Videogamer: Everybody's Golf World Tour Review

Videogamer writes: "Before Tiger Woods came along, golf was very different, and so were golf games. They didn't need to have every course on the PGA Tour and all the top names in order to be fun, and Everybody's Golf: World Tour on the PS3 certainly harks back to the good old days. With some wonderfully characteristic visuals and quirky presentation gamers tired of the serious golf offered by Tiger might find a lot to enjoy.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Everybody's Golf is like a round of Crazy Golf. Despite its fun appearance, the basics of the game - both rules and ball physics - still apply. Using a power meter swing mechanic you must accurately hit a ball around 18 holes, attempting to complete the round in as few shots as possible, making adjustments for wind speed and spin applied to the ball. It sounds simple, but it only takes one wayward drive or approach shot to put you deep in trouble. All the cute large-headed characters, fanatical clapping from the crowd and quirky comments won't ease the pain of landing deep in the rough from your tee-shot on a par 3."

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