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Submitted by ThatCanadianGuy514 761d ago | article

Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

Eurogamer writes:

"The wait is, at last, finally over. Having followed a year-long trail of technical titbits on the Xbox One and PS4's silicon and circuitry, the debate over which platform "should in theory" come out top can now be met with some concrete results from actual software. This is courtesy of an exhaustive three-day bout of capturing both next-gen versions of Battlefield 4 - plus PC for good measure - in DICE's home city of Stockholm. Through this, an early triple-format Face Off preview of this year's most ambitious multi-platform FPS is now finally possible, with a set of initial results that may (or may not) surprise." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

TomShoe  +   761d ago
I had to give it to PS4.

I saw less aliasing and fewer jaggies when it comes to some of the high-demand scenes. Just because a scene is darker, doesn't mean it's better.

EDIT: "Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that, in this near-finalised state, the PS4 offers a superior experience on several fronts."

Welp, there you go.

Also, go to 4:13, and look at the power lines and the trees in the background. Compare them. Do you see all those jaggies when you look at the trees? Also compare the fire sand particle effects. The PS4 looks noticeably better. There you go.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   761d ago
Bummed it's not 1080P but 900p will do, i guess.

And yeah, gotta give this one to PS4 for sure."
"On the other hand, the PS4 version delivers a whopping 1600x900 resolution in all modes, giving it a 50 per cent lead in output pixels overall. As well as cutting down on jagged edges, this reduces the amount of pixel shimmer we see in motion on complex shaders or thin geometry, with distant power lines, scaffolding and other elements with sub-pixel elements creating unwanted flickering on Xbox One."
GiggMan  +   761d ago
I guess it's official then.
GiggMan  +   761d ago
Yeah I agree.
combatcash  +   761d ago

Did you mean give it to ps4 over the xbox one?
Because the pc version looks better than both.
mikeslemonade  +   761d ago
At a much larger costs. 680EU just for the cpu, ram, and graphics cards. I'm too lazy to google it but i'm guess it's somewhere in the realm of $1200 US after everything.

With that said, PS4 is the best bang for your buck.
awi5951  +   760d ago

Well thats a flat out lie i just upgraded and im running it at 60 fps on ultra in multiplayer. With 300 dollar in graphics cards 140 for a new cpu and 130 for a new motheboard. Total upgrade cost to run BF4 on ultra @1080P $570 dollars US.

Now this is why PC gaming is so great! I sold my old cpu for 122 dollars.

I sold my old graphics cards for 222 dollars.

Total cost to me $226 dollars US. Ebay makes you money on PC parts even though they are old. So you can see i sold my old parts almost the same cost as my new ones because they were out of production and sought after.
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mikeslemonade  +   760d ago
You upgraded..

I have a standard laptop. So i have to buy a monitor, keyboard, mouse, controller, and then the computer itself.
awi5951  +   759d ago

Gaming on laptops is bad unless your playing world of warcraft. Because its hard to upgrade laptops for the everyday person. I dont deal with them at all now my buddy had a laptop that would run bad company 2 on ultra easy but now its a piece of junk and hes now building a desktop.

Sorry dude but for gaming you should have had a desktop from the start. Even with a 1000 dollar gaming laptop your are on borrowed time with those i hate them.

Nvidia should have followed through with their plans for a external Graphics card that would have changed the whole laptop world. But it seems nvidia got threatened or paid off because the Plan has been buried and has disappeared because being able to plug in a high quality gpu into any laptop and play games would be massive.
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mistertwoturbo  +   761d ago
"All in all, we can only give a preliminary outline of how Battlefield 4 will run on next-gen consoles, but there's plenty here that should remain the case for the final release in November. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that, in this near-finalised state, the PS4 offers a superior experience on several fronts. The resolution is higher at 1600x900, as compared to the tried and tested 1280x720 on Xbox One, suffering as it does for more visible aliasing artefacts. Visually, the PS4 has a marked advantage with ambient occlusion effects too, which simply isn't matched on Microsoft's platform with the build we played."

Buying this on PC, changing my pre-order to Killzone Shadow Fall.
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Riderz1337  +   761d ago
Yup, look at the power lines.
WhiteDynamite  +   761d ago
What? PS4 looks LESS shitty than Xbone? We know.
kratos_TheGoat  +   761d ago
pc is in whole another level while sony & ms are little bit catching up
HammadTheBeast  +   761d ago
Then again, for $400 the PS4 does an amazing job of nearly matching up to a $1500+ computer.
pete007  +   760d ago
dont worry, in about 5 years ps4 is alot more expensive than a 1500 pc. ask me why?
HammadTheBeast  +   760d ago
awi5951  +   759d ago

