Some videos & photos of GTA IV gameplay

On the french website, there is a topic which is updated in permanence : additions of videos and pictures ingame. Videos & photos will not be erased.

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Crazyglues3885d ago

That camera shot when that guy falls from the fire escape, beautiful.

Really nice touch.

tweaker3885d ago

Damn. The human motion physics (euphoria?) is amazing.

thereapersson3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Did you see the way he flew when he hit the back of that car? LOL

edit: that wasn't sarcasm, btw

w3irdos3885d ago

@Time Lord :
lol good luck man.. too bad you don't know what you're missing(ignorance is bliss!!! :P lol)

thereapersson3885d ago

What's so different about posting gameplay footage from GTA IV as opposed to any other game? Just because the devs are waiting till the last possible minute for whatever ridiculous hype reason? Aren't we going to see a bunch of stuff this coming sunday?

Gantrfaxx3885d ago

can't watch, to many connections

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The story is too old to be commented.