Heavenly Sword Dev now PS3/360

Ninja Theory, the development studio behind Heavenly Sword, has announced that their next game will be appearing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"It's a brutal environment out there for an independent, particularly considering the size of the games that we're developing," said Ninja Theory co-founder Nina Kristensen.

"Yes, our new game is going to be PS3 and Xbox 360," Kristensen said. "We have actually signed it but we're not announcing to who at the moment."

Looks like they've lined up a publisher and will indeed be going multi-platform.

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Fishy Fingers3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Excellent news. Now everyone can enjoy games from this great developer. I still imagine Heavenly Sword 2 will be PS3 exclusve.

DrPirate3884d ago

lol, I got banned in the gamer zone. Go figure.


Heavenly Sword IP is owned by Sony. Whatever game it is they're making will be a new IP using everything they learned from HS.

Since I liked the first one except for its length and lack of replay value, I'll check out their next offering.

PirateThom3884d ago

Yeah, it will, because Sony own the IP.

Fallen_Angel3884d ago

assuming they even make a HS2. The reason is most likely that they were not happy with the number sold and no long interested in doing an exclusives

PirateThom3884d ago

The thing is, Sony could pass Heavenly Sword on to any number of its development studios

gaffyh3884d ago

They are making HS2 according to the "rumour" in the Official Playstation Magazine, and it will be PS3 exclusive. This game is something else they are making.

sonarus3884d ago

Actually there are already rumors saying HS 2 won't have a female lead:(
So no more sexy Nariko:(.

Whatever game they are making since they already have good experience with PS3 hardware we can at least be sure it won't be a mediocre port

HighDefinition3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I bet [email protected] make Heavenly Sword 2, which to me would be the GREATEST. They will fix every single problem the 1st had, and retain the feel. I hope to here something soon. Maybe, it`s just wishful thinking, but it makes sense considering.

Wolverick3884d ago

Are they really Dissapointed in sales numbers? They are right at 1 million copies sold according to vgchartz(Not the most reliable but gotta be pretty close).

Dareaver13884d ago

the will not be making a HS sequel. They are starting anew with the new IP.

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thereapersson3884d ago

It will be interesting to see just what title Ninja Theory develops. I wonder if this is because Heavenly Sword didn't sell as many copies as everyone had hoped? I thought it sold rather well, and is well over 1.5 million copies so i'm not sure what motivated this decision.

Either way it's just good news for both systems, though that's one less exclusive that the PS3 will have in the future.

xaphanze3884d ago

I believe it sold lower than that.Even lower than 1 million.

Mu5afir3884d ago

It sold over a million copies, they are an independent developer they can make games for what ever platform they want.

cellypower3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Don't use Vcharts! It sold over a million. 1 million is still good for a new IP.

sleepyk3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Heavenly Sword actually did sold a million worldwide on PS3 or 999k. It's close.

fjtorres3884d ago

...has them at 650k.
Not that it matters or anything.
Basically the day of the 3rd party exclusive is just about done.
The only exclusives we're likely to see are the ones developed or published by the console vendor.
(Or targetting Wii. And even those...)

Fallen_Angel3884d ago

vgchartz just pulls number out there ass. There is no way of knowing how many it sold. Unless NT released an offical number and I image even if they did even that be dated

lodossrage3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

You do know the Heavenly Sword IP is exclusive to ps3 right?

The Developers are the ones going multi-platform.

shine13963884d ago

@fjtorres: have you seen some of the other games they have *estimated*...they look like old vg chart figures even those that have been confirmed by publishers to have gone platinum arn't on the list in the right place and some are not even in it.

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The Closing3884d ago

Even if Heavenly Sword is a Sony title I'd still let them have it. Like here you want this? Take it.

killer_trap3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

i just posted this 6 hours ago and got reported as a duplicate.

oh well, i guess some people are luckier than others.

Mu5afir3884d ago

It is a duplicate, I don't know why this one got approved.. >_<

Dareaver13884d ago

I just checked all the source sites postings and this is new, it's about the interview with Nina, it's not talking about the CGI movie news title that was posted in 03/08.

vegnadragon3884d ago


If you went to their forum, it was said this a months ago. This is not new.

Dareaver13884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Yes the subject "HS Devs going multi-plat" is not new, but the Co-Founder of Ninja Theory did an interview, and helped give reasons why they are going multi-plat, and talks about HS sequel which they are not developing. If you read the story, you would see that this is a new article, and it goes far more in-depth.

please read the story, i gave another alt-source so you can directly click on the interview and see what's going on with Ninja Theory.

Edit: Where do you go for your Bleach fix? I go to and The new episode should be out today...

hazeblaze3884d ago

Yea, this same exact interview got posted yesterday. Late news.

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hades073884d ago

This is good news for everyone. A lot of 360 owners were interested in Heavenly Sword.

Expy3884d ago

Heavenly Sword will never go multi-plat since the IP is owned by Sony. Ninja Theory's next game will be multi-plat but it won't be from the HS series.

hades073884d ago

Oh I know that im just stating that Heavenly Sword was a good game that 360 owners never got their hands on and good for them that the talented developer of the game is now making games for the 360 as well.

hades073883d ago

Haha am I getting disagrees because people don't agree that Ninja Theory is a good developer or are a certain brand of fanboys a bunch of sore losers because they will miss out on a possible exclusive.