Battlefield 4: China Rising expansion pack releases December 3

Battlefield 4: China Rising, one of the first expansion packs due to release for this month's top multiplayer shooter, will become available to Battlefield 4 Premium members on Tuesday, December 3.

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HarryB1487d ago Show
PR_FROM_OHIO1487d ago

Wow that was fast EA! SMFH

brich2331487d ago

So what, it comes with the preorder in case u didnt know.

urwifeminder1487d ago

Not sure I can be bothered with the dlc its not like many people play them own all of bf3 maps still have not played on everyone as they just play the same vanilla maps over again.

lsujester1487d ago

I really wish they'd do like Bungie and add the older DLC maps into the mix so everyone could have them. Help unify the community more so than everyone having different map packs and weaponry.

ger23961487d ago

Isn't this the dlc that comes with pre orders?

Enemy1487d ago

That's sad, lol. Could have just been in the game to make up for the 4 hour campaign.

boeso1487d ago

Electronic Arts

*Electronic Robbery

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