PC from 4 years ago.
MadMen  +   714d ago
Why is this news, this is known with any console. The difference is with a console they dev on the same denominator so we all share an equal experience and it doesn't cost you time and money in upgrades until a new gen is out.

Common sense folks.
Asuka  +   714d ago
next year Nvidia is set to release their Maxwell series, which is going to introduce GDDR6 and a whopping 14Teraflops. So yeah, of course pc gpus are going to out gun ps4/xbone gpus. But honestly if you are console gamer you shouldnt be bothered by this anyway. Just enjoy your console. i know i will with that KZ:shadowfall/PS4 ;)
worldwidegaming  +   714d ago
or they could stop being so damn cheap, save a few dollars a week and make the jump to PC gaming!
The best of both worlds is never a bad thing.
wishingW3L  +   714d ago
to play what? To waste all that GPU raw power on games I don't like, like: RTS or F2P MMOs? Have you seen the charts of the most played PC games? It's stuff like League of Legends that look like a PS2 HD remaster.

The truth is that PC has very few games (if any) like Uncharted, God of War or Ratchet & Clank. So to me PC is pointless, except for the few multiplats it gets which BTW, PC still doesn't even has GTA V.
Oschino1907  +   714d ago
Sorry my few dollars a week are going towards one of these http://m.specialized.com/us... and a base model with the accessories I want will be around $4000-$4500.

Some people have hobbies outside of gaming and would find their time and money better used dealing with a simple no hassle console. Console in numerous ways for me is the far better choice.

I could sell people on either pc or console but I can recognize that neither is best for everyone and both have their own niche they fill that the other can't.

Would rather buy a 2nd Kayak and some new camping/hiking gear for $1500-$2000 then a beast pc.
Nerdmaster  +   714d ago
You mean games like Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry and any generic 3D platform games? Yeah, there are many like those on PC. And you know those HD remakes console gamers get so excited about? On PC, if you want to play an older game, you only have to change a setting to make it full HD and you're good to go. The game was already cheaper than the console version when it was new, and you don't have to buy it again to play in high resolution. And it may even have mods to make it even better.
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greedybear88  +   714d ago
Well said. I agree. I am a console gamer and I understand that high end PCs will always outperform XBOX One or PS4 for graphics, frame rate, resolution and just general raw power but I'm okay with that. I can't afford a bleeding edge gaming PC and I'm happy with a £350 console with inferior specs. I like the console experience. That PCs get better over time is great for gamers and so is release of new consoles so in everyones best interests that hardware moves forward :)
4lc4pon3  +   714d ago
My 4670k and my x2 7970s destroy these silly specced consoles. Will I get a ps4 absolutely but can it compete with pc never
plmkoh  +   714d ago
Stop with these 'PC' articles that refers to the audience as a mass with Aryan specifications to boot. It's embarrassing to read each time it implies any 'PC' can achieve satisfactory gaming levels.

Yeah I have a 'PC', and I do my casual rounds of Mechwarrior online on low settings bumbling at 30 frames. But I also make good use of productivity on it, rendering my videos and camera RAW photos, never needed nor ever looked back since selling my GTX670.
cunnilumpkin  +   714d ago
a 3 year old mid spec gpu like a gtx 560 ti CRAPS all over the ps4

modern gpus utterly decimate the ps4/xbox1
Jovanian  +   714d ago
'pc gpus will run past ps4'

More like HAVE ran past ps4, and lapped it twice
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   713d ago
Made me laugh
creepjack  +   714d ago
I think it's hilarious that these consoles kids think pc gaming is so much more expensive. The few hundred dollars more I'll spend building it ( and yeah, only a few, I dont need $800 to build something to blow the PS4 out of the water), Ill save in not having to pay for online services and Steam sales in the first year alone. More expensive my ass.

