Battlefield 4 has a 119MB day one update

DICE has released a 119MB day one update for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4.

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TheEnigma3131486d ago

No big deal; most games have a day one patch.

sarlucic1486d ago

Of course it does. In fact it's great. It means that the developers continued to work on the product after they had to stop, cuz of the cd-printing and what not. Patches are there to make a game better and or improve stability. So why wouldnt it be ok?

DestinyHeroDoomlord1486d ago

@sarlucic, I understand what your saying but what about the people who are unable to get the update?

JetsFool35001486d ago

So you rather them release a broken game?

Sheikah1486d ago

Dun dun duun... Well, that *is* reassuring, at best.. Means the QA team is still hard at work. If games don't have a day 1 patch, I worry that the dev team has gone AWOL :p

arjman1486d ago

That says a lot about game development nowadays lol

venom061486d ago

people that are playing on the 360.... INSTALL BOTH DISCS ON THE HARD DRIVE.. it makes a DRAMATIC difference in terms of how the game looks... trust me..