Battlefield 4 PS4 install size is 34.9GB

The PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 requires 34.9GB of storage space, VideoGamer can reveal.

In comparison, the PC version requires around 24GB, while a complete installation of the Xbox 360 version comes in at around 14GB. An installation size for the Xbox One version is not yet known.

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black0o1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

where did that extra 10 GB come from ??

edit: ''but with large mandatory installations'' last time i checked the ps4 doesn't req a mandatory installations

DeadlyFire1671d ago

It basically uses 50 GB on the HDD as a buffer for game files. So it won't install. It will just run and push up to 50 GB of files if necessary on your HDD until you end the game then it wipes that 50 GB clear to do it again with next game.

johndoe112111671d ago

Know what I think, I think this is the result of companies making games to cater for DRM on the consoles.

Remember, the xbox had mandatory installs and who knows, it was probably the same with the ps4 but then sony decided against going through with the DRM and caused total chaos for the devs and the xbox one.

Those games were probably too far into development to change it at that point so now we have the first slew of games having ridiculous install sizes.

Hey I could be dead wrong. it's just a theory. At the end of the day I thank sony for what they did even though I know it screwed some of the devs. I don't care if the day one update will be getting rid of DRM on the ps4, what matters is that they decided to support the customers at just the right time and in doing so protected our rights. Whether they did it fro the money or not is completely irrelevant.

obliterator1671d ago

Pc version requires 24gb. And ps4 34.9gb. O.o

Bgibbs1671d ago

Except that the PS4 stores the 34.9gb of data in cache memory. Meaning that space becomes free the second you stop playing the game.

Iceman X1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

HD audio, PC games don't use HD PCM uncompressed audio. PS3 games and blu ray movies only use this. To give you an example Heavenly Sword Audio file was 10gb alone.

awi59511671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

@Iceman X

??? lol noob my pc does lol i have 192000hz PCM comming out of my sound card into my 7.1 receiver into my 4 Bic tower speakers.

awi59511671d ago

LOL the PS fangirls are disagreeing because they know nothing about PC sound quality then dont open your mouths then you wont get corrected.

BadlyPackedKeebab1671d ago

That makes those PX4's I just preorderd feel more worth while.

Sheikah1671d ago

Ouch. What abt the digitally downloadable version then :p? 120?

nick3091671d ago

Same size as the install. These installs are the full games. This is to prevent consoles from heating too much from the disc spinning alot.

Sheikah1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Thank you for clarifying - bubs for you. I didn't know that :) so -- I just did some preorder/trade-in magic and got BF4 (Ps3) extremely cheaply - so it wont matter if I do the "PSN store" PS3 > PS4 update, or physically trade in my PS3 version, for a PS4 upgrade? Both of them will require the 35 gig install + disc in machine?

seanpitt231671d ago

It's getting crazy now we need more than 500g if this is going to be the norm.

Fishy Fingers1671d ago


I suppose you can juggle the installs, some games I play more than others, once a title is done with or rarely played you could always delete the install. Ball ache next time you fancy a quick blast on said game though.

Minato-Namikaze1671d ago

They remove as soon as you stop playing, its a cache more than an install.

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