Thats some good stuff your smoking there for that delusional comment. My pc didnt cost crap less than the xbox 1 and im running BF4 multiplayer on ultra at 1080P at 60 fps without any BF4 performance drivers.
Blackdeath_663  +   761d ago
the PC will always set the benchmark sony are not trying to match PC because after all a console that has the same power as PC will have to BE a PC. consoles are consoles for precisely that reason. PC comparisons is just to measure how far we have come.
Pjuice  +   760d ago
Consoles used to be somewhat close to pc in graphical terms at least for the first few months. Every generation it gets worse. I mean now pc is pulling away before consoles are even released....
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urwifeminder  +   761d ago
PC ultra settings for me will not get another bf game on console until bad company comes back that said still play on pc with a controller most times just more relaxing get a few kills im happy.
smoothop  +   761d ago

Xbox One vs PS4, the Xbox smacks it about. Resoultion means nothing without the detail this proves it.
M-M  +   761d ago
I've looked at the video over and over, and the PS4 has better draw distances and textures. The Xbox One uses post processing techniques to boost the contrast, as well as the sharpness of the image. Both look great though, yet people will still argue about it for days.

For the people disagreeing with me and for those who are confused, I have edited the BF4 version on PS4 to make the processing look similar to that of the Xbox One. The details are better, more crisp, and the draw distances aren't blurry. Microsoft used these techniques to compensate for the Xbox One version being 720p.
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black0o  +   761d ago
the res depends on the details lvl .. if the details are low u get lower res, u make no sense

@MM agreed
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CGI-Quality  +   761d ago
You're in serious denial, my friend. Read the article, the PS4 has CLEAR advantages.

Edit: In fact, looks like a couple of your buddies are in denial here. How exactly did the X1 "whoop" the PS4?
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tiffac008  +   761d ago
Well I guess even official findings can't save the internet from people in denial.

Oh I know, lets wait for the retail release. :D

Edit: But all jokes aside, its not like the X1 version is bad or anything. This is not like Bayonetta level that happened between the 360 and PS3.
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Qrphe  +   761d ago
So we went from "there is no difference between 720p and 1080p" to "720 is actually better than 1080p"

Oh man, N4G is too fun to not browse these days
HammadTheBeast  +   761d ago
The whole internet at this point lol. Things are tearing up on Neogaf and Reddit.
pete007  +   760d ago
what do you mean 1080p? nobody claims against pc here!
Riderz1337  +   761d ago
Amazing detail on the Xbone version. I agree. /s
reko  +   761d ago
disagrees incoming man.

watch out!! s/
ShwankyShpanky  +   761d ago
"Xbox One vs PS4, the Xbox smacks it about. Resoultion means nothing without the detail this proves it."

Breaking: "Xbone super secret sauce upscaler so awesome it ADDS detail to inherently less detailed images!"


______... it's not just a river in Egypt, bub.

P.S. So whaddaya folks think is the over/under on this article? I'll say... 8 pages.
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Blackdeath_663  +   761d ago
not sure if you are being serious.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   761d ago
ps4 but i have to admit the xbone looked good to both came closer to the pc then i would have expected good times coming
MorePowerOfGreen  +   761d ago
Xbox whooped the PS4 version. Sony made a mistake demanding a higher resolution. Not to take away from MSFT well designed custom design.

Is this the actual *Surprise* Jackfrags was talking about? The 1080p thing was BS.
smoothop  +   761d ago
Xbox has just smashed it into next week.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   761d ago
LOL what?

Xbox has jaggies everywhere, worse framerate, 50% less pixels due to being 720p, and AA up the wazoo.

How did it woop anything?
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Riderz1337  +   761d ago
Look at this gun comparison.
ShwankyShpanky  +   761d ago
Didn't you know? Jaggies = detail!

"Pffft... see how the PS4 just shows a smooth line? Well, it's just one line. On the Xbone, that line is made up of hundreds of jaggy smaller lines... see? More detail!"

But the higher res obviously was a mistake for the PS4... it cost them having the higher framerate.

Wait... um... nevermind.

I mean really... is this what we have to look forward to for the next seven years? "Lower res? Lower framerate? Xbone Won! You salty?"
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jatakk  +   761d ago
This has been fun to watch, PS4 has officially gotten Xboned!

PS4 has better resolution, but the Xbox One definitely has better upscaling capability and looks better!

I'm out, g'nite! ;)
LonDonE  +   761d ago
wow just wow! what will the xbots say now?? that df is paid off by sony? LMAO! ps4 is rendering 50% more pixels and also has a average better frame rate, and also noticeably better anti aliasing, what can xbox fans say? LOL time to wake up and smell the coffee guys! its not too late, seriously PS4 FTW! the sad thing is most wont care about things like this, and even i admit both versions of the game are good enough!

I played the xbox version at the tour in London and i swear it looked and felt fantastic, granted even then i noticed it was 720p! they had 720p monitors too! either way i think everyone will get the true battlefield experience finally! i feel sorry for current gen only gamers OUCH!

Serious this should be a wake up call for die hard xbox defenders, i bet the rumours about cod also end up true!
wishingW3L  +   761d ago
so Neogaf was right again!

XB1 = 1280x720p
PS4 = 1600x900p

The difference in power is even bigger than the PS3 vs X360... How many times did I say this only to get disagrees and get bubble down. And on the forums too. -__-
#8 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
mistertwoturbo  +   761d ago

XB1 = 1280x720p = 921,600 pixels
PS4 = 1600x900p = 1,440,000 pixels

46% more pixels on the PS4 version.

