Battlefield 4 PC vs PS4 Video Comparison

Check out a video comparison between the PC and PS4 version of Battlefield 4.

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decrypt1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well PS4 is only running at 900p so there is obviously is no comparison. PC also has the option for better graphics in the future via higher resolutions (4k) and better quality AA (supersampling AA for people who have the hardware). At this point PS4 is still no where to be seen.

At release PS4 user base will be of no compare to the PC user base out there and since this is an MP game it makes most sense to get it on the platform with the highest user base.

NewMonday1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

getting both PS4/PC myself

anyone who can afford $2000 on a high end rig should do so.

and to put things in perspective, this is from the face-off article on EG.

"PC set-up: just its eight-core AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM and dual-Crossfired HD 7970s would cost us around £680($1100) in total - not including the HDD, motherboard and PSU(also OS+M/K+BRplayer)"

now lets consider..

the PC gives that level of improved performance demonstrated in the video for an extra $1000

the PS4 gives improved performance on the XB1 demonstrated today for $100 LESS.

decrypt1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Dont need a 2000usd gaming rig to play BF4, a 500usd machine will do a better job than the consoles too.


You just cant consider the PS4 cost over 1 game. Too many hidden costs which when considered make PS4 easily more expensive.

Pay to go online, costlier games, Lack of BC. In the long run PC is always cheaper no matter how you spin it.

mistertwoturbo1666d ago

^In order to have the same level as the console you need at least a HD7850 or GTX650Ti Boost. To get 60fps at 900p that is. And based on some benchmarks on the beta, a good CPU is really needed, which is at least an AMD 6-core or i5 (i3's aren't going to cut it anymore). So in essence the PS4 still costs less at $399.

black0o1665d ago

@decrypt according to steam data only 3% play on Ult-setting so that makes every PS4 player enjoy a better experience with just 399$

Nerdmaster1665d ago

You don't need to play on ultra settings for it to be better than consoles.

Blackdeath_6631665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@decrypt i'd love to see you try and build a machine for 500USD that will out preform the PS4 as a PC gamer and someone who has tried to do it already there is no way in hell you can build a PC for the same price as the PS4 that will out preform it, not including the man hours you have put into making that machine work and all the hassle that follows all of that assuming you are pirating the OS i mean seriously windows 7 alone costs a quarter of the price. no way, trust me it cannot be done.

PS: that is also assuming you are buying your parts from the US or canada PC parts are many time more expensive for the rest of the world

Shnooze1665d ago


Sad to say, but that's just downright bullshit.
I myself love pc gaming, but you're spewing garbage right now. There is literally no way you can spend 500 USD to build a machine that is as good as PS4 with all the parts available to us.

ninjajason511665d ago

@snhooze Today parts are really cheap, you can get a 7870 for 150$ and a 7970 for 250$ plus a 8320 for 169$ making it really easy to build a powerful cheap computer for around 500-600$. Also to the guy that think it takes hours to build a computer, it takes roughly 45min, all it is, is putting parts in slots and plugging stuff in. and all the spots to plug stuff in is marked on the motherboard.

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windblowsagain1665d ago

Decrypt. Of course pc has more options as far as upgrades go. But as things stand right now when looking at both. They look 99% the same. The capture footage of the PS4 is broken and is the same on another site.

I game at 1080p on my PC. But if a game has pushed more then my pc can handle I've dropped it to same ratio, other it looks too blurry on current day monitors. CRT still the best tbh. You could stretch and it would still look sharp,lol.

As it stands


I played the beta on PC at 1080p on a ati6870. It was between 35-45fps mostly. But I have no idea how much more the full game pushes things.

Either way it still looks good on all systems.

1666d ago
tudors1666d ago

Looks like PC is the real next gen choice, but I do like my consoles, interesting all the crap the Xboxone got for high contrast yet the PC looks the same.

tudors1665d ago

Don't be childish, you know what I meant, last Gen when the 360 was released it was doing things with the GPU that some of the latest PC cards were not doing at the time, with the next gen approaching we can already see the PC is way ahead already, I considered building a next gen PC but I prefer consoles, just pointing out that the PC is making the consoles look like old tech already which only matters if you are a PC loyal.

Pascalini1666d ago

Ps4 not lived up to expectations

jp_footy21665d ago

You don't have expectations.

ANIALATOR1361665d ago

erm. of course it did. same goes for xbox one

RedDeadLB1666d ago

PS4 looks a bit washed out, but graphically there really isn't that much of a big difference. Probably the RGB range on the PS4 is the problem.

RevXM1665d ago

Its probably because of the capture method.
some other site compared XO and PS4 and said that the captured PS4 footage isnt quite representable of the on screen image in that regard.


I can understand german, he clearly confirmed that is because of capture video, also this site is specialized in PC gaming ditching consoles all the time, now he says that the PS4 looks identical almost the same if not the same as PC version(they said they used a very high priced amd CARD° also the upscaled 900p to 1080p is almost the same. He even finds it how the PS4 version ahs betetr smashed glaas window on the car than on PC. Finally he recommends the PS4 version! Come on you always used to balme consoels for bad ports and graphics, what did happen now? /s

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