'Euro 2008 is best ever FIFA'

EA has high hopes for new release UEFA Euro 2008, labelling it the best football title the company has produced in 15 years.

The licensed football franchise hits shelves today (April 18th) and despite England's abysmal failure to qualify for the real tournament, EA is confident that the quality of the title and the chance to take an in-game England through to Euro 2008 will ensure another sales success.

Speaking to MCV the title's producer Simon Humber confidently revealed EA's high expectations for the game, despite none of the home nations reaching the Euro 2008 finals this year.

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w3irdos3891d ago

Is it even better than PES? the last time i played fifa or another soccer game was ages ago.. PES has been satisfying enough

resistance1003891d ago

No FIFA game has ever matched PES, now judging on the demo of this game, its still way behind the worst PES/ISS game i've played.

ninja_united3890d ago

i played the demo and i really liked the pace you can actually dribble opponents obviously there are things they need to fix but in terms of pace this game is of the best ive played
fifa09 must have: euro08 pace, formations switch on real time, true broadcast camera and thatd be enough to beat pes09.