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Submitted by Neonridr 833d ago | news

Batman: Arkham Origins Reportedly Runs Better On Wii U Than Other Platforms

Batman: Arkham Origins cuts down on GamePad features, but apparently runs best on Wii U (Batman: Arkham Origins, Wii U)

DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   833d ago
Oh snap...
Ol_G  +   833d ago
already saw this yesterday finally games are beginning to show differences
wantedboys  +   833d ago
WII U is too late in the market, less than a month ps4 and xbox one will be released
clouds5  +   833d ago
Can't be. Everyone keeps telling me wii u is slower than xb360 :O
XboxFun  +   833d ago
So is the 360/PS3 holding the wiiU back!?
lilbroRx  +   833d ago
Have been since launch. They'll hold the PS4 and Xboxone back for a while too.
vulcanproject  +   833d ago
I don't think they are 'holding back' the Wii U version. Best case scenario is the Wii U version has a slightly more consistent framerate and the odd texture here or there, its still the same resolution.

Wii U is marginally faster than PS3/360 GPU wise but then its 6-7 years newer and has a lot more memory. At this point we are verging on mobile graphics technology surpassing those consoles they are so old....within about a year tablets are going to boast more performance than PS3/360/Wii U

Its certainly not any sort of leap going from PS3/360 to Wii U like it would be to the other two new systems.

If you are going to play this game and have only consoles then Wii U might be the best choice although it seems to be the most expensive version of the game. The main thing for me is that the game itself just isn't as good as the other two older Batman games so I'll wait for it to come cheap on PC for the top version.
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AbortMission  +   833d ago
Lol, I love how technical and factual you are in your comment and yet these Nintendo fanboys can't handle it - even when there wasn't anything negative said on the Wii u other than hardware limitations.

This site needs a fanboy cleanup
GryestOfBluSkies  +   833d ago
running better on newer hardware? id hope so.
lilbroRx  +   833d ago
You seem to miss the point of this news like most do. Can't say whether its intentional or not.

This article and ones like it exist as a response to the insistence by haters that the Wii U isn't next gen.
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despair  +   833d ago
It's not next gen, it's playing a game better than 8 year old tech. That's not impressive, if it looked significantly better and ran better then maybe, but not as it is now.
mkis007  +   833d ago
Its middle gen.
Baka-akaB  +   833d ago
Any new console from a new cycle is next gen , but other than that , technically it isnt something worth boasting . I'd say it's to be expected

It's obvious you guys know what your foes are talking about , and both side seem to fight with semantics prancing .

However it shouldnt be dropping its gamepad features , wasnt it it's main strength ? It running better wont convince anyone but people owning both a ps3/360 and a wii
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clouds5  +   833d ago
@despair: have you seen the difference between assassins creed 4 on ps3 and ps4?
Minor improvements, nothing impressive about it. . It's cross gen. As is batman.
The wii u is strong enough to produce beautiful graphics (look at pikmin 3) and has superior gameplay because of the gamepad (imho). And it's cheaper and it has more games. It's a sweet deal.
MilkMan  +   833d ago
Ah! That's why I haven't had any of these "problems" I've been reading about. Go figure.
truechainz  +   833d ago
I'm enjoying this game on Wii U. I must say this game is mostly making me desire another game like Spiderman 2 for PS2/GC/Xbox or Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Those games just felt great to play and interact in their respective worlds. GTAV is still great, but I can't help but find myself wanting to control a super-powered being when I am playing it.
deafdani  +   833d ago
Infamous? (if you have a PS3, of course).
truechainz  +   833d ago
That is a great example and a lot of fun too. I'm waiting to buy a PS4 until second son comes out. But seeing games like that makes me yearn for the heroes I know and love in Spidey and the Hulk.
Crillvirus81  +   833d ago
Yea I got both cause I wanted multiplayer and the wii u version runs and looks way better and It should its way stronger then them old dinosaurs consoles lol
Deep-throat  +   833d ago
It makes me LOL every time I see people say the Wii U is a next-gen console

The thing struggles with current gen games. Batman AO runs at 30fps in 720p SAME as current consoles.
AKR  +   833d ago
The definition of next-gen deals with the cycle in which a console is released. For instance, you succeed your parents, thus you are "next-gen", while your parents are "last-gen".

And even if it did; what does the tech inside of it matter? Specs don't make systems - games do. If specs sold systems, then why has the weakest system for the past 5 generations sold the most? NES, SNES, PSX, PS2, GC, Wii and DS say hi.

As for the Wii U itself - it hasn't been "struggling" to run "current-gen" games. Devs have simply been giving it partial treatment. Only a few multi-plat titles have been better on Wii U, because devs actually put their best foot forward. Trine 2, Runner2, Rayman Legends, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, CoD: Black Ops 2 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist all say hi.

Oh, and don't forget that the Wii U has titles like Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and Smash 4 all confirmed to be running at 1080p-60fps.

Personally - I don't care about console specs or graphics - but I hate it when people try to preach false information as if it were gospel.

