Battlefield 4 Xbox One Review Build Was Missing Ambient Occlusion, Coming on Day One Same as PS4/PC

It's no mystery by now that the Battlefield 4 Xbox One review build now out into the wild on several videos and video comparisons lacked the AO (Ambient Occlusion) feature present in the other next generation builds. Apparently, though, Xbox One fans need not worry about that, as it's coming, as mentioned by Frostbite Technical Director.

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Lalanana1606d ago

i guess they are saying xbox one copy is not finished yet

EPiCDiNGO1606d ago ShowReplies(18)
MYDEATH211606d ago

@Docknoss, The reason so many people believe all the bad rumors Xbox One gets is because 99% of the have been true.

Docknoss1606d ago

Oh really? Enlighten me boy, tell me all the rumors and fanboy false rhetoric that has yet to be proven considering the damn console isn't even out yet. My reply towards epilepticdingo was removed on telling yet all I did was show how both consoles at one time had the same policies and both retracted on that.

GameNameFame1606d ago

PS4 version is not finished also. And ofc, will be improved.

badkolo1606d ago

your delisional just like every other sony bot. it will sink in soon

MazzingerZ1605d ago

What do people mean with versions not finished yet? Game should be at the most going through last weeks of QA to soon go gold
It is been released within a month!

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trywizardo1606d ago

if you trolls look at the IGN video you'll see that X1 have better graphics ... so better graphics with 720P is better than low graphics with 1080P

Blade Runner1606d ago

This is very true. Glad to see someone else talking some sense between all the crazy fanboy yelling. I have seen some incredable full settings of BF3 at 720p that blow away half setting at 1080p on a PC. So yeah to many people get caught up in the whole 720p vs 1080p war. I could care less how it runs on the PS4 as long as it looks good.

Kryptix1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Native 900p scaled up for a 1080p screen will result in a blurry picture due to the textures being stretched to fit the screen.

There's a broader difference scaling from 900p native to 1080p than 540p native to 720p. The reason why is because there's more pixels between 900p and 1080p than there is between 540p and 720p that's why we barely noticed the upscale blurriness this gen. (I'm aware the Xbox One version is 720p native. Just explaining the upscaling of this gen to next gen's 900p native to 1080p)

"However, I can give you some impressions based on my time with the PlayStation 4 multiplayer and single-player. Purely from a gameplay perspective, I can say with confidence that Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC are equally excellent. The two are visually comparable, with minor detail differences if you’re really trying to pick it apart." -IGN

Cuzzo631605d ago

Wow. Now I see why you have 2 bubbs. They have the performance and grafics goin to ps4... let me guess. Eeeeeeeverybody that review the game are sony fanboys too. You my friend are the reason wacko is a great term for you. LMAOOOOOOOO!

trywizardo1605d ago

cuzzo nope , the reason why i only have 2 bubbles cause N4G is filled with sonybots and that's ok all i need is one bubble to say my mind and the other to shut up trolls like you
and when i was watching the comparing video i had in mind that X1 version looks like ass and PS4 version looks way better but i saw the exact opposite and everyone on ign agree to that (witch was surprising considering IGN is filled with sonybots too)

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Pogmathoin1606d ago

Unbelievable.... I swear the fun has gone out of gaming the way you people go on.... C64 slaughtered spectrum 48k in every spec, but i had so much more fun on the latter.... But people did not whine like babies we see now... Really, reality check people. Its supposed to be fun....

come_bom1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

LOL... i find this hole thing very funny. Sony fanboys against Microsoft fanboys and vice-versa.

It would be really funny if the best console version was the WiiU version.

GO, go, go, go WiiU version FTW, make Sony/Microsoft fanboys cry (and I don't even own a WiiU) :-)


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GraveLord1606d ago

So frame rate will suffer even more. Yay?

mhunterjr1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

How can you be so sure the frame rate would suffer?I'm sure they are aware that most users would prefer a steady framerate over an extra feature. I doubt they would add something if its going to make the game play worse.

wishingW3L1606d ago

because frame-rate is already suffering as it is or do you think that Ambient Occlusion runs on fairy dust?

mhunterjr1606d ago


Surely you're aware that the update will be a newer build than he review build. It will most definitely include modifications to the code to address such issues...

Or where you under the impression that adding AO is just a matter of checking a check box?