And the argument of exclusives just shows how ignorant you console kids really are. PC exclusives FAR outnumber console exclusives. You guys love to pick the fight but cant take it when you lose.
Jovanian  +   714d ago
Not to mention PCs have far greater functional use per dollar than a console. Its impractical to browse the internet on a console for more than a google search, and you can't launch or open programs such as photoshop or Microsoft word like on a regular PC. So at like a 600-800 dollar price, you got something that blows away PS4 and XB1 in terms of graphical power as well as blowing them away in functional use for things other than gaming.
shawnmelo  +   714d ago
cant forget about mods.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   713d ago
Can't beat facts
windblowsagain  +   714d ago
Cunnilumpkin, stop talking crap.

PS4 beats the gtx 560 ti by about 15-20fps.
theEx1Le  +   714d ago
Just no. Would really like to see some back to this claim.
Nerdmaster  +   714d ago
That's why I buy a PC first for power and graphics, and then a Nintendo console, because Nintendo has exclusives that truly feel like exclusives, that no other platform has a game like them (e.g. Rhythm Heaven, Wario Ware).

After some months or years I check the exclusives of other consoles to see if there's anything great. Heavy Rain was the reason I bought a PS3, for example. But many other exclusives so loved by console gamers are too similar to other games. Uncharted feels like Tomb Raider, Forza and Gran Turismo feel like any racing simulator, Halo like any FPS, God of War like any hack'n slash...
Funnymonkey013  +   714d ago
I'll tell u PC gamers r a lot worse with their fanboys then consoles I mean really we get it PC has better graphics who cares we r just happy that we have a next gen console that is far cheaper and has games that aren't on PC manly PS games as pretty much all xbox games r on PC. So just go and enjoy ur PC and stop saying PC has better graphics then consoles as everybody knows it all ready.
ATi_Elite  +   714d ago
We also have BETTER GAMES, BETTER Dedicated Servers, Free online Play, Lower priced Games, more F2P Games, way more survival Horror games, better Zombie Games, More RTS, Mobas, MMO's, Tower Defence, Simulators, Indie titles, Mods, FPS-RPg's hybrids, FPS-RTS hybrids, Puzzle-Physics based games and more games that have GLOBAL RANKINGS than consoles do.

PC Gaming is more than just Better graphics and if YOU think PC Gaming is ONLY about graphics then YOU my friend are uninformed about the wonderful world of PC Gaming. I'm not here to CONVERT anyone to PC Gaming but I get sick of consolers who know ZERO about PC gaming trying to make PC Gaming be ONLY about $990000 PC's and Graphics because PC gaming is more than that.

Yes Sony has some wonderful Exclusives and even MS has some great Exclusives but the PC has a MEGA-TON of Exclusives.

Fanboys love to trot out The Last of Us and yes a fantastic game enjoyed by like 3 million SOny gamers meanwhile 15 Million Gamers rather play DotA2 on the PC.

we can go tit for tat all day long but in the end My Whole Point is to make Gamers realize that PC gaming and consoles are TWO entirely different worlds only brought together by Multiplats which are the weakest games to use to compare one platform to another.

My thing with Next Gen consoles is now that they have more power and Ram I wanna see a HUGE innovation in gameplay and SMARTER A.I.. Pumping out the same linear games with better graphics and average A.I. is not enough because if that's the case then you can say PS4/XB1 is only better than X360/PS3 because of GRAPHICS.

At least the WiiU added a innovative controller to distinguish itself from the Wii.

Take Battlefield 4 for example, Better graphics and higher frames/resolution on PC than consoles BUT the PC ALSO has DEDICATED Servers and Peripheral View for those with 3 monitor set-ups.

That's a HUGE advantage over Peer to Peer Gaming and NO peripheral view. I rather have a game hosted on a Dedicated server Any day of the week vs. having someone with a Poor I.P. service hurting gameplay. Peripheral view adds a whole new level to FPS and Racer gameplay.

Battlefield 4 PC allows for Flight sticks and Driving wheels during play I don't know if BF4 console will support this. Helicopter/Jet piloting in BF4 with a flight stick is SUPREME!