Although I do give credit that the XBone version still looks pretty good given its lower resolution.
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svoulis  +   761d ago
They both looked good in my opinion, but really? DF did you NOT NOTICE the brightness differences on PS4 and Xbox One? Is there a reason you didn't adjust it accordingly?

I mean no offense but they've been cought doing this before on both platforms. In my eyes its not right to leave the brightness settings at a set number but rather to adjust accordingly to make the 2 look on par with brightness.
n4gamingm  +   761d ago
they both look good i will difenly adjust the gamma for xbox one but compared to pc there holding there own for sure. so happy for next gen consoles :]

Related image(s)
rmw2hot  +   761d ago
Ps4 is the superior version. U xbots gets used 2 this cause all multiplatform games is going 2 b superior on ps4 next gen.
jatakk  +   761d ago
Salty? Xbox Won
mkis007  +   761d ago
While I can see more detail in some areas on the xbox1 version, we dont play these things in slow mo. Luckily the aliasing on x1 secures the "win" for me for the ps4. Outlines are terrible on the x1 image. The aliasing is even more pronounced in real speed gameplay. Edit: also the brightness needs to be adjusted as they are not the same machine.
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R0n0rve  +   761d ago
Both versions look fantastic. Nothing to complain about here. Moving on.
Riderz1337  +   761d ago
Seriously, why is the Xbox One version so god damn dark...You can't even see the gun!

Also, some more comparison shots.
#14 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   761d ago
Xbone missing the mid-range clouds too? Wow.

Wonder why they have different camo... wonder if they did that so the different versions can be identified at a glance.
mkis007  +   761d ago
After watching in motion gameplay 2 things stand out:
1. The in motion (not slow-mo, not still captures) gameplay looks better on ps4; never underestimate the power of anti-aliasing. The still pictures do look like xbox1 has an advantage, but we do not play with pictures.

2. If the ps4 is running at 900p and the xbox1 at 720p, I would have expected the xbox1 to have a better frame rate, but it doesn't. If the ps4 can look good and perform better doing it what is left to argue?

Edit: one last thing: that scaler keeps tricking me,

The haze around textures in the xbox1 version is the result of it being 720p.

The people posting pictures here to compare are being silly. All that matters is how it looks in motion, and ps4 has the edge.
#15 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
COBRA93PR  +   761d ago
ginsunuva  +   761d ago
I mean, it depends on the pc....
hiredhelp  +   761d ago
Leaving PC out of it both look great why we not back at PS3 VS 360 where was battle of nvidia vs AMD where there was alot more visual differnces now we both running AMD we will see Like for Like images videos. There maybe few jaggies to be expected thats something can be improoved on threw updates on systems GPU firmware.
But console finally hitting PC end of technology look at the results Fantastic if you own Both PC And console its a win win.
For thoes PC Gamers like myself dont bitch we finally going get decent ports optimised games FULL DX11 support.. Everyone wins, next gen is going to be bigger better visually glorious.
#18 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
breakpad  +   761d ago
For this new gen of consoles PS4 /X1 whoever developer makes better visuals for X1 for multiplatform game will have no excuse (like current gen were PS3 bashed unfair for difficulties of developping games) and he will be clear moneybagged by MS
ALLWRONG  +   760d ago
Both look kinda good but X1 just a tad better in some spots.
ATi_Elite  +   760d ago

....and screw anyone who RAGE DISAGREES!

Because of the XboxOne's LOW LEVEL DIrectX Api there are times up close that the XB1 looks better than even the PC version!

Use the first image tool and go to the 4th picture and place it on his Ear and you will see the XB1 beat the Ps4 and PC version by having GREATER and Clearer detail of the Hair, more scars on the Ear, and the part in dudes hair is clearer on the XB1.

ONly the PC resolution beats the XB1 in this screen.

Go to the second Tool and do the same thing with Picture 4 and put it on the white guys face and you will see the XB1 beat the PS4 and PC version AGAIN by having way more clearer Detail and more facial scars.

Perfect example of great LOW LEVEL API use on the XB1.

I expect Mantle to clear this up in December for us PC Gamers but as of right now up close the XB1 has more detail than even the PC version.

(I only wonder what Video Card and settings they were using for the PC plus This is done without AMD/Nvidia update drivers which are a week away and will improve BF4 PC GREATLY)
#20.1 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
LetoAtreides82  +   760d ago
DigitalFoundry decided to use their own capture device, everyone else used Elgatos. They apologised and admitted they messed up the captures because they had limited experience capturing the PS4 and the Xbone.

Psychotica  +   760d ago
Maybe I don't know where to look but I don't see any difference at all other than the XB1 seems darker. Certainly nothing that would bother me while I was playing.
cunnilumpkin  +   760d ago
pc version with a $150 gpu from 3 years ago will crap on the ps4 and xbox1 version

a modern gaming pc absolutely decimates the sub-1080p, jaggie covered versions

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