Drekken1606d ago

They are adding more processing to the graphics. How is it hard to understand that will make the frames drop a bit. Granted I am probably talking to someone that thinks 720p looks better than 900p. Whatever.

SilentNegotiator1606d ago

"How can you be so sure the frame rate would suffer?"

Because ambient lighting is processed, not created from thin air.

mistertwoturbo1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

^No not fairy dust, it's TeH ClOuDz!

In all seriousness, AO is a little more taxing on the GPU. I remember my BC2 days, I had to turn it down from HBAO to SSAO or completely off to hit 60fps on my GTX 465(at the time.)

This does not bode well for the Xbone version if it's already having a hard time holding 60fps at 720p!

loulou1606d ago

usual faces..

perhaps it has been optimised abit more??? hence no strain on the fps?

f'ck me you droids are annoying.

anyway, i still have a problem. do i pick this up and fly solo on the ps4 with a better looking game or do i get this on the xb1 and continue playing with my mates???

what would you lot do?

droids need not reply

C0LLAT1606d ago

Get yourself new mates! :)

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TENTONGUN1606d ago

wtf does AO acually do for a game? ive never heard of it till this week. im a ps4 guy but the x1 folks need the same, its only fair. youd have to be a lil bitch baby to want x1 owners to have less of a game just cause. thats kind of pathetic

TENTONGUN1606d ago

i reckon the disagree i got was from a lil bitch, go figure.

IRNMUNKEY1606d ago

I guess all the comparison videos were kinda pointless then?

lsujester1606d ago

Pretty much, especially all those pictures from DF with the settings screwed up. Nobody is going to do this, but the d!ick measuring should stop for now. We won't know what both versions will ultimately look like until a month from now.

MrCastle1606d ago

Jester, the dick measuring has just begun. More and more 3rd party releases will be compared before and after launch.

lsujester1606d ago

I know, that's why I said nobody is going to stop.

But I'm talking specifically about BF4. None of this is final code, so we have most of a month before we see what both versions end up looking like.

JohnJ1606d ago

Yea cos the xbox one version is not final build.

Let's leave the schoolboy bitching to the schoolboy bitches and just have a laugh and play some awesome games.

This campaign will help xbox because all the fickle little idiots who believe all the shit flying round will fill up psn and leave the reasonable thinking people to have a genuine laugh on xbox live.

IAmSovereign1606d ago

I truly, truly wish I lived in the same world you do. I bet the bushes are made of cotton candy and trees of chirros

The_Sneauxman1606d ago

Chirro trees.... just think about how awesome life would be

pyramidshead1606d ago

lol 'certain people' are still confident that the XB1 version will still ship 1080p60fps with v-sych as well. Don't really need give any clues to who's suggested that nonsense.

falviousuk1606d ago

is that different people who were saying 1080p 60fps on the PS4 i wonder

pyramidshead1606d ago

Yeah I'm guessing you don't know who I'm referring too lol. This guy wouldn't be speaking anything positive about the PS4, let alone BF4 being 1080p60fps on ps4.

The pipe dream of 1080p for PS4 was there for some, but the main issue was that it will probably be higher than the XB1 and that's just been proven.

n4rc1606d ago

Something I've been wondering....

These are just review builds playable to reviewers... Both upscaled to 1080p..

How the hell do they know the native res? I'm honestly asking..

lifeisgamesok1606d ago

These Sony guys just can't live with the fact that the Xbox One version is holding its own

They look the same with the One looking slightly better

Deal with it#

Enemy1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Upscaled isn't native, and either way you spin it, the PS4 version is confirmed running at 1600x900 while Xbone port is 1280x720.

Higher resolution on PS4 is a fact, so PS4 will have less to upscale, making it the better, sharper, less jaggy version with ambient occlusion already in place.

IHassounah1606d ago

You just confirmed it's a port

Elit3Nick1606d ago

except from what we've seen so far while the ps4 version does have less aliasing then the X1 version, it's textures aren't as sharp in comparison, meaning that going 900p meant that they had to sacrifice some other things to make up for it.

Enemy1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

^ On the contrary. PS4's textures are at 1600x900p. Xbone's are at 1280x720p.

Higher resolution = sharper image

I see you're making stuff up on the spot, though. They even removed clouds from the Xbone port.