So look beyond graphics and realize that the PC has many other advantages but the Media tends to drill consolers with ONLY the Graphics advantage as to keep YOU guys misinformed about PC Gaming thus limiting your knowledge of what else is out there.

Sure PC Gaming has a higher start up cost but it's a PC and PC's DO MORE than play Games also great gaming PC's can be built cheaper than the $990000 price tag always tossed around. I myself build $600 Budget PC's all the time that can be easily upgraded to Enthusiast Level Beast down the road.

So instead of repeating recycled Garbage and Lies, ask a REAL PC Gamer for truths and facts.

Enjoy your games no matter the platform.
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Funnymonkey013  +   714d ago
Dude who cares! All I said was PC gamers just leave the consoles alone and just play ur damn high end pcs and that's that. Really u wasted ur time writing all those words 4 nothing when all I said was PC gamers just stop trying to bash consoles when everybody knows PC r better at graphics.
feraldrgn  +   714d ago
I find the comparison amusing.

With consoles you get non upgradeable parts in a closed system, so you pay for that & that alone, it gets better through software upgdates.

With PC's you set up a powerful rig (usually with future proofing in mind), but many enthusiasts regularly upgrade their GPU.

Now let's say that the consoles get up to par with a base PC, PC enthusiasts will then upgrade their GPU which means they're spending extra money ontop of their base PC to outpower consoles, which in my mind throws the comparison out the window.

We could also get into all of the security risks that come with PCs, as well as the myriad of errors one can run into.
Not that I'm against PC gaming, it's fantastic for ultra IQ & performance.
#19 (Edited 714d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ATi_Elite  +   714d ago
Security Risk? You say these things Like X360/Ps3 NEVER had their online services and Gamer accounts HACKED. Do i even get into GTAV pirated on consoles BEFORE launch day?

So basically you are telling a Half truth to make consoles look better when in FACT MS/Sony have the same Security Issues.

Software can only update and increase performance so much and console software Performance patches will NEVER catch the level my PC's perform at or any other PC gamers for that matter.

I ONLY update hardware when New technology requires New hardware thus allowing ME to always play Bleeding edge Technology today not Next console Gen like 4K Gaming which I will be doing Jan 2014.

XB1/Ps4 NEVER will do 4K gaming.

Software can NOT turn a 4 Tflop GPU into a 14 Tflop GPU which is why I will upgrade to Maxwell or HD9000.

My GPU's DO MORE than play Games so the extra Compute power will be nice for Video Encoding and Other GPGPU programs.

Extra Money to upgrade OK!

I figure I save at least $50 getting a free game or games with my new GPU, plus I save $30 on every new game purchased due to Steam/origin sales and lower priced PC games plus NO online MP fee.

I also SELL my old GPU's to help pay for the New ones so in the end I'm only pulling about $200 out of my pocket towards a $600 GPU. Even then I can use my PC to make $200 and that new GPU is basically FREE.

So if you're gonna put up some points about PC Gaming then at LEAST get all your FACTS straight and correct.

I got a GTX460 SLI setup in MY HTPC and it's rated at 2.09 Tflops and that card is 3 Generations and 3 years Old but still has more performance than New consoles rated at 1.8 Tflops and 1.2 Tflops!

So do I really need to upgrade it? NOPE because it will play Multiplats better than console for the Entire NExt Gen and it's already 3 years OLD.

see how that works.
feraldrgn  +   714d ago
Account hackings are no where close to the type of security issues of PC's.

How much did it cost you to build your PC, in comparison to $399 & how much extra have you spent since?

True PS4/XB1 will never do 4K gaming.

I know PC's can do more than play games, but aren't we talking about for gaming purposes here?

Though ultimately you misunderstood my post, I didn't say consoles out power PC's or are better, I said the comparison is pointless as soon as you put different hardware in that PC.
#19.1.1 (Edited 714d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
AceBlazer13  +   714d ago
did the pc elitists really need confirmation ? talk about attention whores. sink this in to you guys' heads, we don't care.we game on consoles for our own reasons whether financial, preference or whatever else.
Jamaicangmr  +   714d ago
Oh so it's stating the obvious day again i see.
johny5  +   713d ago
For you people that keep saying PC is way more expensive I'll show it's not true!

