Where's the Xbox One or PS4 Battlefield 4 Review?

Mitchy D, IGN Editor and the reviewer for BF 4 says "Purely from a gameplay perspective, I can say with confidence that Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC are equally excellent. The two are visually comparable, with minor detail differences if you’re really trying to pick it apart."

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xHeavYx1637d ago

Glad to see that, even if they have exclusive DLC with another system, they didn't downgrade the PS4 version

black0o1637d ago

with just 399$ .. damn!

decrypt1637d ago

You could build a PC for 500usd that will outperform the PS4 and give you BC to 30 years of games. So really the 399usd price on the PS4 doesnt look like a bargain at all wake up.

aceitman1636d ago

@decrypt ,enough of ur trolling , crawl under the rock u came from u post the same thing in every b4 article .this is 399$ well spent and ur mad u spent 1000$ to play on par of ps4, u can't get a pc to run this good for 500$ period . So troll off to ur pc realm, it's flattering that pc gamers would even compare ps4 to pc. :))))))

FlameHawk1636d ago

@decrypt, there is no $400 pc that is more powerful than the PS4.

xHeavYx1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

You thinking on playing Pong or something on your super PC? Let me know when you can play TLOU.
BTW BC will come when Gaikai comes

no_more_trolling1636d ago


please learn to read properly
he said you could have access to games that were built up to 30 years know....pc games

he didnt mean the pc will last 30 years
i swear some of you people are so dumb

Pintheshadows1636d ago

I have a PC that is significantly more powerful and a laptop which is also more powerful than either the X1/PS4 and I am still interested in the PS4/XB1 versions of games.

In this case because I have two select groups on PC and the other soon to be on PS4 that I want to play with.

The PS4 is a bargain for the people that it suits. I definitely want one for $400. Not everyone wants to game on a PC. Just because you are doesn't mean others want too and at this point EVERYONE knows the PC is a more capable platform from a performance and graphics standpoint. PC elitists fall back on that argument so often that I wouldn't be surprised if we were discussing which kind of Pesto is nicest and the 'PC IS BEAST' comments popped up.

That doesn't mean people cannot compare the differences and price points of the consoles. The consoles are a bargain. $400 for something that will be able to play games further down the line at a decent (not great level) is a bargain.

If I built a PC now for that it would be toilet in 2 years. I don't want to buy a PC and play games at a decent level. I want to play them at eye melting levels. A $400 PC won't do that. I spent more than that on my graphics card (GTX 770 4GB). I wanted to make sure I purchased a futureproof machine otherwise what is the point.

As much as many PC elitists would deny it, whilst they may struggle in the future these consoles will still be playing games at an acceptable level in 5 years. Too many that makes them a bargain.

I_am_Batman1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@decrypt: Even if you could build a PC for $500 that out performs the PS4 (I don't think you can but feel free to reply with an exaple build) It still wouldn't play Sony's first party games.

Also don't act like you can play every PC game ever released on a new PC. Yes Windows has BC but it isn't nearly flawless. I have tons of games that aren't compatible with the newer versions of Windows. Even with Virtual Machines a lot of games don't work as they should (not to mention that you need to own the OS you're using in VM anyway so we're not talking about BC anymore).

Corpser1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Can't even play this game online on ps4 if you only spend 399

And what pc gamer is going to play this game in only 900p lol

GiggMan1636d ago

I agree you can't beat the value of the PS4. I plan on getting both.

I have one question though. I have a Samsung 3D smart tv 55'. As far as I know I don't have a setting for 900p (I don't think no one does) how is a 900P resolution going to translate on my screen? When I play on PS3 the UI is in 1080p. When i start a game it switches to 720p.

Does 900p upscale to 1080p or downscale to 720p? If someone knows I'd appreciate the response.

I_am_Batman1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@GiggMan: You don't need a setting for 900p. Everything that is displayed at your TV in fullscreen is upscaled to 1080p. Even if it is a DVD or a PSOne game (1440x1080 instead of 1920x1080 in case of 4:3 source). If you watch SD TV your TV scales it to fit it's own pixelcount (which is 1920x1080). When you'll play BF4 and your PS4 is set to 1080p the PS4 will upscale it to 1080p.

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hankmoody1636d ago

Yeah because the PS4 version blows the XB1 away.... or wait, no it doesn't. Yes, it does. No, it doesn't. Yes, it does.


You get me?

BBBirdistheWord1636d ago

I get you...

I remember when gaming used to be about fun.
Now it's about pixel counting and e-peens.

These forums are full of fanboys who are simply more interested in one-upmanship, not matter how minor the point.