Your textures will look quite weak in comparison. Couple that with aliasing issues on Xbone, inevitable frame drops after AO application, and you've got the worst version in your hands. I know it's hard to accept but hey, better specs bring better results.

tiremfej1606d ago

Considering these videos were taken from Dev Kits which supposedly run the "final builds" as Dice would want...and they are adding Occlusion to X1...they're not finished games...I'm just throwing that out there. Couple with the fact that X1 does look better i.e. sharper textures, more "items" on screen, minor aliasing issues. Having a higher-res doesn't matter much, PS4 can look the part, but doesn't play it well.

Elit3Nick1606d ago

@Enemy just because the game runs at 900p doesn't mean the textures are, having every single texture in the game run at 900p would take a stupid amount of power, that why textures in more hidden areas will be less crisp. But if you actually look at comparison shots and videos, you'll see more detail on the ground and on some objects, like the bumpy texturing on the vehicle's seats. Of course since it's you I'm talking to, I don't expect you to actually admit anything...

bcrazy181606d ago

@enemy.... Maybe their were slightly different versions created on purpose. . Ever thought about that. Hell, even the clothes on the guy are different. Maybe the environments and weaker isn't static, even in cutscenes so it won't be the same and the reason why the clouds were not Kant. Not sure if that's even possible bit you never know.

joefrost001605d ago

You know the funny thing is that the reveiw build is 720 but the fact that there are things he would not talk about is strange I thought it would be kinect but that was already announced
My only guess with AO they up the resolution
Cause even the reveiw version is 720
Nobody Sony, MS, or Dice has came out and confirmed anything
Not hoping or anything just more of an "we wont talk about it at this time" educated guess

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MorePowerOfGreen1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Don't hear people saying that. looks more like it's something you bring up on your own because that's what you actually fear.

You simply heard people that know better talk about the XB1 version being an older build even before the Eurogamer tweet.

We will know soon enough on NOV 1st what the final build shows when EA nd MSFT announces their surprises. The XB1 version already looks better than the PS4 version except jaggies.

"the AO on Xbox One was one of the fixes that didn't make it into the review copy but will be in day1, same tech as PS4/PC"

"Are there other fixes that aren't in the review copy?"

"yes there are some, but not something we will go into details about at this time."

Wonder what else could be changed in a already better looking game?

Also wonder if they're going to fix the PS4 version textures


Mistake or on purpose?

Pintheshadows1606d ago

You don't know what ambient occlusion or contrast and sharpness settings do. Look out side of the car and notice that on the PS4 version you can actually make out detail in the shadows where as in the XB1 version you can only make out black. Pitch black like tar spread across the enviroment.

The lighting and blacks in the XB1 version are hiding its faults along with some post processing effects. Not to mention that rocks shouldn't be as shiny and plants shouldn't look so black on the shaded side as in the XB1 version.

You are mistaking the natural look ambient occlusion gives by dispersing light naturally in the environment for low detail textures. Face the facts, not only is the PS4 version superior in performance it also looks a lot closer to the PC version on high than the XB1 version.

DoesUs1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


40% less pixels, lower average framerate, Shambolic multiplayer gfx, $100 more expensive! Ouch.

You sir are completely off your rocker.

Next up, Ass Creed 4. See you then.

You'll do well on Reddit with all the other blind MS supporters.

Detoxx1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

But that still doesn't change the fact Xbox version is 720P. And what about the jaggies, does AO reduce that or what?

Abriael1606d ago

No, it just makes the whole scene look a bit better.

Riderz13371606d ago

No AO does not reduce jaggies, AA does. Also, with the inclusion of AO in the final build, expect an even bigger frame rate drops. Not a huge difference but possibly 3-5 FPS more being dropped in frames than before.

mhunterjr1606d ago

There's no reason to 'expect' framerate drops. It's a possibility, but I can't see a renowned multiplayer developers adding an effect if they couldn't do so without affecting gameplay.

Volkama1606d ago

Well now that rather depends on the other optimisations that go with it.

Both versions look good. The PS4 may be justifying it's GPU choice, while the One still offers a different feature set and quite comparable graphics. Both sides can be pleased imo.

XBox Live, Kinect and Halo and the early years of the 360 push me firmly towards getting the One first.