Newest Ps3 COD4 hackers caught on tape

Last night gamer PSN ID: excursel caught a new set of hackers on tape. It seems they have found a way to be part of the game while spectating the only issue is they hid there ids and themselves.

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gamesR4fun3864d ago

cheaters are the bane of all online games
and the lowest form of life or lack therof on the internet.

Science_NERD3864d ago

Hackers need to get a fvcking life. You have to really suck if you cant even play a game properly without cheating. You sh1tbags ruin the game for the rest of us and its all because YOU SUCK!!! Try cheating in a casino and see how your a$$ will get kicked to the curb, but of course, you hackers are safe in your momma's basement fvcking wankers!!!

Mr_Bun3864d ago

I can't believe this guy's team still won the match against the cheaters! It must really piss them off when they do get killed even if it is just luck.

Nostradamus3864d ago

There was 3 teams. The guy in the video, his team won the match, the other team lost the match. While the cheaters, they spectated the match, they didn't win or lose.

Captain Tuttle3864d ago

Somehow they're able to be spectators and play the game.

Don Ahid3864d ago

jus show really how well or bad u play its just a game your not gona get a medal from the president for being the best

GutZ313864d ago

looks like my 57inch 1080p JVC

IzKyD13313864d ago

about to say the same thing, TV is HUGE

GutZ313864d ago

I see i need evidence to back up my claims.

Nostradamus3864d ago

Showing a Motorstorm video does not prove you have a big TV.

socsca3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

All that proves is that you have a very small penis, and utterly bad taste. 57 inch tv... lol, white trash anyone?

EDIT:HAHAHAHA, I have one bubble. Oh well, enjoy your little power dorks, tomorrow people like me will be riding you in school/work whatever.

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The story is too old to be commented.