Rockstar Taking Care Of Gameplay Leak

WhatIfGaming writes: "As you all may or may not know, a leaked video of the GTA IV gameplay surfaced, and we won't link to it here. Merrily so, we got in touch with them."

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thereapersson3864d ago

Rockstar really got on the ball with this one, though unfortunately the damage has already been done.

My best regards to the original leaker of the video. May his legal troubles be swift and as painless as possible...

Jack Meahoffer3864d ago

I hope Rockstar owns his children after this incident.

Just to get some web recognition he posts the intro of the greatest game ever created in crappy youtube quality. Shame on him. I didn't watch it and I hope any real GTA fan would do that same. This intro should be experienced the way Rockstar intended. In HD on a big screen TV while massively baked.

Get him Rockstar! Sic the legal dogs on him!

thereapersson3864d ago

And a quick drive through to the first safe house. I think there are other things that we should worry about being spoiled in this game...

Though you are right about people needing to stop spoiling things for others, I think the fact that the 360 version was leaked to the internet is far more damaging than the first 7 minutes of the game viewed from a crappy angle.

Coke-a-Cola3864d ago

But why spoil it on such a crappy little screen when my 60 inch is waiting for the 29th.
I wonder what legal consequence this guy has let himself in for ?

Crazyglues3864d ago

if anything it's the store not he person, some store sold it early breaking the release date and that's why Rockstar wants to talk to him. They want to go after the store.

primordialmeme3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I must say that I was debating whether or not I should watch it. I just have no willpower. But having watched it I can say its only made me more hyped for the game. I dont feel like the intro was anything you aren't expecting, so much has been said about the game that this doesn't really feel like anything too much of a spoiler. It just made me want it even more. And most of it is the intro and loading and story cutscenes, you only see a minute of actual gameplay and SPOILER below:

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Mr_Bun3864d ago

Why watch it now? There is less than a week to wait! You will ruin it for strong!

Crazyglues3864d ago

I mean think about all the movies you go see, and as your watching it do you say "oh this movie sucks because I already seen this part in the trailer" ...No

So seeing the intro really doesn't spoil the game for you, because weather you see it now or later it's just the intro, and that's just a small part of the game. The game is huge.

So really it's not going to mess up your experience. "just my thoughts on it, and that's why I watched it"... and loved it.

primordialmeme3864d ago

I agree. If you've watched the trailers and been reading all the previews then you aren't gonna learn anything new here. So this isn't that much of a spoiler, and given the low quality its not like you feel like you've spoiled something. It feels more like a teaser.

Neurotoxin3864d ago

If i were Rockstar i would be more worried about the 360 version currently being down by probably Tens of Thousands of tight arsed Lolly Gaggers.

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The story is too old to be commented.