Try again.
Deep-throat  +   833d ago
"As for the Wii U itself - it hasn't been "struggling" to run "current-gen" games. Devs have simply been giving it partial treatment. Only a few multi-plat titles have been better on Wii U, because devs actually put their best foot forward. Trine 2, Runner2, Rayman Legends, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, CoD: Black Ops 2 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist all say hi."

Trine 2 - 720p@30 same as current-gen consoles.

Runner 2 - lol.

Raymen Legends - what makes the WiiU ver better? It's 1080p on current-gen consoles too.

NFS MW - 720p@30 same as current-gen consoles.

CoD - lol, it looked and ran worse than the 360 ver.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - the WiiU ver doesn't have screentearing but muddy textures and runs worse than the other vers.
pedroyamato   833d ago | Spam
RAFFwaff  +   833d ago
you are THIS gen, your parents are previous gen. if you were NEXT gen, then you wouldnt even be born yet. think about it....
Sincere0121  +   833d ago
Lol at this idiot. Dumbest comment of the year goes to him. Lol
RAFFwaff  +   833d ago
you are an idiot talking about frame-rates in terms of next gen, as both the ps4 and xbone are struggling to get up to 60fps at the moment. go back to your doritos and halo.
stuna1  +   833d ago
What are you even talking about!? When the WII U gets a game as GPU/CPU extensive then come back and talk! As far as games struggling on the PS4 the majority of the games scheduled to be release are already at 1080p / 60fps. If you are referring to BF4, even at 900p it's looking and performing better than anything on the WIII U up to this date, but first where is the WII U's version comparison of BF4!? Oops, for that matter where's the WII U's version of GT5? Nowhere, the 3rd party games that the WII U does get will be mere shadows of their next gen counterparts! See that's the problem with the ordinary rabid Nintendo fan, they don't think their sh#t stink just as bad as any other rabid fan from their respective console or PC! They think they are somehow entitled, because they are still playing a diluted version of a game from damn near 30 years ago, and that somehow gives them the right to claim Nintendo as the greatest company ever.

Get off the high horse, step back into reality and move on! Simple thing to do.
R00bot  +   833d ago
Project Cars is the Wii U version of GT5. Yes, it's multiplatform, but it looks better on the Wii U than on the PS3.

If by the diluted game you mean Mario, a 3D mario main-series entry comes once or twice a generation. CoD comes once a year, AC once a year, there have been 3 uncharted's on the PS3, lots of Halo's on the 360 lots of GT games. And Mario adds new gameplay features with every game that make it look, perform, or feel different.
There were only 2 3D Mario games on the Wii, one on the DS, one on the 3DS, one on the Wii U, one on the GameCube, one on the N64. That's only 7 main series 3D Mario games in history (6 if you don't count Mario 64 DS cos it's a remake).
For a comparison there have been 7 CoD games since 2004 and 6 Halo games on the 360.
AKR  +   833d ago
I would hope so.

And no - I don't mean that because I don't consider it to be "next-gen". I do, as it is an 8th-generation console, seeing that it is the successor to the Wii, which was a part of the 7th-generation.

Tech doesn't concern me, and doesn't even have anything to do with console generations anyway ~ but it's good to see another dev try and make some improvements on the new system. Many devs have simply been giving the Wii U partial treatment with their ports, so only a handful of multiplat titles can boast about being better on Wii U.

Hopefully this trend will continue as the console grows and devs get more acquainted with the hardware.
Thepcz  +   833d ago
people forget the wiiu version renders the entire universe in real time
little known fact.
R00bot  +   833d ago
Is that true? Wow, that's a cool fact. How did you find that out? Googling it came back with nothing.
gk07  +   833d ago
i like what u said AKR
Darkfist  +   833d ago
and wii u owners still wont buy it.
R00bot  +   833d ago
Hey, I bought it.
mcstorm  +   833d ago
Wow my dad is bigger than your dad again by the fan boys. Yes the Xbox one and ps4 are more powerful than the wiiu but that dose not mean it is next gen. Or was the N64 a different gen to the PSX, or the Xbox a different gen to the pa2? Or Wii a different gen to the 360 and ps3.

Power dose not sell a console look at the ps3 sales at the start they were poor compared to the 360 and Wii. Or lets look at the 3ds sales at the start or even the psv sales being low why? Lack of games people want. It really is that simple. Games sell consoles not power and who ever has the line up that ticks most gamers boxes this is the console they will buy.
MisfitsInc  +   833d ago
it should.
FlyingFoxy  +   833d ago
I mentioned before that dropping gamepad support somewhat would allow increase in graphics and performance of the game on the TV.. in fact, i don't really understand why not give 2 options in the first place then? allow all games to have 2 options where we can select wwhether we want live stuff going on with the gamepad, or have it turned off to increase graphics/performance of the game?
R00bot  +   833d ago
The gamepad doesn't do much in either game. Just having it on and running the map uses an amount of power. I doubt dropping things such as the gadget swapping etc makes a big difference to performance, if any at all.
Finally, a defenetive version on a Wii U multiplatform game
R00bot  +   833d ago
Most Wii U games are the definitive version, even if just for the off-tv play. People are too concerned about the graphics of things.
leahcim  +   832d ago
good news

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