Where are the Xbox One Assassin's Creed IV reviews?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is released today on current generation consoles and the favourable reviews are sailing in thick and fast. The majority of media outlets have critiqued the PlayStation 4 version as well as the PS3 & 360 versions of which they have made cross-gen technical comparisons. However there is one format that has been conspicuously absent from any review, the Xbox One edition.

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Chaostar1504d ago

I get the feeling we're going to see a lot of this 'media wrangling' in the coming generation.

The truth always comes out in the end though. Not even MS can silence everyone.

Cloudyday711504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The Xbox One version of Assassin's Creed IV is technically better than the PS4 version.

It has a 1080p resolution and higher frame rate. But because Sony have money-hatted Ubisoft they have embargoed reviews of the Xbone version because then everyone would know it has the best version of the game.

bsquwhere1504d ago

What? I hope that's sarcasm. There isn't one multiplatform game out there that runs better on the X1.

Chaostar1504d ago

What? Be honest now, did you just make all that up? Link or fud.

Haha the fanboyism is reaching fever pitch, entertaining stuff :)

Mikelarry1504d ago

ignore the the troll he is a known troll.

Supermax1504d ago

You mean we're are the ps4 reviews it's not out on eather console.

Thantalas1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Many of the reviews have been based on the PS4 version which was played at a Ubisoft review event.

This includes the 9/10 EDGE review

Game Informer


Joystiq PS4 + 360

Gamesradar PS4 + 360


and many others.

bigboirock1504d ago

they already described the differences and why it wont be reviewed early

Supermax1504d ago

Not one review on metacritic is actuall ps4 gameplay.there will not be a review on eather console till release.

MasterCornholio1504d ago

Isn't their an embargo on Xbox One game reviews?

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