AMD 7870 ($175): http://www.newegg.com/Produ...

PC Case ($45): http://www.amazon.com/Coole...

CPU ($115): http://www.amazon.com/AMD-F...

Motherboard ($41): http://www.newegg.com/Produ...

Windows 8 ($74): http://www.lookoutdeals.com...

Harddrive 500gb ($36): http://www.amazon.com/Seaga...

RAM ($34): http://www.amazon.com/PNY-O...

PSU ($40): http://www.amazon.com/Coole...

Total comes out to $580 and with the AMD 7870 you get 2 free games! The CPU Case will snuggle under any cabinet like any console. This might be $80 dollars more then the XBOX 0ne but this remember you have to buy the games and pay for online and it comes out about the same or more especially with bundles!

Here is almost the same setup and this guy gets between 40-60 fps ultra at 1080p!

#22 (Edited 713d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Soc5  +   713d ago
anybody here have dejavu? kind of like this has all been said before? Weird
Underworld  +   713d ago
PC fanboys have to be some of the most irritating people on the planet. Yeah, all fanboys are annoying, but the way so many PC gamers look down their noses at console gamers really gets on my nerves. Everyone knows consoles will always be less powerful than top PCs. How many times do we need to go through this? And obviously console gamers, like me, don't care. I've always been a console gamer, I enjoy it better, I enjoy the exclusives, I enjoy not having to worry about whether I can run a game, and I enjoy not having to worry about the ins and outs of building and running a gaming PC. I'm not into all that, I just want to play my games.
And PC gamers always love to talk about how much better high-end PCs are compared to consoles. But honestly, how many average PC gamers have a top PC?

Just play where you want and stop with the elitist crap.
#24 (Edited 713d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ATi_Elite  +   713d ago
My Next Laptop will be More powerful than a PS4/XB1!

Core i7 Haswell or Ivy Bridge
Nvidia 660m SLI or 740 SLI

may change the configuration but so far that's a good Gaming Laptop that will do BF4 on Ultra!

and it's under $900
Booyah  +   713d ago
its still twice the price dude -.-
TruthInsider  +   713d ago
Meanwhile in other news Bears do shit in the woods!
Zool 08  +   713d ago
And the Aston Martin will run past a Golf GTI, so whats the point?
Mrveryodd  +   713d ago
lots of people are talking mine is bigger than yours , I am sure if you think about it some of the best experiences in gaming didn't really have much to do with how pretty it was. Some of the best times I have ever had playing games was on Amiga 500
insomniacgamer  +   713d ago
I am a gamer, I can care less about console wars. That said, the PC is in an entirely different realm than consoles. Cost more? Hell yes they do, a lot more. Do they beat the living daylights out of anything you can do on a console? You're an idiot and moron if you think otherwise. Better graphics, better titles, better everything from a pure gaming perspective.

Consoles are convenient and easy to use. PCs while more expensive and complex, are powerful and push titles way past anything a console can do. Nice example is Skyrim with it's modding community, or the upcoming X Rebirth, or Star Citizen, and on and on the list goes.

Edit: I am picking up the XBOX One for one reason alone and it has nothing to do with which one I think is better...Titanfall. Everyone touching that title from professionals to average gamers say it is one of those titles to buy a console for. That it reminds them of the MW excitement before IW drilled it into the ground and that is enough for me.
#28 (Edited 713d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kevnb  +   713d ago
cost varies big time on pc, but the extra ongoing costs of console gaming have to be considered as well.
m2stech  +   713d ago
Thank you captain obvious, surely no one was expecting any GPU could be better than a custom 77xx GPU
N8  +   713d ago
I want to try PC gaming so bad I'm just so used to consoles. PC gaming always sounds like such a hassle.I will try next year tho I'm due for a new PC
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