Battlefield 4 boxart bashes Call of Duty Ghosts

In a bold move the retail boxes for Battlefield 4 take a big jab at Call of Duty Ghosts.

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BattleReach1454d ago

Reminds me of the BC2 boxart. "Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a better game then Modern Warfare 2" Its getting old, although its true.

Tru_Blu1454d ago

and yet they copy cod controls?

awi59511454d ago

Well COD ripped off most of halos controls. And BF series is PC first always had been i play on mouse and keyboard i couldnt care less about controllers.

Fil1011454d ago

Pretty lame considering both games are completely different, don't get me wrong I'll play both yes bf has a far superior graphics engine but ghosts is more fun.

urwifeminder1454d ago

Crap tactics really no need let the game do the talking.

Neonridr1454d ago

Wow... pretty bold statement. I am surprised legally they are allowed to put that on there.

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The story is too old to be commented.