MGS4 Rated, Total Running Time Revealed

BBFC passes game for release; avoids '18' classification
Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots has been passed by the BBFC with a '15' age rating.

The classification was made without any cuts having to be applied to the game.

On its website, the BBFC reveales that the game has a 'total running time' of 545m 47s (9hrs; 5 mins; 47 secs).

Guns Of The Patriots is due for release in the US and Europe on Friday, June 12th.

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thereapersson3885d ago

I wonder what criteria that time quote entails?

Silverwolf3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

They probably have access to cheats so they can examine a game more freely without actually having to play it. So the time they state might not be accurate.

thereapersson3885d ago

I hope so. I don't think Kojima would release an epic game of this sort with that short of a play-through time.

NO_PUDding3885d ago

I have a feelign you can only qualify run time, for cut scenes.

Otherwise, it's play time, and it's far less exact than that.

Mainman3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

MGS3 only had about 3 hours of cut-scenes, compared to 9 hours of MGS4 cut-scene's.

kwicksandz3885d ago

Games are getting shorter and shorter this gen. COD4, heavnly sword etc 10 hours seems like the new industry standard which i find a little dissapointing...

callahan093885d ago

@ guy who said MGS3 only has about 3 hours of cutscenes:

OK. It also has the shortest runtime of cutscenes in the series. Especially if you include codec conversations, of which very little exist in MGS3 and tons and tons in MGS2.

pharmd3885d ago

thats not much longer than MGS2..... dont get me wrong, i'll play it all day long, especially online, but i was hopin for like a 20 hour epic or something

decapitator3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Their review copy and not the full game guys...The title is a little misleading.

Ghoul3885d ago

its the cut scenes guys

Tarasque3885d ago

Well there was an article a while back that a guy played through the whole game in 2-5 hour sittings roughly.

sonarus3885d ago

since when did games release run time to the rating board. My guess is its the cut scenes.

dan-boy3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

was just shy of 6 hours play-time and god i would rather forget the cut-scenes! kojima loves cut-scenes, and if they say running time of 9+ hours, then i'm thinking thats from start to credits!! when you have a running time on a film, that's the same(start to credits). so perhaps this could be the same?!

until it's released, best just to wait, and not speculate too much! besides, the game is on-line. any shortages in the game will be compensated by the on-line component!

Edit: obviously the reviewer could have just run through the game...or it could be something far worse..9 hours of cut scenes

sonarus3885d ago

@dan-boy why do you care...are you buying the game or do you own a ps3???.

9hrs of cut scenes and codecs simply tells me we are in for a pretty remarkable story. I hope the gameplay and cut scenes are more evenly split this time. Considering it took the gaming journalists about 2 days to finish (doing nothing but playing MGS4), we can say everything plus cut scenes should be at least 20hrs (Hopefully)

Foliage3884d ago

Our last game we sent off for an ESRB rating didn't require a playthrough. In fact they wanted the videos to be kept as short as possible. Granted, we aren't Konami.

They wanted things like:
- A video of each sniper rifle in use (shoot enemy, zoom in and out, reload, bullet cam)
- A video of each pistol in use (shoot enemy, reload)
- A video of each assault rifle in use (shoot enemy, reload)
- A video of player using the knife to kill
- A video of the player getting shot by enemies, taking damage
- A player jumping off a high place and dying
- Video of enemy taking damage (focus on the sound he makes)
- Video of the player taking damage (focus on the sound player makes)
- Video depicting the worst of the blood splatter effects
- Video showing what can be done to a dead body with the various weapons, and how long it stays on screen
- Video of the player committing suicide by walking into the water
- Video of the player getting shot and dying
- 1 video for each place where there is swearing or harsh language
- please also compile a text list where a swear word is used (see script)

So I don't see how they could get any form of valid play time out of the rating process. You think when rating a game that they would want to see the same repetitive actions over and over? That 9 hours is probably all original game play scenes, and cinematics.

Foliage3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Check out this link:

If you add up all that in-game footage you get about 85 hours or so. (Not an actual calculation, just an estimate)

Why would there be so many videos for "in game footage" included?

dan-boy3884d ago

as it happens, i was intending to get one of the world beating mgs bundles that get touted by the likes of you on here!