What a waste of life.

MRMagoo1231636d ago

Im not saying that gaming isnt meant to be about fun........but it seems there are a lot of ppl now saying "i remember when gaming was about fun not rez and console power" and they mostly seem to be the same ppl talking about how there wont be a difference in the console power and now they have been proven wrong (e.g 900p holding fps better compared to 720 and still dropping frames) the attitudes have changed to just enjoy gaming.

If you want everyone to just get along (directed at xbone fanboys and PS4 fanboys) lets all just admit the ps4 has the better performance and then get on with the gaming hmmm ? I can bet you that wont happen tho because the xbone fanboys wont just accept the friggin facts that are presented by 99% of the comparison vids and websites.

BBBirdistheWord1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


See, you have missed the point.

The ps4 and XBO are so similar it's not funny. Arguing over which is better is nitpicking and one-upmanship with no real benefit except to e-peens.

If you were really interested in better performance, you would be gaming on a top spec PC at 1440p, which kicks the ps4 and xboxone to the kerb. There ain't no pixel counting required. A top spec PC shames a PS4 and XBO into the shadows.

So from there, you want to claim victory because the PS4 arguably looks a teensy bit better in the shadow of the PC than the XBO in the shadow of the PC.
It just seems so silly.

It's like arguing which is better, a Porsche or a Ferrari, when in context both are the same compared to an F1 car.

But as soon as I bring that up you'll label me a PC fanboy who is anti ps4.

It seems comparisons are only ok, if you win. Is that about right?


Flutterby1635d ago


I think the victory is claimed when you say you can't see the difference when at the same time the ps4 is doing twice as much res. that's a victory in anyone's eyes , put it this way if I was in a race with one other person and I won the race by 2 seconds or 1 second but at the same time had 4 ppl sitting on my back while I did it and the other person was by them selves how would you see that ? You xboners are getting laughed at around the Internet at the fact you deny it , no one including all the review sites think the xbone version is better and none I repeat none will ever say the xbone has the same power after this game because it can't be more obvious , it's as obvious that the ps4 has more power now as me drawing a square and telling ppl it's a square. I can't put it any simpler for you xbone has lost the war and ps4 has won the sooner you rtards admit it and stop lying the faster we can all get back to the games and the fun, just admit the fu£king truth for Christ sake.

BBBirdistheWord1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


So far, from the two pre-release mulitplat comparisons I have seen, the ps4 outperforms the XBO. There ain't no arguing that Ps4 COD 1080p is better than 720p upscaled. It also appears that despite the washed out look on ps4, the resolution of Ps4 BF4 is better than the XBO version. Any non pixel counters will have trouble telling the difference and may even prefer the crisp image and better textures on XBO, but that is beside the technical point that the ps4 pushes out more pixels.

So, yes. Happy now?

Now can you do me the humble favour of admitting that the PC completely craps on the PS4? Just admit it already. I have a PC at home over a year old that craps on both consoles put together.

You PS4 fanboys are getting laughed at declaring your hollow victory of being the king of consoles when in fact we all know that both PS4 and XBO are out of date compared to even today's midrange PCs, before the consoles are even released.
No one in the real world cares about the ps4 being marginally better. Only fanboy geek e-peens care.

I hope you see how silly you are now.
Don't blame the messenger.

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nosferatuzodd1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )
they are so ashamed of the xbox version of battle field at gametrailers they put ps4 aganst pc and ps4 4 did well it was a surprise to me

Mr Pumblechook1635d ago

All Xbox One reviews have been embargoed by Microsoft until the console's launch on November 22nd.

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Pintheshadows1637d ago

Impressive. And not the first person to say the same thing.

xPhearR3dx1637d ago

Um no. The PS4 version looks fantastic, which is the version I'll be getting. However, I just played BF4 on PC with max settings and PS4 is most certainly not on par with it. AA is the most noticeable difference, but you can tell where textures were downgraded. However, for a launch title, I'm impressed with the PS4 version.

JsonHenry1636d ago

I am playing it maxed on PC as well and I agree that the PS4 version is noticeably downgraded but not to the point it is horrible. As you said lack of AA and some textures are lowered is very obvious. Overall though from the videos I have watched it seems that the PS4 version still looks really good compared to what I was expecting.

Hufandpuf1636d ago

I bought BF4 on xbox 360, and even though it looks like garbage compared to PC and next-gen, it is so fun to play. Can't wait to play it on next-gen!

hankmoody1636d ago

Why can't more people on here be positive like this guy?

xtremexx1636d ago

"I can say with confidence that Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC are equally excellent. The two are visually comparable"


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