"9hrs of cut scenes and codecs simply tells me we are in for a pretty remarkable story" i've got to say, that's one of the saddest comments i've heard on here! 9 hours of cut scenes????? that would be terrible imo! especially if you could'nt skip them! i remember the disappointment that was mgs2, not much gameplay, and too many cut scenes! and kojima loves em! 9 hrs of cut scenes = a non buy for me simple as that!

i know it's sacrielage to speak ill of mgs on this site, but i'm allowed an opinion! and before you all start going on about halo and gears, they were both (apart from halo1) underwhelming aswell. but tey redeemed themselves on-line.....and f***-me they did'nt have 9 hrs of cut-scenes to sit through!!

i really hope it aint true!!

samfk3884d ago

forget blue ray i bought a ps3 because mgs4 was sony only!!and now im told its short. to say im dissapointed is an understatement!!

ryuyasho3884d ago

but didn't Hideo-sama said that this game couldn't fit into a 50GB BluRay Disc??? something smells fishy... 9hrs.??? give me a focking brake... Title Misleader.

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SPARTAAN3885d ago

not sure about the run time because the 16 reporters spent 3 days at the boot camp with nothing to do other than play the game and all the stuff we have seen until now(which is a lot)is only from the first arc so im expecting it to be around 15-25 hrs

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13885d ago

...BEST 9hrs:5mins:47secs of Gameplay you have ever Played in your LIFE!!!

+I'd rather play 9hrs:5mins:47secs of this than anything that has been on the xBox 360!!! ;-D

+to the xBot Lemmings who PM me...GET A LIFE!!! ;-D
(i'm REALLY NOT interested in ANYTHING you say)

Jack Meahoffer3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Bluray has done NOTHING so far for PS3 games. MGS4 was supposed to show the full power of Bluray and yet the game is STILL extremely short.

Name one game that was longer and contained more content due to Bluray! Every single exclusive PS3 that supposedly filled up the Bluray game in under 10 hours.

What a joke. Maybe by the end of the PS3 cycle Bluray will show its worth for games but 16 months in there is ZERO evidence. So far the only benefit is for developers to put all languages on one disk.

Jack Meahoffer3885d ago

"MGS4 is going to destroy every game this year and all the xbot"

Its going to destroy every game this year AND ALL THE XBOT?

All the xbot? Wow don't know how to respond to that piffy retort... You got me there genius...

Why not name one game that has benefited from Bluray? Can you? What game has been longer and contained more content due to Bluray? Sony fanboys say how important bluray is so I'm asking an honest question. What game has benefited?

SPARTAAN3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

this is post from the open zone by callahan09

Everyone, I have proof that this 545 minutes running time is significant, and not representative of the length of the game, but does give an idea of how absolutely huge the game really is.

Classified 31 March, 2008
This work was passed with no cuts made.

When submitted to the BBFC the work had a running time of 463m 0s"

--- And:

Classified 22 April, 2008
This work was passed with no cuts made.

When submitted to the BBFC the work had a running time of 545m 47s."


There ya go. The running time of the footage they watched for MGS 4 was even significantly longer (18% more footage) than what they watched for GTA IV. Any questions? "

DarK-SilV3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

to answer your Q .the game will be MGS4 , just wait and see, we still don't know alot about the game .

PopEmUp3884d ago

so you are admitting you're an xbot roflmfao

leon763884d ago

Note for this @ssholes: Runing time IS NOT gamleplay time!!!! Running time is time the disc played, like a dvd, this is BBFC, they didn't complete the game your morons, they just gave it the rating and the running time is just like they do with the movies in DVD!!!!!!!!!!

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Iamback3885d ago

I hardly believe it is only 9 hours. Maybe if you have played it 10 times and just RUN through game, than maybe. From what Shane said on 1UP yours (and other previewers) it is longer than that.

hades073885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

What does the 9 hrs stand for is what I want to know. Gameplay? Then that is pretty freaking short. Cutscenes? If so it's supposed to be a game isn't it, not a movie. What's it doing with 9 hrs of cutscenes. I can now see this being like MGS2 rather than the mighty MGS1 or even MGS3. Convoluted story and people falling asleep during a butt load of boring cutscenes.